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Best Restaurants in Vienna: Where to Eat in Austria’s captial city

Ideally, every visit to Vienna includes a hearty meal in a Beisl (traditional Viennese restaurant), coffee and cake in a Kaffeehaus (coffee house), and wine and cold plates in a Heuriger, or Buschenschank (wine tavern). 

In this guide to where to eat in Vienna we’ve summarized our favorite restaurants, taverns, and eateries in Austria’s capital city, which we frequent often. 

The beginning of this Vienna restaurant guide is focused on Viennese cuisine, whereas the end of the guide is focused on international cuisine (Japanese, Levantine, Italian, etc…).

Neni am Wasser, Vienna, Austria
  • Cash payment. Many restaurants in Vienna and across Austria are cash only. Make sure to always carry cash with you, or be ready to find the nearest Bankomat. 
  • Tip. Round up the bill to the nearest “5” or “0.”  If the service is excellent, tip 10%. 
  • Tap Water. Free tap water is never (or very rarely) served to the table. It’s considered somewhat rude to ask for tap water (“Leitungswasser”), especially if you haven’t ordered another drink. If you order tap water, you may be charged a small fee. Austrians typically order bottled water. 
  • Mittagsmenu. Many Viennese restaurants offer an affordable lunch menu (“Mittagsmenu”) between 11:30 am and 2 pm on weekdays. The menu usually consists of 2 or 3 courses (soup, main course, dessert). 
  • Cover Charge. Some upscale Viennese restaurants charge “Gedeck,” which is a cover charge (3-5 EUR per person). 
  • Opening Times. Always check the opening times of restaurants in Vienna. Most restaurants are closed at least 1 day/week.
  • Where to Stay in Vienna: Hotel Schani Salon (midrange), Altstadt Vienna (luxury), or Hotel Imperial (luxury)

1. Helmut Krenek

Helmut Krenek, Vienna Tavern, Austria

Helmut Krenek is a heurige (wine tavern), located at the end of the Stammersdorfer Kellergasse, the wine cellar lane in Stammersdorf. 

Consistent with their “good, clean, fair” motto, this cozy establishment sources high-quality ingredients from regional producers. They feature wines from Hans Peter Göbel, the owner of the tavern. 

In November, the Viennese make an annual pilgrimage to Helmut Krenek to eat Martini Gansl. The geese are sourced from the ethical Mostviertel Weidegans producer in Lower Austria. 

The lovingly-prepared Martini Gansl, served with a choice of side dishes (red cabbage, potato dumplings, lentils, chestnut and dried plum ragout, fried goose stuffing, etc…) was one of the most memorable meals we’ve had in Vienna. 

With public transit, it takes over an hour to reach this hidden gem restaurant from the city center. We recommend taking a taxi. 

Address | Stammersdorfer Kellergasse 131, 1210 Vienna | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or Card 

Reservation | Recommended 

2. Am Nordpol 3

Am Nordpole 3 Restaurant, Vienna, Austria

Am Nordpol 3 serves heartwarming Bohemian-Viennese cuisine in a relaxed, friendly environment with indoor and outdoor seating.

This traditional Viennese restaurant is a favorite among locals and a place we return to regularly. The food never disappoints. 

We particularly love their Fleischknödel mit Sauerkraut (meat dumplings with sauerkraut), Linsen mit Knödel und Speck (lentils with dumplings and bacon), and Surschnitzel (sour schnitzel). 

Am Nordpol 3 is made up of three adjoined rooms, aesthetically tied together by a collection of bizarre paintings. 

The service is always kind and attentive. However, meals can be on the slower-side, especially if the restaurant is busy. 

Am Nordpol 3 Restaurant, Vienna, Austria

Address | Nordpolgasse 3, 1020 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Cash Only 

Insider Tip | Request the printed English menu, which is easier to read than the handwritten German menu. 

Reservations | Only necessary during the weekend, or at peak dining times. 

3. Bruder –  Küche & Bar 

Bruder Restaurant, Vienna

Bruder is a cocktail bar and restaurant that single-handedly establishes Vienna as a foodie destination. Open for dinner only, guests can choose between 2-course, 3-course, or 7-course menus. 

The cuisine defies easy categorization as each dish is a creative globetrotting concoction that marries international flavors with local ingredients. 

Furthermore, Bruder is a standout dining establishment in Vienna, because of its inventive cocktails. Most of the alcohol served in Bruder is in fact homemade. 

We loved the subtle “hipster cool” vibe, the very attentive staff, and the rustic, candlelit interior. In the main dining room, the bar is backed by ceiling-high shelves, stacked with colorful preserving jars. 

Tip | Don’t miss the white Bruder house wine. 

Address | Windmühlgasse 20, 1060 Vienna | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or card 

Reservations | Absolutely Necessary


Thell Restaurant, Vienna, Austria

THELL (formerly known as MOTTO) is a restaurant and bar in the 5th district that transforms into a nightclub in the wee hours of the morning. 

