Trekking Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites

Hiking Hut to Hut around Tre Cime Di Lavaredo

Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen in German) is the name given to the three iconic peaks located in the Dolomites of northeastern Italy.

These memorable peaks are located within the Three Peaks Nature Park (Parco Naturale Tre Cime/Naturpark Drei Zinnen) in the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites, one of the most majestic hiking destinations in the Italian Alps.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a very popular day hiking destination. Most visitors will drive all the way up to Rifugio Auronzo via the Tre Cime toll road in order to hike the 4-hour loop trail around the three peaks.

We wrote about this circuit hike here: Tre Cime di Lavaredo Day Hike.

While visiting Tre Cime di Lavaredo/Drei Zinnen in a day is certainly an option, we recommend slowing down and hiking hut-to-hut around the Nature Park.

You’ll get to experience a more interesting and scenic approach to the Three Peaks and you’ll also get to overnight in high-alpine huts (Rifugi/Hütten) along the way.

Our 3-day hut-to-hut route starts in Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal valley, South Tyrol, one of the most beautiful gateways to the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites.

This itinerary combines the scenic Val Sasso Vecchio/Altensteintal valley ascent route, the popular Tre Cime/Drei Zinnen loop trail, and the stunning Val Fiscalina Alta/Bacherntal valley descent route.

Read our 7-day Dolomites itinerary to see how you can integrate this trek into a road trip.

This hike traverses two Italian provinces: Italian-speaking Belluno and German-speaking South Tyrol. Each mountain hut, valley, and mountain has an Italian and a German name. We’ll use both names throughout the guide to avoid confusion.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek Overview

Day 1: Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte Parking Lot (1478 m) – Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2405 m) | 6.8 km, 3 hours

Day 2: Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2405 m) – Rifugio Lavaredo (2344) – Rifugio Auronzo (2320 m) – Langalm (2240 m) – Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2405 m) – Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte (2528 m) | 12.6 km, 5 hours

Day 3: Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte (2528 m) – Rifugio Zsigmondy Comici/Zsigmondy Hütte (2224 m) – Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte Parking Lot (1478 m) | 7.5 km, 3 hours

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek Difficulty

This is a moderate hike. All trails are clearly signed and easy to follow. There are no exposed or secured passages. This 3-day route is a perfect introduction to multi-day hiking in the European Alps.

Though there aren’t any technical challenges to this route, it’s important to be acclimated and fit.

This was our very first hut-to-hut hike. We were very content with the pace, given our experience at the time. Now, we’d likely condense this trek into 2-days, whereby we’d complete the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Ciruit Trail on Day 1:

Day 1: Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte Parking Lot (1478 m) – Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2405 m) – Rifugio Lavaredo (2344) – Rifugio Auronzo (2320 m) – Langalm (2240 m) – Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2405 m) | 16.6 km, 7 hours

Day 2: Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2405 m) – Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte (2528 m) – Rifugio Zsigmondy Comici/Zsigmondy Hütte (2224 m) – Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte Parking Lot (1478 m) | 11.1 km, 4 hours

When to Hike Hut to Hut around Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Between late June and late September, when the mountain huts (Rifugi/Hütten) are open. It’s likely that there will still be lingering snow on the high mountain trails up until early July.

Note: Wild camping is prohibited.

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Trekking Tre Cime di Lavaredo: 3 Day Hut to Hut Hike, Sexten Dolomites

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hiking Guide Overview

  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trekking Route Map
  • How to get to Tre Cime Di Lavaredo 
  • Stage 1: Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek 
  • Stage 2:Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek 
  • Stage 3: Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek
  • Other Rifugios in Tre Cime
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Tre Cime di Lavaredo Circuit Trail Hiking Map, Dolomites, Italy

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trekking Map

Tre Cime Trek Stages
  • Where to Stay Before/After Trek
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
Trekking Tre Cime di Lavaredo - 3 Day Hut to Hut Hike in the Sexten Dolomites

Tips for Hut to Hut Hiking in the Sexten Dolomites

Responsible Travel in Three Peaks Nature Park

When you visit Tre Cime di Lavaredo, you’re hiking in the protected Three Peaks Nature Park. Please respect the environment adhere to the rules.

