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Complete Guide to Aqua Dome, Austria: Thermal Baths, Sauna World, Spa 3000 & Hotel

Aqua Dome is arguably the most iconic thermal spa (“Therme” in German) in Austria, if not the entire European Alps. 

With its floating basins and cone-shaped covered stairway, the whimsically-designed Therme is both futuristic and fantastical. Day and night, it looks like a beacon, beckoning you to bathe in its thermal waters amidst the mighty peaks of the Austrian Alps

Located in Längenfeld in Ötztal Valley, Aqua Dome welcomes day visitors as well as hotel guests throughout the entire year. 

While Aqua Dome is a new and modern complex, people have been bathing in the Längenfeld hot springs since the 16th century. From 6000 feet underground, a sulfur spring bubbles up to the surface at a rate of 3-4 liters per second.

This mineral-rich water streams into the thermal baths, thus making Aqua Dome a legally-recognized mineral spa. Each Day, 80,000 liters of thermally heated spring water flow into Aqua Dome.

In this post, you’ll learn about what exactly the Aqua Dome Therme complex is, which entry ticket to purchase, and helpful tips for visiting. 

If you want to experience everything Aqua Dome has to offer, we highly recommend staying at least one night in the Aqua Dome Hotel. As a hotel guest, you have exclusive access to the Spa 3000 wellness area and the Panorama Relaxation Room as well as early access to the Thermal Baths and Sauna World. For the best rates, check out

If you’ve never visited an Austrian Therme, also check out our guide to visiting Austrian thermal spas.

Aqua Dome Thermal Spa, Tirol, Austria
  • Location: Längenfeld, Ötztal Valley, Tirol, Austria
  • Closest Airport: Innsbruck Airport and Munich International Airport
  • Open: All-year-round, Monday – Sunday 
  • Therme Opening Times: 9 am – 10:30 pm 
  • Entry Tickets: It’s now mandatory to pre-book your entry ticket.
  • Day Visitors: Upon arrival, you will receive a chip wristband, which opens your personal locker and records all purchases (food, drinks, extras) made throughout your visit. This chip wristband also facilitates access to different wellness areas (e.g. Sauna World), depending on the entry ticket purchased. You can rent bathrobes and towels for an extra fee.
  • Overnight Guests: As a guest of Aqua Dome Hotel, you’ll also receive a chip wristband upon check-in. This wristband opens your hotel room and grants you unlimited access to all areas of the Therme (Thermal Baths, Sauna World, Spa 3000, Fitness Center). You can charge all extras (e.g. lunch, drinks etc…) to your chip wristband. Bathrobes and towels are included.
  • Where to 

Aqua Dome Thermal Baths Complex

Aqua Dome comprises a number of different wellness areas. Your access to these areas depends on what type of ticket you purchased.


Sauna World – garment-free area 

Spa 3000 – hotel guests only 

Fitness Center

Treatment & Spa 

Children’s World – Alpine Noah’s Ark


Aqua Dome Thermal Baths, Austria

The Therme (Thermal Baths) is the main attraction of Aqua Dome. It encompasses:

  • Two indoor pools of 34°C (93.2°F) and 36°C (96.8°F)
  • Three elevated, bowl-shaped outdoor pools (massage basin, sulphur pool, salt pool)
  • Outdoor 25m sports swimming pool
  • Outdoor river whirlpool

The main Therme also comprises a restaurant and multiple indoor and outdoor relaxation areas

Additionally, day visitors have access to a changing area with personal lockers. Every visitor gets their own personal locker, which they can open/close with their individual chip wristband

During your visit, you can charge all food and drinks to your chip wristband.

Aqua Dome Therme Pricing 

If you only want access to the Thermal Baths, there are a number of different tickets you can purchase.

Prices vary depending on your time of check-in, duration of stay, and age. Note: children tickets apply to kids ages 3-14.

Day Ticket (9 am – 6 pm): starting from 36.80 EUR

Day Ticket with Sauna: 61 EUR

3-hour Ticket: starting from 14.40 EUR

1-hour Swimmer Card: 17 EUR 

Family Tickets: starting from 77.35 EUR

You must purchase these tickets in advance using the Aqua Dome booking system

What to Bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof Slippers 
  • Bathrobe
  • 2-3 towels 
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc… 
  • Something to read

You can rent bathrobes and towels for an extra fee.

Sauna World

The Sauna World (“Saunawelt”) is an expansive wellness space which consists of multiple saunas, relaxation rooms, pools, showers, and a bistro (for Sauna guests only). 

The Sauna World is a textile-free zone (no bathing suits) and only accessible to Adults

In order to gain access to this part of Aqua Dome, you must purchase a Day Ticket with Sauna (9 am – 6 pm), which is 53 EUR, or an Evening Ticket with Sauna (6 pm until closing), which is 41 EUR. 

