Monte Pic/Pitschberg (2363 m) is a mountain that rises above Santa Cristina in Val Gardena in the Italian Dolomites. It’s easy to overlook Monte Pic because it looks like a hill compared to its impressive neighbors. However, if you’re eager to explore lesser-known trails in Val Gardena, the hike to Monte Pic is a surprising treat. 

At the summit, there are 360-degree views of the Odle/Geisler Group, Monte Stevia, the Cir Peaks, Selva di Val Gardena, the Sella Group, Cima della Vezzana (the highest peak in Pale di San Martino), Sassolungo/Langkofel, Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, and the Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountains. Luckily, it’s a view that you won’t have to share with very many people.

From Monte Pic, the hike continues to the Sëurasas mountain pastures, which are just as spellbinding as the Pic summit. 

You can also combine the hike to Monte Pic with the Seceda ridgeline. That’s what we did and it was marvelous. It’s a long tour, but oh-so-satisfying. It’s also a fantastic option for folks searching for a way to hike to Seceda without a cable car.

Monte Pic Day Hike in Val Gardena

Monte Pic Hike, Val Gardena, Italian Dolomites
  • Trailhead: Cristauta/Praplan Parking Lot above Santa Cristina in Val Gardena | Google Maps
  • Distance: 13.9 km circuit
  • Time Needed: 6 hours
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 1064 meters
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trails: 4, 1A, 1C, 6, 1, 2, 6, 20, 41, 4
  • Route: Praplan Car Park (1746 m) – Baita Gamsblut (1965 m) – Rifugio Fermeda (2109 m) – Baita Daniel (2240 m) – Mastlé (2284 m) – Baita Sofie – Seceda (2500 m) – Forcella Pana/Panascharte(2439 m) – Baita Troier (2250 m) – Baita Daniel (2240 m) – Cuca saddle (2154 m) – Monte Pic (2363 m) – Baita Sëurasas (2020 m) – Praplan Car Park (1746 m)
  • Where to Stay in Santa Cristina: Smart Hotel Saslon (budget), Charme Hotel Uridl (midrange), or Dorfhotel Beludei (luxury)

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Monte Pic Hiking Map

When to Hike to Monte Pic

Mid-late June until mid-late October, depending on weather and snow conditions.

Monte Pic Trailhead

Praplan Car Park

The hike to Monte Pic starts at the Praplan/Cristauta Parking Lot above Santa Cristina in Val Gardena. 

Drive up Streda Plesdinaz to get to the small car park. Exact Location: Google Maps.

In high season, specifically from July 26 until August 22, there’s a parking fee of 1 EUR/hour or 5 EUR/day. Outside of peak season, the parking lot is free. Note: camping/camping vans can’t park here between 8 pm and 6 am.

Monte Pic Circuit Trail Description

Monte Pic Summit Hike, Santa Cristina, Val Gardena
Monte Pic Summit / View of the Sella Group

Praplan to Baita Gamsblut (50 minutes)

Baita Gamsblut, Hike to Monte Pic, Val Gardena Dolomites
Baita Gamsblut

From the car park, cross the road. There’s a large wooden board with stacked signs indicating destinations with their respected hiking times, trail numbers, and status (open/closed). 

Gamsblut is signed 50 minutes along trail 4

Walk up the gravel track to the trail intersection. When you arrive, turn right and follow signs to Col Raiser (1:20 hours) and Seceda (2:30 hours). The hiking trail is obvious, because the entrance is marked by a wooden gate with a “Troi dla Schirlates” archway sign. Ignore the road on the left, which runs parallel to the trail. 

After just a few meters, you’ll come to another trail intersection. From here, you can turn left onto trail 41 to get to Sëurasas (50 minutes) and Monte Pic, which is the fastest ascent route. However, we recommend saving that route for the descent. So for now, continue straight on trail 4 and follow the linear path above Val Gardena. 

Trail 4 is easy and mostly level. It weaves in and out of the forest, though there are plenty of clearings along the way where you can see Langkofel/Sassolungo, Sella and Mount Stevia. 

As you near the Gamsblut hut, the trail ascends more steeply. Shortly before arriving, you’ll walk through another wooden “Troi dla Schirlates” arched gate. Directly after, turn right to Baita Gamsblut (signed 2 minutes). 