  • Wild camping is prohibited in the park.
  • Always stay on marked trails and paths. This helps prevent damage to the meadows and alpine pastures.
  • Do not pick flowers.
  • Respect the habitat of animals. Do not make any unnecessary noise.
  • Do not fly drones.
  • Do not light fires.
  • Do not litter. Please take your garbage with you and dispose of it responsibly.
  • Do not touch, or approach grazing animals.

Make Reservations for Mountain Huts

  • It’s important to make reservations for overnight stays several months in advance.
  • If your dates are flexible and you’re traveling early, or late in the summer season (late June, or mid-late September), you’ll probably be able to secure overnight stays a few weeks in advance.

Learn more about staying in mountain huts in our Dolomites Accommodation Guide.

Packing Essentials

Read our complete hut to hut hiking packing list

Bring enough Cash and Budget for 65-70 EUR per person per day

Val Fiscalina / Fischleintal, Sesto/Sexten Sundial, Dolomites

Getting to the Trailhead

Where to Stay Before and After the Trek

We recommend staying in Sesto/Sexten Valley or Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal Valley. Hotel Dolomitenhof & Chalet Alte Post is located directly at the trailhead, but there’s usually a minimum stay of several nights. Here are a few other options:

Budget | B&B Grüne Laterne – Lanterna Verde in Sexten/Sesto – Waldheim.

Midrange | Hotel Strobl in Sexten/Sesto.

Midrange | Hotel Kreuzberg Monte Croce is a fabulous hotel located only a quick drive (12 minutes) from the Parkplatz Fischleinbodenhütte trailhead. Here, you’ll be treated to delicious South Tyrolean food and rejuvenating spa facilities.

Luxury | Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort is a 4-star superior hotel, located at the entrance to Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal. Boasting a 2500 m2 wellness area and its own sulphur source, this Sexten wellness hotel offers guests the greatest gift of all: relaxation. The extensive sauna complex lures you in with its cavernous, candlelit sulphur grotto, cold sulphur plunge pool (6.1°C), Kneipp trail, and multiple saunas.

Look for accommodation in Sexten.

Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal Trailhead

Our 3-day trek begins in Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal valley, a side valley of Sesto/Sexten valley in South Tyrol.

The trail begins at the Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte paid parking lot. In Google Maps, search for “Parkplatz Fischleinbodenhütte.”

More information about the accessibility and parking in the Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal.

Overnight Parking

For this hut-to-hut hike, the best place to park is Parkplatz Fischleinbodenhütte, where you’ll pay a 15 EUR parking fee per day. When you return to your car, you’ll pay the total sum.

If you’re an overnight guest of Hotel Dolomitenhof & Chalet Alte Post, you can leave your car at the hotel for the duration of your trek.

Altensteintal, Crode Fiscaline/Oberbachernspitzen, Sexten Dolomites

Stage 1: Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek

Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal to Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte

  • Trailhead: Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte paid parking lot | Google Maps
  • Distance: 6.8 km
  • Time Needed: 3 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 955 meters
  • Elevation Loss: 0 m
  • Minimum Elevation: 1453 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 2438 m

Starting at the Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte car park, follow the flat valley path (trail 102) for about 30 minutes to Rifugio Fondo Valle/Talschlusshütte (1548 m).

You’ll walking steadily towards the giant peaks of the Sesto/Sexten Sundial: Cima Uno/Einserkofel (2698 m), Crode Fiscaline/Oberbachernspitzen (2677 m), and Croda dei Toni/Zwölferkofel (3094 m).

From Rifugio Fondo Valle/Talschlusshütte, continue on trail 102 in the direction of Rifugio A. Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte, signed 2:40 hours.

The path ascends very gently to another intersection with a painted billboard, identifying all the significant peaks and side valleys of the immediate surroundings. Head right.

