Hiking from Rifugio Rosetta to Rifugio Pradidali in the Pale di San Martino Group in the Italian Dolomites is like walking on the moon, or a vast ocean of stone.

With the help of two cableways from San Martino di Castrozza, hikers ascend to the Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino plateau to start the loop trail around Pala di San Martino (2987 m), a prominent mountain in the central Pala Group.

This demanding day hike feels like an intimate exploration of the Pala range. You’re exploring the very heart of the magnificent Pale di San Martino mountains.

Because this hike circuits Pala di San Martino, this trail is generally called: Giro della Pala di San Martino (Tour of the Pala di San Martino).

Rifugio Rosetta to Rifugio Pradidali Circuit Hike

Around Pala di San Martino, Circuit Hike, Italian Dolomites
  • Starting Point: Colverde Gondola Valley Station in San Martino di Castrozza, Trentino, Italy
  • Trailhead: Rosetta Cableway Mountain Station
  • Type of Trail: Circuit
  • Distance: 12.1 km
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 909 m ascending/descending
  • Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
  • Time Needed: 6 hours
  • Route: Rosetta Cableway Mountain Station (2635 m) – Rifugio Rosetta (2581 m) – Passo di Val di Roda (2580 m) – Col delle Fede (2278) – Passo di Ball (2451 m) – Rifugio Pradidali (2278 m) – Passo Pradidali Basso (2658 m) – Rifugio Rosetta (2581 m) – Col Verde-Rosetta cableway mountain station (2635 m)
  • Where to Eat: Rifugio Rosetta or Rifugio Pradidali
  • Where to Stay: Hotel Colbricon Beauty & Relax in San Martino di Castrozza

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Pala di San Martino Circuit Hiking Map

Hiking around Pala di San Martino: Safety and Difficulty 

Trail 715, Hike to Passo di Ball, Pale di San Martino, Dolomites
Trail 715

This hike requires good, stable weather. If conditions are poor, this loop trail can be potentially dangerous. Without proper visibility, it’s easy to get lost. 

This hike also requires some alpine hiking experience. You should be confident hiking up/down scree and rocky karst terrain.

Furthermore, you should have a head for heights. There’s one lengthy secured passage, which is easily managed without equipment. Nonetheless, we highly recommend climbing gloves, which makes grasping steel cables more comfortable. This passage could pose a real challenge to anyone afraid of heights.

Getting to the Trailhead: Colverde Gondola Valley Station

This hike requires an ascent and descent with the Colverde gondola and the Rosetta Cableway. The Colverde Gondola valley station is located in San Martino di Castrozza. There’s a free parking lot at the valley station.

The Colverde and Rosetta return combi-ticket costs 25 EUR per person. More information on pricing.

Colverde Gondola

  • Location: San Martino di Castrozza
  • Open: Late June until Late September daily. Starting in late September until mid-October, the Colverde Gondola is only operating on the weekends. 
  • Operating Times: 8:10 am – 4:45 pm.

Rosetta Cableway

  • Location: San Martino di Castrozza
  • Open: Late June until Late September daily.  Starting in late September until mid-October, the Rosetta Cableway is only operating on the weekends.
  • Operating Times: 8:20 am – 4:40 pm (not working from 1 pm to 1:40 pm)

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Which Direction to Hike around Pala di San Martino

Trail 709 to Passo Pradidali Basso
Trail 709

From Rifugio Rosetta, you can either hike to Rifugio Pradidali via Passo di Ball (recommended), or via Passo Pradidali Basso. 

The latter is more popular, but we think it’s better to hike counter-clockwise. By hiking to Passo di Ball first, you’ll ascend a long secured section, which is significantly easier than descending. Also, the trail from Rifugio Pradidali to Passo Pradidali Basso has some difficult passages across crumbling scree terrain, which is safer to ascend.

When can you hike around Pala di San Martino

Late June until mid-October, weather permitting. If you’re hiking here between late September and mid-October, the cableways are only open on the weekend. We recommend hiking this trail in early-mid September when the weather is generally stable and there are fewer visitors. If you’re planning on visiting the Dolomites in Fall, also check out:

Rifugio Rosetta and Rifugio Pradidali Circuit Trail Description

Rifugio Rosetta, Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino Plateau, Dolomites
Rifugio Rosetta

Rosetta Cableway Mountain Station to Rifugio Rosetta (15 minutes) 

Upon exiting the Rosetta mountain station, Rifugio Rosetta is immediately visible. The three-story mountain hut with blue and white shutters is located on the Altopiano Pale di San Martino plateau, which looks like a sea of bleached stone. 

Rifugio Rosetta to Passo di Ball (1:45 – 2 hours)

Trail 715, Rifugio Rosetta to Passo di Ball
Trail 715

The circuit trail around Pala di San Martino begins at Rifugio Rosetta. 

