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Norway Travel Guide

There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe the unimaginable beauty that is Norway.

Perhaps, it’s the fjord scenery. Perhaps, it’s the abundance of water that cascades and flows across the country’s untouched landscapes. Or perhaps, it’s the colorful timber houses. Whatever it is, Norway will take your breath away.

When to Visit Norway

Mid-May to early October. Norway’s main tourism season is in the summer: June – August.

We visited during the shoulder season in early October. Scenically, it was unforgettable to see the changing colors.

However, booking accommodations was difficult, because many accommodations close by the end of September. Also, some ferries don’t operate during shoulder season. All in all, it was wonderful to experience Norway in autumn.

Winter can also be a magical time to visit Norway, provided that you’re properly prepared. 

Utvik, Norway

Norway Travel Map



Bergen – Alesund Drive


Norway in a Nutshell



Drive from Bergen to Geiranger, Norway

Best Things to Do in Norway

Norway in a Nutshell Fjord Cruise, Norway

Norway in a Nutshell: Oslo to Bergen

Norway in a Nutshell is an organized transit package from Oslo to Bergen. It’s a great way to experience Norway’s scenic beauty, especially when you have limited time.

The package includes three train rides, one bus ride, and one fjord cruise. We traveled from Oslo to Bergen in one day, though it is possible to stretch the package over the course of two days.

Here are the transit steps:

  • Train: Oslo to Myrdal – The Bergen Railway
  • Train: Myrdal to Flåm – The Flam Railway
  • Fjord Cruise: Flåm to Gudvangen
  • Bus: Gudvangen to Voss
  • Train: Voss to Bergen – The Bergen Railway

Seasonality | Available all-year-round. 

Colorful stilt houses in Trondheim, Norway

Cruise Norway with Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is a ferry and cruise line that operates up and down the Norwegian coast. The company was originally established in 1893 to improve communication along the country’s lengthy coastline.

More recently, Hurtigruten has expanded to appeal to the tourist market. So, it’s entirely possible to embark on a multi-day cruise with Hurtigruten with a “traditional” cruise style package.

However, it’s also possible to board a Hurtigruten vessel for a day, or an overnight trip, anywhere between Bergen and Kirkenes.

You can customize your own voyage along the coast, either northbound or southbound, at any time in the year.

We took an overnight cruise (ferry) from Alesund to Trondheim. As an overnight passenger, it’s your choice whether you’d like to book a cabin or not. We opted for a cabin because our trip was short and we wanted to sleep through the night. A lot of Norwegians use the Hurtigruten ferries to commute to work, so there will be locals embarking and disembarking the ship all throughout the day and night.

Drive from Bergen to Geiranger, Norway

Drive from Bergen to Alesund

This spellbinding drive convinced us that Norway is the most beautiful country on earth. During the course of 2-3 days, you’ll wrap around fjords, drive along rivers and waterfalls, steer through and over mountains, and pinch yourself to confirm that you haven’t ascended to heaven.

We recommend renting a car and following this route. Spend at least one night in Geiranger.

During the course of the drive, you’ll take at least two car ferries to cross the fjords.

Day 1: Bergen to Geiranger

  • Highway E39
  • Road 15
  • Dalsnibba Mountain & Road 63
  • Geiranger Skywalk, a viewing platform of Geirangerfjord from atop Dalsnibba.
  • Stay the Night in Geiranger. We stayed at Hotel Union, which boasts the best view of Geirangerfjord. The dinner buffet was also very memorable.

Day 2: Geiranger to Alesund

  • Ørnesvingen-eagle Road & Road 63
  • Trollstigen, or Troll’s Path, is a narrow, serpentine road on County Road 63 that traverses down a mountain and over the magnificent 1,000 ft Stigfossen waterfall.  Due to safety and weather conditions, the road is only open from mid-May to October, about 5 months of the year.
  • Highways E136 & E39
Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway

The Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

The Vigeland Sculpture Park is a visual feast. Each statue is unique in its expression, communicating all facets of human relationships.

Vigeland does not shy away from the ugly and depraved. He is drawn to it. Scenes of couples embracing are sitting adjacent to those in physical combat. From a distance, the tower of bodies that reaches to the sky seems like a shrine to a deity, however upon closer study, the mangled figures twisting and smashing each other with their weight is more like an ode to the human-societal condition.

His body of work evokes the full spectrum of life and emotion. Whether we are shocked, enchanted, or amused, we can undoubtedly agree that these statues are full of life.

Look for accommodation in Oslo.

Historic stilt houses in Trondheim, Norway

Norway Itinerary

This is how we planned a 10-day trip to Norway.

Day 1 | Arrive in Oslo. Stay in Oslo. Look for accommodation in Oslo.

Day 2 | Explore Oslo. Stay in Oslo.

Day 3 | Norway in a Nutshell: Oslo to Bergen (Train, Ferry, Bus Transit Package). Stay in Bergen. Look for accommodation in Bergen.

Day 4 | Explore Bergen. Stay in Bergen.

Day 5 |  Rent a car in Bergen (book in advance). Drive from Bergen to Geiranger.  Stay in Geiranger. We stayed at Hotel Union and enjoyed an epic lunch, dinner and fjord-view room.

Day 6 |  Drive from Geiranger to Alesund via Trollstigen. Stay in Alesund. Find accommodation in Alesund.

Day 7 | Drop off your rental car in Alesund. Embark on an overnight Hurtigruten ferry to Trondheim in the evening.

Day 8 | Arrive in Trondheim in the morning. Stay in Trondheim. We stayed at Nidaros Pilegrimsgård.

Day 9 |  Explore Trondheim. Stay in Trondheim.

Day 10 | Depart Norway. Fly from Trondheim to Oslo, and onwards.

Tiny house in Norway

Norway Facts 

Official Name | Kingdom of Norway

Capital | Oslo

Government | Parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy

Regions | Norway is divided into five regions: Northern Norway, Trøndelag, Western Norway, Southern Norway and Eastern Norway. 

Population | 5.3 million

Language | Norwegian, Sami

Currency | Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Tipping Etiquette | Not expected. It’s common to round up the bill.

Water Quality | Excellent

Something Interesting | You can only purchase alcoholic beverages from Vinmonopolet stores, which are government-owned alcoholic beverage retailers.

Norwegian Saying | Å få blod på tannen. Translation: To get blood on your tooth. Meaning: To be inspired.

Norway in a Nutshell Train Station

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