For us, the Sauna space is always the highlight of any Therme. It’s the most relaxing and quiet area in a Therme complex, and it’s incredibly fun to explore. If you love saunas and adult-only relaxation spaces, make sure to buy the Day, or Evening Ticket with Sauna, which gives you unlimited access to both the Therme (Thermal Baths) and the Sauna World. 

While relaxing in the sauna, don’t overlook the scheduled infusions (“Aufguss”). These occur in specific saunas at specific times. Look for the posted schedule (“Aufgussplan”) when you enter the sauna World. 

Note: Aqua Dome Hotel guests (15+ years old) have unlimited access to the Sauna World.

Sauna World Saunas

Loft Sauna: 60-90°C, 5-10% humidity

Gorge Infusion Sauna: 90-100°C, 20% humidity 

Heustadl Sauna – Hay Sauna: 70°C, 30% humidity

Brine Steam Bath: 45°C, 100% humidity

Kräuterbadl – Herbal Bath: 50°C, 20-30% humidity

White & Black Marble Steam Dome: 50°C, 20-30% humidity

Stone Pine Sauna: 30°C, 50% humidity

Sauna World Pools

Ice-Cold Plunge Pool: 13-14°C

Warm Brine Grotto: 32- 36°C

20-meter-long Outdoor Thermal Pool: 34°C

Outdoor Whirlpool 

More Spaces in the Sauna World

Kneipp Walk

Sauna Garden

Waterfall Shower

Ice Grotto

Sauna World Relaxation Rooms

Zirbenwärme – Stone Pine room filled with 10 ergonomically shaped infrared loungers

Mountain Peace Room filled with 40 lounge chairs

Mountain Impressions Room filled with 20 waterbeds and 15 lounge chairs

Natural Garden filled with 12 lounge chairs 

Sauna Etiquette

Shower before/after a sauna session. 

Always shower before entering any pool. 

Do not wear your bathing suit, or any other clothing in the saunas. 

Adults Only (15 years old +). 

Avoid getting sweat on wooden surfaces. Always place a towel between your body and the timber sauna surfaces. 

Avoid talking in the saunas. 

Speak very quietly throughout the sauna complex. 

What to Bring


Waterproof Slippers 

2-3 towels 

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc… 

Something to read

Bathrobes and towels are available upon request for a fee:

  • Bathrobe rental: 9 EUR
  • Towel rental: 6 EUR 

Spa 3000

The Spa 3000 is an exclusive space just for Aqua Dome hotel guests and Relax! One-Day Vacation Deluxe visitors.  

It’s a two-story area which offers some of the best views of the Aqua Dome complex and surroundings. It also contains some of the most beautifully-designed relaxation areas and saunas in the whole Aqua Dome spa. 

Here’s what you can look forward to as a hotel guest.

Spa 3000 Level 1 (Garment-Free) 

Moss Room & Pool. Natural moss-covered walls surround a 34°C pool. The pool is ringed with plush loungers. 

Herbal Tea Room and lounge area with hanging globe swings. Complimentary tea bar.

Ötztal Mineral Bath. Beautiful, circular steam sauna with tile seats. 

Herbal Sauna with bird song. 

Herbal Sauna with special herbal infusions. Make sure to sign-up in advance 

Salt Block Relaxation Room with swing chairs. 

Kneipp Hot-Cold-Hot Shower 

Spa 3000 Level 2

Bar & Lounge. The bar sells drinks and snacks. You can enjoy your beverage directly at the bar, or in the lounge area, by a fireplace, or outside. 

Outdoor Terrace lined with Fire Torches. Gorgeous outdoor area overlooking the Thermal Basins with lounge chairs. 

Panoramic Sauna with central fireplace and glass facade. 

Längenfeld Badl’n. Shallow bath with massage jets, facing Längenfeld and the valley.

Extra towels are provided throughout Spa 3000 at no extra charge. 

Book your stay at Aqua Dome

Fitness Center 

The fitness center is open daily from 7 am until 10 pm. Hotel guests have free access to the Fitness Center. Therme Day visitors can access this area for an additional 15 EUR. And, if you only want to visit the gym, it’s 20 EUR. 

Aqua Dome Spa & Treatments 

If you want to receive a special treatment during your visit, or stay, at Aqua Dome, it’s best to arrange an appointment in advance. If you have a preference regarding gender of your therapist, also specify that in your pre-booking request.

You can email: 

Here are some of Aqua Dome’s signature treatments: 

  • Thermal Deep Relax Massage 
  • Ötztal Sheep Wool Cocooning 
  • Stone-Pine Vital Massage
  • Edelweiss Balance Massage
  • Tyrolean Honey Massage
  • Ötztal Stone Massage

Children’s World: Noah’s Ark of the Alps

If you’re visiting Aqua Dome with children, there’s a designated children’s area which encompasses a swimming pool, water fun park, water slides, indoor jungle gym, craft tables, and games. 

