This easy-going Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm in German, Mont Sëuc in Ladin) day hike begins with the Mont Sëuc gondola ascent from the village of Ortisei in Val Gardena to Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, in the Italian Dolomites.

You’ll hike across Europe’s largest mountain plateau to Saltria and then slowly descend to the Monte Pana plateau. The hike ends in the village of Santa Cristina in Val Gardena. This half-day hike isn’t rigorous and only takes 3:30 hours.

Hiking Alpe di Siusi: Saltria -Monte Pana – Santa Cristina

Alpe di Siusi - Saltria - Monte Pana Day Hike, Dolomites, Italy
  • Starting Point: Ortisei, Val Gardena
  • Trailhead: Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi Ropeway (aka Mont Sëuc Gondola) mountain station
  • Type of Hike: Point-to-point
  • Distance: 12.8 km
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 200 meters ascending, 790 meters descending
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
  • Time Needed: 3:30 hours
  • Trails: 9 and 30
  • Route: Mont Sëuc gondola mountain station (2005 m) – Saltria (1850 m) – Monte Pana (1636 m) – Santa Cristina (1500 m)
  • Where to Eat: Schgaguler Schwaige, Radauer Schwaige, or Saltner Schwaige
  • Where to Stay: Hotel Angelo Engel in Ortisei or Dorfhotel Beludei in Santa Cristina

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Alpe di Siusi – Monte Pana Hiking Map

When to hike across Alpe di Siusi

When to Hike across Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites
View of Seceda and the Odle/Geisler Group

This hike requires the use of the Mont Sëuc Gondola (aka Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi Ropeway), which is usually open from late May until late October. Check this page for opening times and prices.

Getting to Alpe di Siusi

Alpe di Siusi Trail 9 Hiking Path

If you’re staying in Ortisei, you can walk to the Monte Sëuc Gondola valley station. There’s a pedestrian bridge that connects the village center with the valley station.

If you’re driving to Ortisei, there’s a parking lot directly at the valley station, which costs 0.50 EUR/hour. 

If you’re staying in Santa Cristina or Selva di Val Gardena, take the bus to Ortisei. There’s no need to pay for parking when transit is free (for guests staying in the valley). 

When you arrive at the Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi gondola valley station, purchase a one-way ticket only.

Alpe di Siusi to Monte Pana Trail Directions

Schgaguler Schwaige, Alpe di Siusi, Italy
Schgaguler Schwaige

Mont Sëuc Mountain Station to Saltria (1 hour)

Catinaccio/Rosengarten Mountains, Alpe di Siusi Trail 9
View of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten Mountains

After exiting the Mont Sëuc gondola mountain station, head left, following trail 9 to Saltria. You’ll initially descend along a road for 10 minutes to Schgaguler Schwaige alpine pasture hut/restaurant.

Optional Detour: Trail 6

Before continuing along trail 9 to Saltria, you may want to detour for a few minutes along trail 6 (direction: Compaccio). The views are glorious.

Alpe di Siusi Meadows, Ortisei to Alpe di Siusi
Alpe di Siusi to Monte Pana Day Hike

Head back to Schgaguler Schwaige and continue following trail 9 to Saltria, signed 50 minutes. 

The trail wraps around Sporthotel Sonne and then continues south towards the Catinaccio/Rosengarten range. You’ll gently descend to a stream. Once you cross the stream, the trail ascends several meters before leveling out. 

Sciliar/Schlern, Alpe di Siusi
Sciliar/Schlern Massif

Trail 9 is absolutely spellbinding. As you traverse the Alpe di Siusi meadows along a narrow fenced-in path, you’ll have consistent views of Sassolungo/Langkofel on your left, the Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountains straight ahead, and Sciliar/Schlern on your right. Glancing over your left shoulder, you’ll also see Monte Pic, Seceda, and the Geisler Group, from a less formidable vantage point. 

Alpe di Siusi Trail 9 to Saltria
Trail 9

When the trail intersects with a road/bike path (#19), keep heading straight on trail 9.

The trail descends to Saltria, which is a resort hamlet on the Alpe di Siusi plateau. Here, you’ll find a collection of mountain huts and hotels like Hotel Saltria and Sporthotel Floralpina.

Saltria is the best destination along this route for lunch. We recommend eating at either Radauer Schwaige or Saltner Hütte (Malga Saltner).

Saltria to Monte Pana (1 hour 30 minutes)

Saltria to Monte Pana Hiking Trail, Dolomites
Trail 30

After an enjoyable lunch in Saltria, follow trail 30 to Monte Pana. Trail 30 is a dirt road, which doubles as a bike path. There’s no motor vehicle traffic along the trail aside from an infrequent bus and some forest trucks. When we hiked here in early October, there were only a few cyclists along the trail. However, it’s probably a lot busier earlier in the season. 

Heading east, you’ll continue to see Sassolungo and Sasso Piatto, as you weave in and out of forest. On your left, the Puez-Odle mountains are clearly visible. 

The trail descends to the Monte Pana plateau.

Monte Pana to Santa Cristina (40 minutes)

Santa Cristina, Val Gardena
Santa Cristina

The Monte Pana High Plateau (Pana Alp) rises above Val Gardena, reaching an elevation of 1600-1800 meters. In winter, it’s a cross-country ski center. 

From the plateau, it’s a 40-minute descent along trail 30 to Santa Cristina. 

If you’re hiking here in high season (late June until late September), you can descend to Santa Cristina via the Santa Cristina-Monte Pana chairlift. The chairlift operates between 8:30 am and 12:15 pm and again from 13:15 pm to 17:30 pm. Check the chairlift operating status and dates on the Val Gardena website.

Getting Back to Ortisei

If you’re staying in Santa Cristina, you can walk to your accommodation. We highly recommend Dorfhotel Beludei. You can find out why in our round-up of Best Hotels in the Dolomites. 

If you’re staying in Ortisei, head to the Santa Cristina bus stop, which is located on the main Val Gardena road (SS242). See the map below for the exact location. Buses between Ortisei and Santa Cristina are quite frequent.

Where to Stay in Val Gardena


We stayed at Hotel Angelo Engel, which is located in Ortisei village. From the hotel, you can walk to the Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi gondola valley station as well as the Ortisei-Furnes-Seceda cableway and Resciesa funicular valley stations. 

Look for accommodation in Ortisei.

Santa Cristina

Alternatively, you can stay in Santa Cristina in Val Gardena, where this trail ends. Our favorite hotel in Santa Cristina is Dorfhotel Beludei. Find out why in our round-up of Best Hotels in the Dolomites.

Look for accommodation in Santa Cristina.

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