Tullen (2653 m) is the highest summit in the Odle d’Eores/Aferer Geisler Group in the Italian Dolomites.  This mountain group is located within Puez-Odle Nature Park in South Tyrol and is easily accessible from Val di Funes/Villnösstal. 

When visiting Val di Funes for the first time, it’s so easy to overlook the Odle d’Eores. These mountains are completely upstaged by the Odle/Geisler Peaks. However, one of the best day hikes in the Dolomites leads you along the Oberer Herrensteig (“Upper Men’s Trail”) and eventually the Günther Messner Steig to Tullen peak. 

We loved this trail because of the landscape variation and of course the views. You’ll hike through the forest and high alpine pastures before cutting across the slopes of the knobby Odle d’Eores pinnacles. 

Tullen Peak Hike in Puez-Odle Nature Park

Tullen Summit Hike, Puez-Odle Nature Park, Dolomites
  • Trailhead: Zannes/Zans Car Park in Val di Funes
  • Distance: 12.6 km out-and-back
  • Time Needed: 7 hours
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 1095 meters ascending/descending
  • Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
  • Minimum Elevation: 1673 m
  • Maximum Elevation: 2653 m
  • When to Hike: Late June – Mid-October, depending on snow conditions.
  • Where to Stay: Hotel Fallerhof (budget), Hotel Fines (midrange), or Hotel Tyrol (luxury) in Santa Maddalena, Val di Funes.

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Tullen Hiking Map

Tullen Hike Difficulty 

Most of this hike is quite moderate. There’s nothing technically difficult about the Oberer Herrensteig. However, the hike involves a significant elevation gain. 

The final stretch to the summit is a challenge. You need to be extremely surefooted as you hike along an exposed ridge to the peak. Though very short, this passage is extremely dangerous if you’re afraid of heights, or feel anxious on exposed trails. 

This trail is so fabulous that we encourage you to hike it, even if you skip the summit. Follow the guide all the way to the Tullen/Günther-Messner-Steig trail intersection. The views are worth it, with or without the peak. 

Tullen Trailhead: Zannes/Zan Car Park

This hike begins at the Zannes/Zans Car Park, a very popular gateway to the Puez-Odle Nature Park. The Adolf Munkel Trail and the Rifugio Genova Circuit hikes also begin here.

The Zannes/Zans Car Park is located at the rear of the Val di Funes valley. You can reach this popular trailhead by transit, or by car. Read our Val di Funes travel guide for more information about getting here.

Parking fees apply. 

Tip: Most accommodations in Val di Funes (like Hotel Tyrol and Hotel Fines) give their guests a free Südtirol Mobil Card. Present your card to the person collecting parking fees and you’ll receive a discount (2 EUR versus the normal 8 EUR). 

Tullen Peak Trail Description

Zannes/Zans to Oberer Herrensteig Trail (50 minutes)

Trail 25 to Tullen, Val di Funes, Dolomites

There are three car parks at Zannes/Zans. Park in the left car park. At the end of the lot, follow trail 25 (direction: Tullen and Herrensteige/Sentieri dei Signori). Tullen is signed 3:20 hours 

Follow this trail through the spruce forest until you reach a trail intersection (20 minutes). Turn left in the direction of Tullen, signed 2:50 hours (Trail 25).

The narrow trail steadily ascends towards the Odle d’Eores, parallel to a dried-up riverbed (10 minutes). Ignore the trail on the other side of the riverbed, and head left instead (away from the riverbed). 

You’ll gain elevation rapidly and soon see the Odle/Geisler Peaks. You’ll also see the sloping pastures of Gampenalm and Kaserill Alm. 

At the next intersection, turn right onto the Oberer Herrensteig (Trail 25) in the direction of Tullen, signed 2:30 hours. 