Where to Eat in Aqua Dome

Aqua Dome at Night, Austria

Aqua Dome strives to source their ingredients from local farmers in Öztal. The food is fresh, excellent, and nutritious through the Therme complex. 

During your visit, you can charge all your food and drinks to your chip wristband. When you depart the Therme complex, you’ll pay for everything you consumed during your visit.

This payment system is standard across Thermen. It’s safe and convenient, because you don’t have to carry around your wallet/cash through the Therme.

Therme Restaurant

The canteen-style Therme restaurant is accessible to all guests. 

Sauna World Bistro

The bistro inside the Sauna World offers a number of meals and drinks in a more secluded setting. 

Spa 3000 Bar 

This stylish bar is located on Level 2 in the Spa 3000 area. They serve drinks and light snacks. 

Aqua Dome Hotel Restaurant

As a hotel guest, you’ll eat a multi-course gourmet dinner in the hotel restaurant. You’ll also eat your breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Tip: don’t overlook the extensive local cheese buffet at the end of dinner. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Book your stay at Aqua Dome.

Aqua Dome Hotel: 4 Star Superior Spa Hotel

We recommend staying in the Aqua Dome Hotel, in order to get access to the Spa 3000 and early access to the Therme.

Dinner and breakfast is also a treat to look forward to. The hotel is staffed by an amazing team, who are friendly, helpful, and professional. Our experience staying here far exceeded our expectations.

The only thing that could be improved is the bedroom decor and upholstery, which are now dated.

To learn more about our experience, read our Aqua Dome Hotel Review.

Why Stay at the Aqua Dome Hotel

Early Access to the Therme (7 am – 9 am)

In addition to Spa 3000, hotel guests have unlimited access to the Therme (Thermal Baths) and Sauna World. It’s worth noting that hotel guests get early access to the Thermal Baths, starting at 7 am. That means you can enjoy the basins for 2 hours in peace, before the Theme’s public opening (9 am). 

Panorama Relaxation Room 

Furthermore, Hotel guests get exclusive access to a Panorama Relaxation Room inside the main Therme building, which overlooks the Aqua Dome outdoor pools. 

Bathrobe, Flip Flops, Towels, Spa Bag

Everything you need to enjoy Aqua Dome is provided for you in your room. 

Arrival Day Early Access

On the day you arrive, you can access the Therme starting at 9 am and the Sauna World and Spa 3000 starting at 10 am. Head directly to the hotel reception when you arrive. You can access your bedroom, starting at 3 pm. 

Complimentary Non-Alcoholic Mini Bar 

All the drinks in your mini bar are completely free of charge. 

For the best hotel rates, we recommend

How to Get to Aqua Dome, Tirol, Austria

Aqua Dome Thermal Baths, Ötztal, Austria


Drive to Ötztal Valley. Ötztal is the longest side valley in Tirol. It branches off the Inntal valley, and lies between Pitztal valley and Stubaital valley.

From the entrance of the valley, it’s a 27 minute drive (24 km distance) to Aqua Dome in Längenfeld.

Parking at Aqua Dome is free. There’s an underground parking lot for hotel guests and another one for day visitors.


You can take a bus from Innsbruck to Längenfeld.

Or, you can take a train to Ötztal Bahnhof, followed by a bus to Längenfeld.

Austria Trip Planning Essentials

Use our Austria Travel Guide and Austria blog archive to plan a unique and memorable trip to Austria. 

When to Visit Austria 

Summer and early Fall are our favorite seasons in Austria.

Getting around Austria

Austria has an excellent public transit system. We’ve used it extensively to travel throughout the country. We highly recommend using transit if you’re visiting cities (Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, etc…), and/or doing hut-to-hut hikes. 

Some areas like Mayrhofen, Schladming and Lech am Arlberg have wonderful seasonal transit systems in place (e.g. summer hiking buses). However, if you’re not visiting during the high season, bus frequencies are significantly reduced and it’s far easier to get around with your own vehicle. 

If you’re planning on visiting multiple destinations across  Austria, we recommend renting a car. 

Use these road trip itineraries for trip planning inspiration:

Car Rental 

We recommend using the car rental reservation platform to search for and book car rentals. This easy-to-use booking platform compares car rental deals from 500+ trusted providers, so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

Check car rental rates here

If you’re driving into Austria from a neighboring country, don’t forget to purchase a vignette at/near the border. 

Hiking in Austria

Where to Hike in Austria

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What to See & Do in Austria

Austrian Hotels

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