From the hut, locate trail 702 to Rifuguio Pradidali, signed 2 hours. After about 10 minutes, you’ll reach Passo Val di Roda (2560 m). Shortly thereafter, the trail descends sinuously along switchbacks. Though this part is a bit monotonous, it’s not difficult. 

When the trail levels, the mountains captivate with their unique shapes and pale hues. Skirting the base of Croda di Roda, continue south. A grassy plateau – Col delle Fede (2278 m) – invites you to take a break, and marvel at the scenery before you. Straight ahead, you’ll see a dramatic mule track zigzagging its way up from Val di Roda to the plateau.

Continue following this level, linear path – now trail 715.

Soon, you’ll encounter the first steel cable. With the help of fixed cables, you’ll ascend to Passo di Ball along narrow passages. This is a rather long secured passage, but it’s not overly difficult (for experienced hikers), and it makes the hike far more interesting. Some light scrambling might be needed. You’ll arrive at the grass-carpeted Passo di Ball before you know it. 

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Passo di Ball to Rifugio Pradidali (25 minutes) 

Rifugio Pradidali, Pale di San Martino
Rifugio Pradidali

Passo di Ball is the mountain pass between Cima di Ball and Cima Pradidali.

From Passo di Ball, trail 715 descends to Rifugio Pradidali. This is a lovely trail that meanders through boulders, before dropping down to the Pradidali Hut. Behind the hut, the towering Cima Canali pierces the clouds.

Rifugio Pradidali to Passo Pradidali Basso (1:15 hours)

Lake Pradidali, Trail 709, Rifugio Pradidali to Passo Pradidali Basso
Lake Pradidali, Val Pradidali
Trail 709, Val Pradidali, Pale di San Martino
Trail 709
Trail 709, Ascent to Passo Pradidali Basso, Pale di San Martino
Trail 709

From Rifugio Pradidali, follow trail 709 in the direction of Lago Pradidali lake. The trail ascends the upper Val Pradidali valley all the way to the central plateau of Pale di San Martino.

After passing the small lake, the trail steadily climbs up the valley, which is flanked by Cima Pradidali and Cima Immink on the left-side (west) and Cima Canali and Cima Wilma on the right (east).

You’ll ascend from one terrace to another. Some scrambling is needed.

When you reach an intersection (~45 minutes after leaving the hut), turn left to stay on trail 709. 

Continue hiking up another 25 minutes to reach Passo Pradidali Basso (2658 m).

Passo Pradidali Basso to Rifugio Rosetta (1 hour) 

Hiking across the Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino
Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino
Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino, Italian Dolomites
Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino

Passo Pradidali acts like an entryway to the vast, lunar landscape of Altopiano Pale di San Martino. As far as the eye can see, bleached white stone extends in every direction. 

Follow the painted waymarks across the rolling rockscapes all the way to Rifugio Rosetta. 

Initially, you’ll cut across a rock wall, before tackling the long undulating stone sea. Attention is needed because this isn’t a flat, easy-going finale. It’s up and down and requires careful footing.

When trail 709 ends, join trail 707, bearing left.

Rifugio Rosetta to Rosetta Cableway Mountain Station (15 minutes)

To complete the circuit, hike back to the Rosetta mountain station. 

Where to Stay in San Martino di Castrozza

The best base for this hike and many others in Pale di San Martino is San Martino di Castrozza. The Colverde gondola valley station is located directly in town.  We recommend staying in an apartment-hotel (aparthotel) so that you can be the most flexible with your hiking times and trip planning. Here are three options:

Budget | Residence Taufer is an affordable apartment-style accommodation, located 1 km from the center of San Martino di Castrozza. Apartments are clean and fully equipped, with all necessary appliances to make your stay here comfortable. The check-in/out is easy and uncomplicated. There’s a welcoming bar downstairs, where you can order espresso, drinks, and snacks throughout the day. And, the views of the Pala Group are sublime!

Mid-Range | Residence Langes is a top-rated apartment-hotel in the center of San Martino di Castrozza. Apartments are spacious, clean, and functional and have fully equipped kitchens. Guests love soaking in the outdoor whirlpool facing Pale di San Martino. There’s also a hotel bar on the ground floor. 

Mid-Range | San Martino Mountain Residence is a new and modern aparthotel (8 apartments only) in a quiet area of San Martino di Castrozza (15-minute walk to the center). Apartments are thoughtfully designed and stocked with all necessary amenities. Guests have access to an outdoor whirlpool, Finnish sauna, hotel bar, sun terrace, and garden. Breakfast is available for 6 EUR per person if booked the day before.

For a more traditional hotel set-up, check out Hotel Colbricon Beauty & Relax.

Find a place to stay in San Martino di Castrozza.

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