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Bulgaria Travel Guide

Bulgaria is a Balkan country bordering Turkey, Greece, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, and the Black Sea.

When we arrived in Bulgaria after two months in Istanbul, I (Sabrina) immediately asked: why did we leave Istanbul? The thing is Bulgaria has a rough and charmless exterior.

However, if you can get past the initial gruffness, you’ll come to know that Bulgaria has a lot to offer. Travel in Bulgaria isn’t neatly packaged for tourists.

But, once you dig in and invest some time, you’ll likely have a very rewarding experience. After our trip, we were indeed glad we came.

Old Town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Bulgaria Travel Map




Young Wine Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Things to Do in Bulgaria

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Bulgaria

Visit Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria feels like a living and breathing history book – one that you can walk right into.

In a single day, you can discover Sofia’s ancient Greek, Roman, medieval, Ottoman-era, and communist past.

At the Serdika Metro Station, you can walk on an ancient Roman street, gaze at a communist-era building complex (the Largo), and see an Ottoman-style mosque (Banya Bashi).

History aside, Sofia is an amazing destination for food and wine.

Here’s a perfect Sofia One Day Itinerary.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Visit Plovdiv

Bulgaria’s second largest city is a fascinating destination for travelers who love history, wine and offbeat places. It’s also considered the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe.

It was the ancient Thracians, a collection of Indo-European tribes, who originally settled in Plovdiv.

You can easily visit Plovdiv as a day trip from Sofia, or even better as a 2-day trip.

Learn about how to spend a wine-themed day in Plovdiv.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria Facts

Official Name | Republic of Bulgaria

Capital | Sofia

Government | Parliamentary Republic

Regions | Bulgaria is divided into 28 provinces.

Population | 7.1 million

Language | Bulgarian

Currency | Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Payment Culture | Cash, though we were able to use our credit cards in Sofia and Plovdiv almost everywhere.

Tipping Etiquette | 10%

Water Quality | In Sofia, tap water is generally safe to drink. However, as you travel beyond the capital, we recommend only drinking filtered water.

Something Interesting | The Cyrillic alphabet was invented by two monks (Cyril and Methodius) in the First Bulgarian Empire in the 10th century. Cyrillic is used in Russia and in other Balkan and Slavic nations. 

Bulgarian Saying | Гузен негонен бяга –  A guilty person runs when he isn’t chased.

Lunch at Made in Blue, Sofia, Bulgaria

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