The hike across the Resciesa (Raschötz) alpine plateau to Rifugio Brogles and over the Pana Scharte (Furcela Pana / Forcella Pana) to Seceda is a spectacular introduction to hiking in Puez-Odle/GeislerNature Park. You’ll start this day hike in Ortisei in Val Gardena, ascending via the Resciesa Funicular. And, you’ll either end this hike by descending to Ortisei via the Seceda-Furnes-Ortisei cableways, or by descending to Selva via the Col Raiser gondola. This is easily one of the best hikes from Ortisei because you get to see the Geisler/Odle peaks from multiple angles and visit one of the most charming rifugios in Val di Funes. 

Also, this is an exciting way to experience the Seceda Ridgeline. Instead of taking the Seceda-Furnes-Ortisei cableways up to Seceda from Ortisei as described in this post, you’ll approach the ridge from the other side: Val di Funes. It’s a more challenging hike, but also a more interesting ascent route. 

Update: The trail from Malga Brogles to Seceda via Pana Scharte is closed due to a rockfall. The trail will be closed for the remaining 2020 season. You can still hike this route via Furcela De Mesdi (Mittagsscharte), but it’s longer. 

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Resciesa – Rifugio Brogles – Seceda Trail Overview

We’ve outlined three options for the Resciesa – Brogles – Seceda hike. If you’re staying in Ortisei, go with option #1. If you’re staying in Selva or Santa Cristina, then go with option #2. Option #3 is what we did. It’s a bit longer and more difficult than the first two options. Option #4 is a good alternative if the Panascharte / Forcella Pana is closed. 

Seceda to Col Raiser, Val Gardena, South Tyrol Hike

Seceda to Col Raiser

Option #1 | Resciesa Funicular Mountain Station – Rifugio Brogles – Furcela Pana  – Seceda – Seceda Cableway Mountain Station

  • Distance: 8 km
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult 
  • Highest Point:  Seceda (2518 m)
  • Elevation Gain / Loss: 626 m ascending / 258 m descending 
  • Time Needed: 3 hours 
  • Trails: 35, 6, 1

Option #2 | Resciesa Funicular Mountain Station – Rifugio Brogles – Furcela Pana  – Seceda – Col Raiser Gondola Mountain Station

  • Distance: 11.4 km
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult 
  • Highest Point: Seceda (2518 m)
  • Elevation Gain / Loss:  626 m ascending / 666 m descending 
  • Time Needed: 4.5 hours 
  • Trails: 35, 6, 1, 2

Option #3 | Resciesa Funicular Mountain Station – Rifugio Brogles – Furcela de Mesdi – Col Raiser Gondola Mountain Station

  • Distance: 13.3 km 
  • Difficulty: Difficult 
  • Highest Point: Furcela de Mesdi/Mittagsscharte (2597 m)
  • Elevation Gain / Loss: 833 meters ascending / 844 meters descending 
  • Time Needed: 5 hours 
  • Trails: 35, 29, 13, 4 

Option #4 | Resciesa Funicular Mountain Station – Rifugio Brogles – Furcela de Mesdi –  Malga Pieralongia – Seceda – Seceda Mountain Station

  • Distance: 14.3 km
  • Difficulty: Difficult 
  • Highest Point: Furcela de Mesdi/Mittagsscharte (2597 m)
  • Elevation Gain / Loss: 908 meters ascending / 915 meters descending
  • Time Needed: 5 hours
  • Trails: 35, 29, 2B, 1, 6

Resciesa to Seceda/Col Raiser Hiking Map

Recommended Hiking Gear for Rescisca to Seceda Day Hike

We recommend wearing a sturdy pair of hiking boots, preferably grade B/C like the women’s Hanwag Tatra II GTX / Meindl Schuhe Island Lady (what Kati and I wear) or the men’s Hanwag Tatra II GTX. Hiking poles are very helpful as well for this hike: women’s hiking poles, men’s hiking poles.

Other hiking essentials: a reusable water bottle, polarized sunglasses, rain jacket, sunhat, and camera. We love our Sony Alpha A6000 mirrorless digital camera. It’s lightweight, easy to hike with, and captures landscapes beautifully.

When to Hike from Resciesa to Seceda

Val di Funes, Italy, Dolomites

You can hike from Resciesa plateau to Seceda ridgeline from early June until mid-October, weather permitting. Because this hike requires cablecar and funicular ascents and descents, time your visit accordingly. 

Resciesa Funicular Railway

  • Summer Schedule: Late May until mid-October. In the Summer 2020 season, the funicular will be operating from May 16th until October 11th.
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30 am / 9 am until  4 – 6 pm, depending on the month.
  • Price: 14.50 EUR one-way
  • Resciesa Funicular Address: 14 Via Resciesa Ortisei Val Gardena
  • Resciesa Funicular Website

The Ortisei – Furnes – Seceda Cableways

  • Summer Schedule: May 29 – October 11, 2020
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30 am until 5:30 pm
  • Price: 25 EUR one-way down for adults / 12.50 EUR one-way down for juniors
  • Seceda Cableway Valley Station Address: Val d’Anna str. 2 Ortisei Val Gardena
  • Seceda Cableway Website

Col Raiser Cable Car

  • Summer Schedule: May 30 – October 11, 2020
  • Hours of Operation: 8:30 am until 5 – 5:30 pm, depending on the month
  • Price: 14.50 EUR one-way for adults / 10 EUR one-way for juniors
  • Col Raiser Valley Station Address: Str. Raiser 65 39048 Selva Val Gardena
  • Col Raiser Cable Car Website

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Getting to the Trailhead

For anyone who slept through the first section of this guide, this hike begins at the Resciesa Funicular top station. The Resciesa Funicular (Funicolare Resciesa) valley station is in Ortisei in Val Gardena. 