For the next 2 hours, you’ll steadily ascend Valle Sasso Vecchio/Altensteintal valley between the Einserkofel/Cima Uno (2698 m) and Crode Fiscaline/Oberbachernspitzen (2677 m) peaks on your left and the Punte Sasso Vecchio/Altensteinspitzen and Crodon di San Candido/Innichriedlknoten (2891 m) peaks on your right.

There’s very little shade along this trail and the stone path reflects the sun like snow. Bring sun protection (hat, sun lotion, and Cat 4 sunglasses like these Julbo Shield Mountain Sunglasses).

After an hour, the trail levels out next to the Altensteinerbach stream. The flat walking is a nice respite, but it doesn’t last long.

As you gain elevation, the Monte Paterno/Paternkofel (2476 m) and Croda dei Piani/Bödenknoten (2712 m) dominate your view.

The high-alpine landscape is defined by rugged, sculpturesque peaks, dwarf pine, and solitary larch.

You’ll pass two beautiful mountain tarns, Laghi dei Piani/Bödenseen, right before reaching the hut.

Directly facing the north-side of the iconic Three Peaks, Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2438 m) is arguably the most perfectly positioned mountain hut in the Dolomites.

And luckily for all hungry visitors, the hut has a restaurant serving South Tyrollean cuisine. We recommend staying the night here (book as soon as possible).

Stay in Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte (2438 m)

Dreizinnenhütte is located at an elevation of 2438 meters. Directly facing the north-side of the iconic Three Peaks, Dreizinnenhütte should be your number one choice tonight. Given the hut’s popularity, book as early as possible.

Phone: Summer: +39 0474 972002 / Winter: +39 329 6690335

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

How to make a Reservation: You can send a reservation request using this form.

Or, Stay in Rifugio Lavaredo (2344 m)

The location of Rifugio Lavaredo is absolutely spectacular. The jagged Cadini di Misurina form the backdrop of this Rifugio.

We stayed in a 6-bed dormitory-style room, which was clean and comfortable. The staff was very friendly. However, the food was subpar.

Rifugio Lavaredo is situated along the Tre Cime di Lavaredo/Drei Zinnen loop trail. It’s also about half-way between Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte and Rifugio Auronzo.

Phone: +39 349 6028675

Email: [email protected]

Cadini di Misurina, Rifugio Auronzo, Sesto Dolomites

Stage 2: Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek

Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte – Rifugio Lavaredo – Rifugio Auronzo

  • Distance: 12.6 km
  • Time Needed: 5 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 646 m
  • Elevation Loss: 514 m
  • Minimum Elevation: 2170 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 2564 m

Today, you’ll hike the loop trail around Tre Cime di Lavaredo/Drei Zinnen and then ascend to the mountain hut Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte, the highest refuge in the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites.

The full circuit takes around about 4 hours (9.7 km).

From Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte, we recommend hiking clockwise, initially following trail 101 to the Forcella Lavaredo/Paternkofel saddle.

The wide trail steadily advances towards the mighty Three Peaks. When you reach the saddle, you’ll be treated to the most heavenly view of the Cadini Group.

Descend to Rifugio Lavaredo and continue along trail 101 to Rifugio Auronzo.

Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint Detour

Before continuing along the circuit trail, we suggest taking a detour to the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint.

From Rifugio Auronzo, it’s a 30-minute walk to the lookout point along trail 117, the famous Sentiero Bonacossa Trail. The footpath leads south, away from the Three Peaks and towards the Cadini Group.

Read our Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint guide for detailed instructions.

Rifugio Auronzo  – Langalm – Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte

From Rifugio Auronzo, Trail no. 105 begins at the end of the parking lot. The trail leads to the saddle Forcella del Col de Mezo and then onwards to the managed mountain pasture hut Langalm.

Langalm is an ideal place to take a break. We stopped here for homemade cake and to enjoy the sun’s short-lived, but well-received appearance.