Whereas most restaurants in Vienna close around 9 pm, THELL’s kitchen stays open until 12:30 am (Sundays – Thursdays) and 2:30 am (Fridays – Saturdays). 

Featuring sensual floor-to-ceiling murals, velvet furnishings, and low-lighting, this atmospheric restaurant may very well be Vienna’s trendiest establishment. Without a doubt, it’s an ideal spot for a romantic night out. 

THELL serves modern Austrian cuisine. There are no big surprises on the menu, but unlike most Viennese restaurants, there are more vegetarian and vegan dishes available. 

All the servers seem genuinely happy, which contributes to the convivial and relaxed ambience. 

Dinner at THELL restaurant in Vienna, Austria

Address | Schönbrunner Str. 30, 1050 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Card, or Cash

Reservations | Recommended. THELL Online Booking

Insider Tip | The restaurant entrance is easy to miss. Look for the neon sign above a silver door on Rüdigergasse, around the corner from Schönbrunner Strasse. 

Good to Know | THELL has no affiliation with Motto am Fluss or any other Motto establishment. The restaurant was renamed THELL in honor of Franz Thell, the founder of the Motto brand. 

5. Gmoa Keller

Gmoakeller restaurant in Vienna, Austria

Gmoakeller is a traditional Viennese restaurant dating back to 1858.

Located near the Akademietheater and Wiener Kozerthaus, it benefits from a consistent influx of concertgoers most evenings. Gmoakeller also has a well-priced Mittagsmenu (2-course lunch menu offered on weekdays), which they publish each week on their website

This multi-room restaurant is quite large by Viennese standards. So, if you’re looking for an intimate Viennese tavern, this isn’t it. 

But, it’s an excellent place to savor Viennese specialities. If you’re visiting Vienna in November, we recommend ordering their seasonal Martinigansl. 

Address | Am Heumarkt 25, 1030 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or Card

Reservations | Recommended 

6. Lugeck 

Lugeck Restaurant, Vienna City Center, Austria

Housed in the Regensburger Hof building in the inner district, Lugeck is the place to go for Viennese classics and international favorites. This stylish, yet classy restaurant is run by the same family behind the historic Schnitzel restaurant Figlmüller.

Lugeck’s Wiener Schnitzel is second to none. But, if you’ve had your fill of Schnitzel, you can also order a variety of salads, sandwiches, bowls, and even burgers. 

If you’re exploring Vienna’s first district, definitely come here for lunch, or dinner. Lugeck is only a 4-minute walk away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. 

Address | Lugeck 4, 1010 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or card 

Reservations | Though you won’t have to brave long lines, a reservation is recommended nonetheless.

7. Mochi Ramen Bar

Mochi Ramen Bar, Vienna, Austria

Mochi Ramen Bar is a tiny eatery on Vorgartenmarkt, serving lovingly-prepared and mouth-watering Ramen as well as Japanese tapas. 

Enter Mochi Ramen Bar and you’ll feel transported to Japan. Though the dining area is narrow and tightly-packed, it’s worth squeezing into this Japanese restaurant for the best homemade ramen you’ll eat in Austria, and possibly all of Central Europe. 

The service is shockingly nice and attentive (shocking, because it’s Vienna after all). We’ve eaten here a dozen times and the quality is always outstanding. 

The Mushroom Miso Ramen is especially delicious, because of the rich, flavorful broth and delicious ingredients. 

Address | Vorgartenmarkt Stand 12-29, 1020 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or Card

Reservations | First come, first-served

Good to Know | Mochi Ramen Bar is part of the Mochi restaurant brand, which comprises Mochi (sushi & more), Mochi am Markt (Japanese-Mexican-Peruvian fusion restaurant), O.M.K. (take-out / deli), and Kikko Ba (Izakaya). 

Mochi is an outstanding Japanese restaurant, located on Praterstraße 15, close to the luxury hotel SO/ Vienna. Their menu features creative, seasonal dishes as well as sushi. Reservations are almost always necessary. 

Mochi am Markt, which shares the same square as Mochi Ramen Bar, was somewhat disappointing. Many dishes were drenched in sauces and aiolis, which overpowered, rather than complimented, the other ingredients. 


Neni am Wasser restaurant, Vienna, Austria

The first NENI restaurant was opened in Vienna’s Naschmarkt in 2009 by the Molchos family. This is the go-to restaurant for delicious, high-quality Levantine cuisine in Vienna. 

Today, NENI is an ever-expanding catering company and franchise with 13+ locations in Europe: Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Zurich, Munich, and Mallorca. 

Aside from the beloved flagship location, Neni am Naschmarkt, there are several other NENI restaurants in Vienna. 

Neni am Wasser is located on the Danube Canal, the popular Viennese hangout area during the warm summer months. This cacti-lined restaurant is an inviting space, furnished with rattan chairs decked in sheepskin, Mallorcan-style pendant lamps, and patterned throw pillows. The food and cocktails are wonderful!