Funicolare Resciesa Address: 14 Via Resciesa Ortisei Val Gardena

Resciesa – Rifugio Malga Brogles – Seceda Day Hike

Langkofel from Resciesa Alp, Ortisei Day Hike, Val Gardena, Dolomites

View of Langkofel (Sassolungo) from Resciesa

Resciesa Funicular Top Station to Rifugio Brogles

Trail 35

From the Resciesa Funicular (Standseilbahn Raschötz, Funicolare Resciesa) mountain station follow signs to Rifugio Malga Brogles (Brogles Hütte), signed 1 hour 20 minutes. In the morning, Sassolungo/Langkofel prominently rises above all else, emerging from a sea of clouds. 

You’ll cross the Resciesa Alp on a panoramic path in the direction of Val di Funes (Villnösstal). This path unfolds beautifully as you near the prominent Geisler Peaks. There are no significant ascents or descents.

Rifugio Brogles is located on an alpine pasture, surrounded by grazing cows. This is an ideal location for lunch. Service is on the slower side, but with those views, who cares.

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Rifugio Brogles / Brogles Hütte, Val Di Funes Hike, Dolomites

Rifugio Brogles (Brogles Hütte)

Rifugio Brogles to Forcella di Pana

Trail 6

From Brogles Hütte, trail 6 bears right and steeply ascends to Forcella di Pana (Furcela Pana, Panascharte). This is the fastest way to the Seceda Ridgeline. This ascent requires surefootedness and confidence hiking up scree and gravel. Part of this serpentine trail is secured with cables and steps. It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to hike from Brogles Hütte to Panascharte.

Rifugio Brogles to Furcela de Mesdi

Trail 35 (what we did)

We continued on trail 35 along the Adolf Munkel Trail for 2 kilometers. After about 30 minutes, we turned right onto trail 29 and ascended to Furcela De Mesdi (Mittagsscharte). It’s a tough 710-meter ascent to the notch, followed by a 280-meter descent. 

After descending from the notch, continue right and either follow signs to Col Raiser, or to Pieralongia and Seceda.

Mittagsscharte - Val di Funes to Val Gardena Hike, Dolomites

Descent from Mittagsscharte, Odle Peaks, Dolomites

Another Fantastic Day Hike: Hike to Rifugio Stevia in Val Gardena

Furcela Pana (Pana-Scharte) to Seceda

Trails 6 & 1

When you ascend to Forcella di Pana, you’re on the Seceda ridgeline. Head right, in the direction of the Seceda cableway mountain station. This perspective of the Fermeda peaks is breathtaking. Though it has been captured millions of times, it never gets old. Enjoy!

Resciesa - Rifugio Brogles - Seceda Day Hike, Val Gardena, Dolomites

Seceda to Col Raiser Mountain Station

Trail 2

Some of you will head down to Ortisei via the Seceda cableways. For those continuing to Col Raiser gondola mountain station, follow trail 2 for 3.1 km (370 m descending). The descent is gentle as you wind through beautiful pastureland, taking in the views of mighty Sassolungo and Sella.

Seceda to Col Raiser Hike, Val Gardena, Dolomites

Descent to Col Raiser

Where to Stay in Val Gardena

We recommend staying in Ortisei,  Selva di Val Gardena, or in Santa Cristina for this hike. Here are some great hotel options in Val Gardena.

Hotel Rodella in Selva di Val Gardena

Hotel Rodella is a mid-range accommodation option in Selva. You can actually walk to the Col Raiser valley station from the hotel, which is really convenient. Furthermore, the hotel views of the valley (Val Gardena), Sella, and Langkofel are outstanding. 

Book your stay in Hotel Rodella.

Look for accommodation in Selva di Val Gardena.

Dorthotel Beludei in Santa Cristina, Val Gardena

Dorfhotel Beludei is a 4-star hotel in Santa Cristina. When I say this is the best place to eat in Val Gardena, I mean this is THE BEST PLACE TO EAT IN VAL GARDENA. This exceptional hotel pampered us with its wellness area, visionary cuisine, professional staff, and spacious rooms.

Book your stay in Dorfhotel Beludei.

Look for accommodation in Santa Cristina.

Best Hotels in Ortisei

BudgetAppartmenthotel Residence Elvis is a fully-equipped apartment 1 km from Ortisei, which you can book for one night.

Mid-Range | Chalet Hotel Hartmann (Adults Only) is an excellent hotel featuring cozy alpine interiors, a delicious breakfast buffet (included in rate), and a spa area (bio-sauna, a Turkish bath, and a solarium).

Luxury | Charmehotel Uhrerhof – Deur (2-Nights Minimum) occupies a peaceful location high above the valley. It’s a 10-minute drive from the hotel to the town center of Ortisei, but the pay off is a respite and incredible mountain views. Breakfast and dinner included.

We also like Alpenhotel Rainell and Garni August, but there’s a minimum stay of 3 nights in both hotels during high season.

Look for accommodation in Ortisei.

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