To complete the circuit, follow trail 105 and eventually 102 to Rifugio Locatelli/Dreizinnenhütte.

We ate lunch at the hut, before starting the ascent to Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte, which takes about 1:30-2 hours (3.2 km).

Trail no. 101 begins with stunning views of the two Lago dei Piani / Bödenseen lakes. A large section of the trail feels like a graveyard of a former mountain.

Huge dolomite boulders dot the landscape like tombstones. The treeless, though nonetheless green, scenery expands in all directions as you hike beneath Monte Paterno/Paternkofel.

After cresting the mountain saddle Forcella Pian di Cengia/Büllelejoch, it’s an easy path to the mountain hut.

We have nothing but the highest praise for this charming hut. You’ll be blown away by the scenery, cuisine, and friendly service. If you have some extra energy after arriving, hike to Croda Fiscalina/Oberbachernspitze.

Optional Hike to Croda Fiscalina/Oberbachernspitze (2677 m)

Croda Fiscalina/Oberbachernspitze is a soaring mountain peak, which prominently flanks the Val Sasso Vecchio/Altensteintal valley you hiked up yesterday.

It takes only 30 minutes (2 km out-and-back, Elevation Gain/Loss: 100 m, total: 1 hour) to reach the peak from Büllelejochhütte via Trail no. 101A. At the top, there are panoramic views of Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal, Croda dei Toni/Zwölferkofel, and Gruppo delle Marmarole.

Along the trail, we saw trenches and tunnels from World War I. Though difficult to imagine now, the front between the Austrian and Italian armies ran through the Dolomites.

And, the Sesto/Sexten Dolomites were one of the most contested territories during the war

Stay in Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte (2528 m)

Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte is a place where dreams come true.

Remotely situated, surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery, and gracing the clouds, Büllelejochhütte is the most charming mountain hut we’ve stayed in. The staff was beyond kind and friendly.

And, the food was divine in an earthy-hearty type of way.

This is a very small hut, which only has two small dormitory rooms. Book early. Also, there’s running water, but no showers.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +39 337 45 15 17

How to Make a Reservation: You can submit a reservation request using this form.

Büllelejochhütte (Rifugio Pian di Cengia), Trekking Tre Cime di Lavaredo - Hut to Hut

Stage 3: Tre Cime di Lavaredo Trek

Rifugio Pian di Cengia/Büllelejochhütte – Rifugio Zsigmondy Comici/Zsigmondy Hütte – Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte – Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte car park

  • Distance: 7.5 km
  • Time Needed: 3 hours 
  • Elevation Gain: 0 m
  • Elevation Loss: 1094 m
  • Minimum Elevation: 1453 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 2547 m

Today, you’ll descend all the way back to Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal via the slopping Val Fiscalina Alta/Bacherntal valley.

Follow Trail 101 to the mountain hut Rifugio Zsigmondy Comici/Zsigmondy Hütte, where you’ll surely be greeted by the resident donkeys.

From Rifugio Zsigmondy Comici/Zsigmondy Hütte, follow Trail 103 in the direction of Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte

Trail 103 eventually intersects with trail 102 (which you took on the way up).

From the trail intersection, follow the familiar flat trail back to Rifugio Fondovalle/Talschlusshütte and ultimately back to the Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte car park.

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Laghi dei Piani, Tre Cime di Lavaredo Hut to Hut Hike, Sesto Dolomites