Oberer Herrensteig Trail (1 hour)

View of the Geisler Peaks, Oberer Herensteig Trail, Dolomites
Oberer Herrensteig

The trail continues to ascend (though more gently now), and you’ll find yourself amidst more stone pine (aka swiss pine). Though you’re still below the treeline, the views of the ever-present Odle peaks are fantastic. 

Oberer Herrensteig Trail Views of Odle Group, Dolomites

Soon, you’ll cross barren tussock slopes, always heading in a northwest direction. It’s easy walking from here. After crossing a gated alpine pasture, you’ll come to another intersection. Head right to Tullen, signed 1:30 hours. 

Oberer Herrensteig, Odle/Geisler Peaks, Dolomites
Oberer Herrensteig

Günther Messner Steig to Tullen (1:30 hours)

Günther Messner Steig, Dolomites
Günther Messner Steig Trail

You’re now hiking along the Günther Messner Steig Trail (GM). This hike circuits the Odle d’Eores. It’s considered a via ferrata (though we won’t be reaching that section on this day hike). 

The GM trail maintains a northeasterly direction and you’ll soon be hiking below the bizarre, rocky pinnacles of the Odle d’Eores. This part of the trail feels unexpected and immensely rewarding.

The Geisler peaks are no longer visible, as you’re hiking amidst the Odle d’Eores. It’s almost like walking in a mini-valley or crevice along the main mountain ridge. 

Günther Messner Steig, Odles d'Eores/Aferer Geisler Group, Dolomites
Günther Messner Steig Trail

Eventually, you’ll cut across a scree slope and you’ll reach the Günther Messner Steig/Tullen trail intersection.

From here, it’s only a 20-minute climb to the peak. The trail traverses loose rock. As part of the trail is washed out, hiking poles are extremely helpful. We love these Unisex Black Diamond Trail Poles.

There are fixed cables that help you ascend to the Tullen ridge.

Once you reach the ridge, Sass de Putia/Peitlerkofel is already visible.

From the ridge, it’s a few meters along the exposed ridge to the summit, marked by a giant cross. 

If you have any fear of heights or falling, we don’t recommend hiking to the summit.

Hiking to Tullen Summit, Dolomites
Approaching the Tullen summit

Return Hike to Zannes/Zans

Günther Messner Steig, Puez-Odle, Dolomites
Günther Messner Steig Trail, Puez-Odle, Dolomites

Follow the same trail all the way back to Zannes/Zans. The return journey is equally enjoyable. We always prefer a circuit hike to an out-and-back one, but because this trail was so gorgeous, we were thrilled to hike it again.

Günther Messner Steig Trail, Puez-Odle, Dolomites
Günther Messner Steig Trail

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Where to Stay in Val di Funes

We recommend staying in the village of Santa Maddalena in Val di Funes. From this village, you can reach the Zannes/Zans car park (trailhead) by car in 10 minutes, or by bus.

Budget | Fallerhof is an active farm and a great-value apartment-style accommodation with stunning views of the Geisler Group. It’s a short walk to the Santa Maddalena Church (5 minutes) and the famous Chiesetta di San Giovanni in Ranui (15 minutes). Breakfast is available upon request.

Midrange | Hotel Fines is a welcoming, 3-star hotel in Santa Maddalena, owned by a young and enthusiastic team. Guests love the rich breakfast buffet, central location, and hotel restaurant. Definitely book half board (breakfast and dinner) here. The DolomitiMobil Card is free for all guests.

Luxury | Hotel Tyrol Dolomites is a family-run hotel in Santa Maddalena. This is the best place to stay when you want to combine outdoor exploration with wellness and relaxation. Their wellness area encompasses a Finnish sauna, steam bath, outdoor pool, whirlpool, and a garden with sun loungers and parasols. However, the main reason to stay here is their South Tyrolean cuisine, made with locally sourced ingredients. The DolomitiMobil Card is provided. Tip: book half board and book a room with a Dolomites view (“Geisler Blick”).

Look for accommodation in Val di Funes.

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