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Baita Gamsblut to Fermeda Hütte (35 minutes)

Fermeda Hütte, Val Gardena, Dolomites
Fermeda Hütte

Walk around Baita Gamsblut and follow trail 1A in the direction of Seceda. The narrow trail steadily climbs up rolling slopes dotted with wooden huts and stone pine trees. As you ascend, you’re progressly towards the Fermeda Peaks. 

You’ll pass Baita Neidia, the Fermeda chairlift station, and Baita Cuca, before arriving at Fermeda Hütte. In high season, each hut serves food and drinks. When we visited in early October, only the Fermeda hut was open.

Fermeda Hütte to Baita Daniel (30 minutes)

From Fermeda Hütte, head right, following the ascending path (trail 2) towards Baita Daniel. 

After about five minutes, you’ll arrive at the 2/1C trail intersection. Here, you can decide whether you want to hike directly to Monte Pic (trail 2 to Cuca intersection: 20 minutes), or detour to Seceda before hiking to Monte Pic (trail 1C). 

We turned right, following 1C to Baita Daniel. 

Baita Daniel to Seceda Lookout (40 minutes)

Seceda, Fermeda Peaks, Val Gardena, Dolomites

There are a few ways to hike from Baita Daniel to Seceda. It can be a bit confusing with all the intersecting roads and trails, but just keep heading uphill. 

At Baita Daniel, head left and ascend along the wide track towards Mastlé hut. When you reach Mastlé hut, turn right and continue ascending. When the trail intersects with the road, turn right again and shortly thereafter turn left to Baita Sofie and Seceda. 

When you arrive at Baita Sofie, it feels like you either missed the invitation to the cocktail party, or you’re fashionably late. Each time we pass by this hut, we see people melting into their lounge chairs whilst drinking bottles of wine and champagne. I can’t decide if it’s perfectly swell, or comically absurd. Join the revelry, and you can choose from 300 labels of the best wines from around the world

The hike continues to the Seceda cableway mountain station. When you get there, follow signs to the Seceda viewpoint (10 minutes). Atop Seceda, you’ll be instantly captivated by the sharp Fermeda peaks. From this impressive vantage point, the Geisler Group looks like an open swiss army knife, ready to be wielded by some great force. 

Seceda to Baita Troier (30 minutes)

Baita Troier, Val Gardena Dolomites Hike
Baita Troier

Continue following the trail along the ridge and then join trail 6 to the Panascharte/Forcella Pana. The trail leading over the “Scharte” (notch) descends steeply to Val di Funes. Save that hike for another time (read: Resciesa to Seceda). 

From the notch, turn right, following the descending path (trail 1) in the direction of Trojer Hütte/Baita Trojer (spelled “Troier” in hiking maps), signed 20 minutes.
At the next intersection, turn right again and descend to Baita Troier on trail 1 (5 minutes). The left trail leads to Pierlongia Hütte, which is another worthy destination, but save it for another day (see this Seceda to Regensburger Hütte loop hike).

Baita Troier to Monte Pic (1:20 hours)

Trail 2, Val Gardena, Dolomites
Trail 2

Say hi to the resident goats at Baita Troier and make your way back to Baita Daniel (15 minutes). When you’ve reached Baita Daniel, follow signs to Baita Curona.

You’ll hike along trail 2 all the way until the Cuca intersection. At Cuca, turn left in the direction of Monte Pic (trail 6). The right trail leads to Baita Curona. 

Monte Pic Summit, Day Hike in the Val Gardena Dolomites
Monte Pic Summit

It’s a 40-minute uphill hike to the summit of Pic. After such easy-going hiking until this point, the steep hairpin ascent feels like a surprise. I was huffing and puffing.

View of Odle Peaks from Monte Pic, Val Gardena
Geisler Group

The summit of Monte Pic is marked by a bench. You’ll see Seceda, the Fermeda Peaks, Mount Stevia, the Cir Peaks, Sella, Cima della Vezzana (the highest mountain in Pale di San Martino), Langkofel, Seiser Alm, the Catinaccio range, and more.

Monte Pic Hike, View of Sella
View of Sella

Monte Pic to Baita Sëurasas (30 minutes)

Descent to Sëurasas Alpine Pastures, Val Gardena, Dolomites
Descent to Sëurasas Alpine Pastures

From the summit, descend along the ridge to the Sëurasas alpine pastures. When you reach a trail intersection, turn left on trail 20 to Baita Sëurasas. It’s a soul-captivating 15-minute walk across grassy pastures to the Sëurasas hut.

