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We came to Slovakia to hike in the High Tatras, the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains. Though our time in Slovakia was short, we left with the overwhelming feeling that Slovaks are genuinely welcoming and flexible hosts. Everything felt easy, efficient, and uncomplicated. We look forward to returning someday.

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Slovakia Travel Guide

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Slovakia Travel Guide: High Tatras

Where to Go in Slovakia

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  • High Tatras
High Tatras, Slovakia

Best Things to Do in Slovakia

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High Tatras, Slovakia Travel Guide

Hike in the High Tatras Mountains

The High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry in Slovak, Tatry Wysokie in Polish) are a granite mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, located in northern Slovakia and southern Poland.

When To Visit: Trails are open from Mid-June until the end of October. We recommend visiting in late June, September, or early October.

How to Get to the High Tatras: From Bratislava, take a train to Poprad-Tatry.

Recommended Tour Operator: TravelSlovakia.SK. They offer guided and self-guided hiking tours in the High Tatras.

Learn More: Trekking in the High Tatras

High Tatras Mountians, Slovakia
  • Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I’m grateful more than ever for my health and safety, my friends who are like guardian angels, the dawning of a new chapter (I’ll tell you about this soon), and Kati - the kindest and the most loving and non-judgmental human I know.
  • Seceda, Italian Dolomites.

Seceda is one of the most popular destinations in the Italian Dolomites, partially because it’s so easy to get to. There’s a cableway connection from Oritsei in Val Gardena, which means you don’t have to hike more than 10 minutes to get to this viewpoint.

A more interesting approach to the Seceda ridgeline is from the Resciesa Plateau. Starting in Ortisei, take the Resciesa funicular up to the plateau and descend to Malga Brogles in Val di Funes. From the hut, you can ascend to Seceda via the Panascharte notch or the Mittagscharte notch.

Another option, is to forego a cableway ascent altogether and hike from “the bottom.” Starting at the Praplan car park above Santa Cristina, hike to Seceda via Baita Gamsblut and Rifugio Fermeda. You can make this a circuit hike by combining the ascent to Seceda with the summit to Monte Pic (highly recommended).

You’ll find more details on these two Seceda hikes on the blog (link in bio).
  • A month ago, we re-visited the Dolomites, intent on seeing the changing colors and hiking as much as humanly possible. In preparation, I spent hours pouring over Tabacco trail maps, charting out new routes to hike.

Alas, the weather didn’t care about my thoughtful planning. In fact, the conditions were so dreadful, we cancelled the first four days and the final five. When we did arrive, we were welcomed by a blanket of snow. After a few dry days, we experienced another storm leaving us knee-deep in snow for the next six days.

This trip obviously didn’t go as planned. But, the silver lining was our accommodation. Bad weather isn’t so bad when your hotel has an integrated wellness & sauna area, or an in-house patisserie.

As we’ve learned more than once, the weather is often unpredictable in the Dolomites. Our recommendation is to choose a lovely place to stay, so your time spent inside is just as enjoyable as your time outside.

We’ve summarized our favorite hotels in the Dolomites (link in bio), based on five independent trips. Take a look.
  • Only gratitude, relief and joy today.
  • Sunrise in the Karwendel Mountains.

The weather forecast predicted early afternoon thunderstorms, so we woke up extra early and started hiking at 5:30 am. Seeing the sunrise as we crested the Mandlscharte was like entering heaven.

After a long and difficult 9-hour stage, we arrived at @solsteinhaus in rain. Luckily, the thunder never came.

The highlight of this incredible day was meeting @clarazijlstra and @jaqi_sta - two brilliant and talented women who radiate passion and warmth! Hope to see you both again! 💛💛💛
  • Italian Dolomites Tip:

Skip Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee) and Lago di Sorapiss and hike to Lago di Coldai instead for a crowd-free alpine lake experience.