Dolomites Resources

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Dolomites Hut to Hut Hike around Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Dolomites Destinations
Book a Self-Guided Hut-to-Hut Hiking Tour in the Dolomites
  • Where to Stay in the Dolomites for Hiking 👇🇮🇹
⛰️Val Gardena, South Tyrol 
Pros: Very transit friendly, long summer season (end of May - end of October) 
Cons: Very busy during high season
⛰️Cortina d’Ampezzo, Belluno
Pros: No cableways needed for most hiking trails, gorgeous and dramatic setting, especially stunning in mid-late October
Cons: transit is difficult to navigate
⛰️Alta Badia, South Tyrol
Pros: Excellent wellness hotels, dreamy scenery, reliable easy-to-navigate public transit 
Cons: Difficult to find budget-friendly accommodations 
⛰️Alta Pusteria, South Tyrol
Pros: Many Dolomites attractions are concentrated in this region. Ideal between mid-September - late October.
Cons: Traffic restrictions in high season (mid July - mid September), which means either driving to trailheads early, or pre-booking parking, or pre-booking transit. 
⛰️San Martino di Castrozza, Trentino
Pros: Dramatic mountain landscapes and thrilling trails
Cons: Short summer season (July - mid-September). The hotels aren’t as nice as those in other regions. Not transit friendly.
⛰️Val di Funes, South Tyrol
Pros: The most beautiful valley in the Dolomites, picturesque views, fantasy-like scenery
Cons: Though the hiking in Val di Funes is excellent, it’s limited. 3 nights in Val di Funes is sufficient. 
⛰️San Vigilio, South Tyrol
Pros: San Vigilio is tucked away in a side valley of Val Badia and is thus often overlooked. There are many quiet trails around San Vigilio.
Cons: Further away from iconic Dolomites sights 
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  • 10 Best Hikes in Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy👇 🇮🇹
1. Seceda Ridgeline to Rifugio Firenze (Easy)
Trailhead | Seceda cableway mountain station
Distance | 8.9 km circuit
Time Needed | 3:00 – 3:30 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 575 meters
2. Resciesa to Rifugio Brogles and Seceda Ridgeline (Difficult)
Starting Point | Resciesa Funicular mountain station
Ending Point | Seceda cableway mountain station
Distance | 14.4 km
Time Needed | 6:15 hours
Elevation Gain | 1087 meters
Elevation Loss | 737 meters
3. Col dala Pieres (Difficult)
Trailhead | Col Raiser gondola mountain station
Distance | 13.7 km lollipop-circuit
Time Needed | 6 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 1220 meters
4. Piz Duleda (Difficult)
Trailhead | Col Raiser Gondola Mountain Station
Distance | 12.4 km lollipop-circuit 
Time Needed | 5 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 980 meters
5. Vallunga and Val de Chedul Circuit Trail (Moderate – Moderately-Difficult)
Trailhead | Parcheggio Vallunga Car Park 
Distance | 16.1 km circuit
Time Needed | 6 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 1061 Meters
6. Sassolungo Circuit Trail (Moderate)
Trailhead | Passo Sella 
Distance | 17.7 km circuit
Time Needed | 6:15 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 853 meters
7. Lake Pisciadù and Pisciadù Peak (Difficult)
Starting Point | Passo Gardena
Ending Point | Corvara
Distance | 12.1 km point-to-point (a circuit is also possible)
Time Needed | 6-7 hours
Elevation Gain | 980 meters
Elevation Loss | 1570 meters
8. Monte Pic (Moderate)
Trailhead | Cristauta/Praplan Parking Lot above Santa Cristina
Distance | 13.9 km circuit
Time Needed | 6 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 1064 meters
9. Alpe di Siusi Meadows Circuit Trail (Easy)
Trailhead | Ortisei-Alpe di Siusi Ropeway (aka Mont Sëuc gondola) mountain station
Distance | 14.4 km circuit
Time Needed | 4:25 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 483 meters
10. Sass da Ciampac (Moderate)
Trailhead | Passo Gardena
Distance | 14.7 km lollipop-circuit
Time Needed | 6 hours
Elevation Gain/Loss | 931 meters
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Distance: 9.8 km circuit
Time Needed: 5 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Elevation Gain/Loss: 937 meters
When to Hike: June - October, depending on snow conditions 
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🥾A boardwalk path leads hikers through the narrow river gorge, starting in Weißbach bei Lofer. 
📆The Seisenbergklamm is open seasonally, usually from May through October. 
💶There is an entrance fee to visit the gorge (6.80 EUR when we visited). 
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