Neni am Prater occupies the top floor of Superbude Hotel Wien Prater, which is located on the edge of Vienna’s historic (also dated) amusement park. Apart from serving breakfast to hotel guests, Neni am Prater functions independently of the hotel. 

Mezze dishes at Neni am Wasser restaurant, Vienna, Austria

Address | Consult for all NENI locations.

Payment | Cash, or Card

Reservations | Recommended 

9. Pizza Randale 

Pizza Randale, Vienna, Austria

Outside of Naples, Vienna may be the best place in Europe to eat Neapolitan pizza.

Vienna boasts many excellent pizzerias including Via Toledo Enopizzeria, Pizza Mari, Pizzeria Riva, and Pizza Randale. 

We frequent all of these pizzerias, but Pizza Randale stands out with their delicious topping combinations and lightning-fast service. We especially love the Zi Fonz pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and salame piccante. 

Address | Pizza Randale has two locations: 

5th District Location: Kettenbrückengasse 1, 1050 Wien | Google Maps

2nd District Location: Heinestraße 15, 1020 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Cash Only 

Reservations | Only necessary during peak times on weekends. 

10. Thailanna x Mae Aurel

Thailanna x Mae Aurel, Vienna, Austria

Set in the same building as numa | Wood Rooms & Apartments near the Westbahnhof train station, Thailanna x Mae Aurel is the best place to eat authentic Thai food in Vienna. 

The quality and flavors of the dishes are superb. 

We especially love their papaya salad, which easily rivals the ones we’ve eaten in Bangkok. Unless you can brave the spice level of authentic Thai cuisine, definitely ask “nur ein bischen Scharf” (only a little spicy), when ordering the papaya salad. 

Hidden away and easy to miss, Thailanna x Mae Aurel isn’t an obvious find. It’s unlikely that you’d casually stumble upon this lovely Thai restaurant, which is why it’s quieter than it ought to be. 

What Thailanna x Mae Aurel lacks in atmosphere, it more than makes up for in the rich flavors and kind service. 

Address | Maria Hilfer Gürtel 33 Hotel Wood, Vienna 1150 Austria | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or Card

Reservations | None needed in our experience.

11. Tre Viet

Tre Viet, Vietnamese Eatery in Vienna, Austria

Tre Viet is a tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Vietnamese eatery on Karmelitermarkt, a market square in the second district. There are only 3 tables and a few bar stools inside. In summer and early fall, you can also eat outside.

Their weekly menu consists of three options, each of which can be made with tofu, chicken, or beef. We love their rice noodle salads and curries. 

Additionally, Tre Viet has a fixed menu with spring and summer rolls, pho, bahn mi, bahn bao, and nem hoa qua. 

We’ve eaten at Tre Viet probably 20+ times, because it’s fast, easy, and always delicious. 

Address | Karmelitermarkt Stand 2, 1020 Wien | Google Maps

Payment | Cash, or card 

Reservations | first come, first served

Where to Stay in Vienna

Budget | Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner is a friendly accommodation near Vienna’s Westbahnhof train station. In addition to on-site bike rental and regular events such as barbecues and movie nights, the hostel offers a welcoming atmosphere for travelers from all over the world.

Midrange | Hotel Schani Salon is an excellent hotel located on Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s biggest shopping street, a few steps away from the Neubaugasse U-Bahn station (U3). We love this Vienna hotel, because of the bright, modern rooms, the friendly vibe, the communal lounge and bar, and the helpful staff. Breakfast is healthy and varied. 

Luxury | Altstadt Vienna is a boutique 4-star hotel in the charming Spittelberg quarter, close to Kunsthistorisches Museum. This contemporary-art-filled hotel features uniquely designed interiors and a hidden rooftop terrace (open from March until October). A wonderful breakfast is served in the Red Salon daily. In the afternoon, complimentary tea and homemade cakes are served in front of the open fireplace. 

Luxury | The Leo Grand is advantageously located in the inner district of Vienna, steps away from Peterskirche, Stephansdom, and the Graben. This top-rated hotel features luxurious rooms with romantic, pastel-colored furnishings and decor. Stay here for the unbeatable location, helpful personnel, and fairy tale vibes. Breakfast is available at an extra charge.

Luxury | The palatial Hotel Imperial harkens back to imperial times with its grand, antique-filled interiors and sumptuous rooms and suites (fit for royalty). This 5-star hotel is set on the Ringstrasse boulevard in the heart of Vienna, walking distance to the Vienna Opera House, the Kärntner Strasse shopping street, Karlskirche, and the Musikverein concert hall. This hotel features a cocktail bar in the historic Hallensalon, rooftop fitness center with a sauna, on-site restaurant (Opus) and café (Café Imperial). Breakfast available.

Look for accommodation in Vienna.

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