Sëurasas Alpine Pastures, Santa Cristina, Val Gardena
Sëurasas Alpine Pastures

Baita Sëurasas to Praplan/Cristauta Car Park (30-40 minutes)

Kati and I lingered way too long on Monte Pic. So by the time we made it to Baita Sëurasas, it was nearly dark.

We recommend timing your hike so that you catch the sunset at Baita Sëurasas. 

The fastest way to return to the Praplan parking lot is on trail 20, followed by trail 41. We completely missed trail 41, so we continued along 20 and then trail 4 to get back to the parking lot. 

Where to Stay in Val Gardena

Santa Cristina

Budget | Hotel Garni Ruscel is a great-value bed and breakfast in Santa Cristina. 4 nights minimum stay in high season. 

Budget | Bed & Breakfast Kaserer is a charming B&B with clean, traditional rooms and excellent hospitality. 3 nights minimum stay. 

Budget | Garni Le Chalet is a traditional guesthouse in Santa Cristina. Stay here for the cozy atmosphere and affordable room rate. Breakfast is included.

Budget | Smart Hotel Saslong is a no-frills hotel in Santa Cristina featuring modern, minimalist interiors decorated in local wood. Guests have access to a self-service bar, free parking (indoor and outdoor), and on-site restaurant serving local cuisine. This is a perfect place to stay if you’re traveling with friends. Book breakfast!

Midrange | Charme Hotel Uridl is a family-run hotel set in a mountain chalet dating back to the 17th century. Stay here for the cozy and quaint atmosphere and delicious breakfast buffets and dinners.

Luxury | Dorfhotel Beludei is the finest hotel in Santa Cristina and one of the best hotels in the Dolomites. With inspiring mountain views, gorgeous alpine-style rooms, hiking trails right on the doorstep, and a chef that puts ingenious and creative riffs on regional cuisine, this darling hotel is quite the Dolomites dream. We also loved the spa area and indoor pool. Breakfast, marende (afternoon snack), and dinner are included in the rate. Read our Dorfhotel Beludei hotel review.

Luxury | Hotel Touring Dolomites is an excellent, family-run hotel with a new spa, rooftop pool, modern rooms, and a fine dining restaurant (half board available). 3-5 nights minimum stay.

Look for accommodation in Santa Cristina.

Selva di Val Gardena

Budget | Family-run Hotel Garni Morene is a clean and comfortable guesthouse, set in an idyllic location outside the town center of Selva. Stay here for the unbeatable price, mountain views, and hospitality. Breakfast included.

Budget | Garni Sunela B&B is an immaculate bed and breakfast with spacious rooms, a spa, bar, parking garage, and a phenomenal breakfast, including fresh eggs from the resident chickens. Check-in is only until 7 pm.

Midrange | Garni Hotel Bel Vert is a B&B in Selva, located on the Biancavieve Slope, outside the town center. Rooms are beautiful and spacious. There’s even a small spa. 3 nights minimum stay.

Midrange-Luxury | Hotel Freina is a welcoming family-run hotel in Selva with an excellent on-site restaurant (serving vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options), wonderful spa, and free garage parking. 

Luxury | Linder Cycling Hotel stands out with its bold architecture, stylish urban accents, and laid-back atmosphere. Beyond the captivating design, Linder Cycling Hotel boasts excellent facilities, including a rooftop terrace, indoor pool, bar and the à la carte Luis Eatery restaurant.

Luxury | Hotel Tyrol is a traditional alpine hotel centrally located in Selva. The hotel’s restaurant offers creative interpretations of Ladin tradition with a Tuscan twist. Stay here for the cozy ambience, the wellness area (saunas, indoor and outdoor heated pool, indoor and outdoor whirlpool, salt cave with chromotherapy), and comfortable rooms. Outdoor parking is free and garage parking is an extra charge. 

5-star Luxury | Hotel Granbaita Dolomites is an ode to alpine elegance. This stately hotel pampers guests with its lavish rooms, extensive spa area (7 saunas, indoor-outdoor pool, fitness room, spa), and decadent tasting menus. Book half board.

Look for accommodation in Selva di Val Gardena.

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