Seeing an Opera at the Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) in Vienna, Austria, is a top priority for most first time visitors.

The Vienna State Opera stages 60 different operas and ballets each season, amounting to 350 performances.

The cheapest way to see an opera is to buy a Standing Room (Stehplatz) Ticket, which costs 10 EUR (as of Fall 2019). Standing room tickets are available on the day of the performance, which is great if you’re spontaneously planning your visit and need a last-minute ticket to the Vienna State Opera.

There are 567 standing room places available for each performance.

How to Get Vienna State Opera Standing Tickets Overview

Step 1: Go to the Vienna State Opera standing room box office (Stehplatzkassa) on Operngasse 2.5 to 3 hours before the performance.

Step 2: Wait in line, until the standing room box office opens (80 minutes before the performance). Don’t leave the line, because you’ll lose your place.

Step 3: Purchase Vienna State Opera standing ticket in cash (3, or 4 10 EUR). You have three standing room options (explained later in the post).

Step 4: Upon purchasing your ticket, head straight to your standing room section (Ground Floor, Balcony, or Gallery). You’ll be asked to wait in line and present your ticket, before being admitted into the standing room.

Step 5: Mark your standing place with a scarf.

Step 6: Check your heavy coat and bulky bags in the cloakroom (free service).

Step 7: Explore the Opera House. Grab a bite to eat and, or drink in the elegant Schwindfoyer or Gustav Mahler Saal.

Step 8: Return to your standing place at least 15 minutes prior to the curtain time.

Step 9: Choose which language you’d like to read the subtitles. Each standing room place has a small monitor that displays the text of the opera. You can choose between English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese.

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Where to get Vienna State Opera Standing Tickets

Where to get a Standing Room Ticket, Vienna State Opera | Moon & Honey Travel

Go to the standing room box office (Stehplatzkassa), located at the Staatsoper on Operngasse.

The address of the Staatsoper is Opernring 2, 1010 Wien.

Simply walk around the building, until you see the standing room box office, which will look more like a waiting room than a ticket office.

There will be a sign by the door that says “Stehplatzkasse | Standing Area.

You can only purchase tickets for the people present in the ticket office (standing in line). I want to emphasize that. There’s no flexibility about this rule. Each person buys their own standing room ticket.

When to get Vienna State Opera Standing Room Tickets

Purchasing a Standing Ticket, Stehplatzkasse, Vienna State Opera, Austria
Purchasing a Standing Ticket, Stehplatzkasse

Tickets are sold 80 minutes before the curtain time, but it’s best to get there earlier.

We suggest getting in line 2:30 – 3 hours prior to the performance time. 

After purchasing your ticket, enter the Opera House and mark your “standing place.”

The best way to mark your place is with a scarf.

Vienna State Opera Standing Room Ticket Rules

Vienna State Opera Cloakroom, How to Get Vienna State Opera Standing Tickets, Austria
Vienna State Opera Cloakroom

There are rules and there are no exceptions to breaking them, as we’ve seen. So, it’s best if you know what to expect.

  1. If you leave your place in the standing ticket line, you can’t come back to your place. You have to go to the back of the line.
  2. You can’t hold, or reserve someone’s place in line. If your friends arrive later, they can’t join you in line; they must go to the back of the line.
  3. Each person buys their own ticket. So, one person can’t buy multiple tickets.
  4. Coats and bulky bags (backpacks etc..) must be checked into the cloakroom, before the performance.
  5. Photography is not permitted during the performance.
  6. All cell phones must be off, or on silent mode during the performance.

How Much is a Vienna State Opera Standing Room Ticket

View from the Parterrestehplatz, Vienna State Opera, Austria
View from the Parterrestehplatz
How to get a Standing Room Ticket for the Vienna State Opera, Austria
Vienna State Opera House Interior

The price is either three, or four euros per standing room ticket. Tickets are paid in cash only. Try to have exact change. (They won’t be happy if you hand them a large bill). There are three types of tickets you can purchase:

  1. Parterrestehplatz (Ground Level, Behind the Orchestra Section) – 4 EUR 10 EUR
  2. Balkonstehplatz (Balcony) – 3 EUR
  3. Galeriestehplatz (Gallery) – 3 EUR

Where to Stand in the Vienna State Opera

Where to Stand in the Staatsoper, Vienna | Moon & Honey Travel

There are three places that you can stand in the Staatsoper: the Stehparterre, which is directly behind the orchestra section, the gallery, or the balcony. Definitely opt for the Stehparterre section, as the view is unbeatable. If you’re on the balcony, you won’t see the whole stage, and it’s a very severe angle.

  • When you purchase your ticket, enter the opera house and head straight to the Stehparterre section.
  • You will be asked to bring your coat and backpack to the complimentary cloakroom before the opera begins. You can either do that right away since you pass the coat area on your way to the theater. Or, you can do this after you’ve marked your place.
  • Just before the door to the Orchestra section, you’ll be asked to stand in line. (If you’ve purchased the Parterrestehplatz standing ticket).
  • You’ll wait in a line, receive directions, and then you’ll be admitted to the standing room, where you can mark your place with a piece of clothing. Bring a scarf. Note: if you arrived later, just present your ticket and head to the Stehparterre section.
  • Once you’ve secured your place, you’re free to leave, as long as you return 15 minutes prior to the curtain time.
  • If you leave, you’ll need to present your Vienna State Opera standing ticket open re-entering.

What to Do after Marking Your Standing Room Place

Gustav Mahler Saal, How to Get Vienna State Opera Standing Tickets, Austria
Gustav Mahler Saal

After you’ve marked your place, you’ll have time to explore the opera house. This is a good time to head to the cloakroom and check your coat and bags (free service). Next, we recommend heading up the grand staircase and grabbing a drink and snack in the elegant Schwindfoyer or Gustav Mahler Saal.

Is there an Intermission?

Schwindfoyer, Vienna State Opera, How to get a standing room ticket, Austria

When you purchase your standing ticket at the Stehplatzkassa, you’ll see a framed paper entitled Pausen, which states when the intermission(s) is and for how long. For example, when we saw Barber of Seville, the paper stated a single 25-minute from 21.00 – 21.25 Uhr (9:00 p.m. – 9:25 p.m.) intermission. Some operas or ballets may have two, or three intermissions. The framed paper also indicates when the opera or ballet ends.

Where to Stay in Vienna

Budget | Comfy apartments at Siebertgasse is a cheerful, and light-filled apartment-style accommodation in the 12th district, close to the Margaretengürtel U-Bahn station (U4). Each apartment has a kitchen and dining area. We love the airiness, the pastel accents, and the minimalist design of these apartments. This is a great place to stay if you’re an independent traveler, who craves exploring a city on your own terms. 

Midrange | Hotel Schani Salon is an excellent hotel located on Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s biggest shopping street, a few steps away from the Neubaugasse U-Bahn station (U3). We love this Vienna hotel, because of the bright, modern rooms, the friendly vibe, the communal lounge and bar, and the helpful staff. Breakfast is healthy and varied. 

Luxury | Altstadt Vienna is a boutique 4-star hotel in the charming Spittelberg quarter, close to Kunsthistorisches Museum. This contemporary-art-filled hotel features uniquely designed interiors and a hidden rooftop terrace (open from March until October). A wonderful breakfast is served in the Red Salon daily. In the afternoon, complimentary tea and homemade cakes are served in front of the open fireplace. 

Splurge | SO/ Vienna is a stylish and modern hotel located in the 2nd district, directly on the Danube Canal, at the Schwedenbrücke bridge. From this prime location, it takes only 10-minutes to walk to Stephansdom. Flaunting a 750 m² spa area and a panoramic rooftop bar and restaurant (Das Loft), So/ Vienna offers the discerning traveler a place to relax and savor the very heart of the city. 

Look for accommodation in Vienna.

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