Slovenian Alps: Hiking Destinations in the Slovenian Mountains

Slovenian Mountains Hiking Guide

Hiking in the Slovenian Alps is like walking into a living-breathing fairy tale. Each step pampers you with magical landscapes and storybook scenes that look like a mirage materializing before your very eyes. It’s a continuous visual feast composed of emerald-colored lakes, roaming ibex, and fields of Edelweiss. 

The Slovenian Alps are made up of three mountain ranges: the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and the Karawanks. This guide will introduce you to the most enchanting hiking destinations in these mountain ranges, with tips on specific hiking trails and places to stay. 

Slovenian Alps Hiking Gear

Slovenia has tons of heart-pounding trails, which require sure-footedness, a head for heights, and proper gear. If you want to hike hut-to-hut or tackle some challenging peak summits, we recommend the following gear:

Waymarks in the Slovenian Alps

Hiking trails are marked with the red Knafeljc waymark, which is a red circle with a white center. Trail markings are generally well-maintained and easy to follow.

In this guide, you’ll find lots of hiking trail options. But, trail conditions can always change. Please check this website for up-to-date information on trail closures.

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Slovenian Alps Hiking Guide

Slovenian Mountains Hiking Guide Overview

  • Slovenian Alps Hiking Map
  • Julian Alps Hiking Destinations
  • Kamnik Savinja Alps Hiking Destinations 
  • Karawanks Hiking Destinations
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Dvojno jezero (Double Lake), Triglav Lakes Valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Slovenian Mountains Hiking Map

Hiking Destinations

  • Lake Bohinj, Julian Alps
  • Kranjska Gora, Julian Alps
  • Mojstrana, Julian Alps
  • Pokljuka, Julian Alps
  • Karawanks
  • Jezersko, Kamnik-Savinja Alps
  • Solčavsko, Kamnik-Savinja Alps
  • Kamniška Bistrica, Kamnik-Savinja Alps
Planina v Lazu Alpine Pasture, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Slovenian Mountains Hiking Destinations

Where to Hike in the Slovenian Alps
Planina v Lazu, Julian Alps, Slovenian Alps

Lake Bohinj and the Southern Julian Alps

Cradled by the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj stretches across Bohinj Valley, reaching a length of 4.35 km. Firmly situated within Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s largest lake is an ideal destination for an active summer trip packed with tons of day hiking. And after your hike, you can gleefully dip into the crystal-clear waters of Bohinj. 

Though a mere 25-minute drive from Lake Bled, this glacial lake couldn’t be more different. Largely overlooked by most visitors, Lake Bohinj is a peaceful and laid-back place to base yourself for a few days, when hiking in the Slovenian Alps.

Below, you’ll find a list of Lake Bohinj hikes, grouped by the trailhead. Before setting off, make sure to check here for trail updates.

Hikes Starting in Stara Fužina and Ribčev Laz

On the eastern end of Lake Bohinj, the small settlements of Stara Fužina and Ribčev Laz mark the starting points for hikes to Mostnica Gorge, the Bohinj alpine pastures, and various lookout points. 

Trails Starting at Planina Blato

To access more hiking trails on the north side of Lake Bohinj, drive to Planina Blato via a toll road (12 EUR). From this high alpine pasture, you can hike to Koča na Planini pri Jezeru, Planina Lazu, and even all the way to the Seven Lakes Valley.

In Stara Fužina, we recommend staying in the boutique Hotel Majerca for great views, al fresco dining, and overall design concept. In Ribčev Laz, we recommend staying in the beautifully-designed Hotel Bohinj

Look for accommodation in Stara Fužina.

Trails Starting at Vogel Ski Resort

On the western end of Lake Bohinj, more trails begin from Ukanc village and Vogel Ski Resort. With a convenient cable car ascent to Vogel Ski Resort, you can embark on hikes to Vogel peak and Mount Rodica in the Southern Julian Alps. You can even hike from the Vogel cable car mountain station (Rjava Skala) all the way to Komna plateau, Savica waterfall, and Ribčev Laz.

Trails Starting in Ukanc and Koča pri Savici hut

From Koča pri Savici mountain hut (located above Ukanc), you can hike to Dom na Komni mountain hut and the Seven Lakes Valley. Here are some trails to check out:

In Ukanc, we recommend staying in the lovely bed and breakfast Hiša Erlah. It’s a comfortable, relaxing accommodation with easy access to Lake Bohinj and the Vogel Cable Car. You can borrow kayaks, SUPs, and bikes during your stay.

Look for accommodation in Ukanc

Kriških podih, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Kranjska Gora and the Northern Julian Alps

Kranjska Gora is the gateway to the Northern Julian Alps, and an ideal base for day hiking. From this alpine resort town, you can reach popular trailheads along Vršič Road, Planica, and Gozd Martuljek. If you’re looking for a hut-to-hut hike, check out our Triglav National Park Traverse, starting at Vršič Pass and ending in Lake Bohinj. 

Recommended Resources:

Hikes Starting along Vršič Road or Vršič Pass

Hikes Starting in Planica

Hikes Starting in Gozd Martuljek

Stay in Kranjska Gora

We recommend staying in Apartmaji in sobe Tina (budget), Apartments and Rooms Bernik (midrange), or Jasna Chalet Resort (luxury).

Look for accommodation in Kranjska Gora.

Sheep grazing at Kriških podih, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Mojstrana and the Northern Julian Alps

The village of Mojstrana is located 14-km east of Kranjska Gora. From here, three parallel valleys fan out southwards into the Julian Alps: Vrata Valley, Kot Valley, and Krma Valley. The most popular ascent routes to Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, start in Vrata Valley and Krma Valley.

Hikes Starting in Mojstrana

If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, check out the Triglavska Bistrica Trail, which follows the Triglavska Bistrica stream from Mojstrana to the head of Vrata Valley.

Another trail to consider is the one to the panoramic hill Vrtaško Sleme, which rises above Mojstrana.

Hikes Starting in Vrata Valley

Hikes Starting in Krma Valley

The longest, but considerably easier ascent route to Mount Triglav is from Krma Valley. The hike takes 2 days and requires a via ferrata kit for the final stretch to the summit.

Note: you can also approach Mount Triglav from the South from Pokljuka, which is what we did. Read about this 2-day Mount Triglav hike here.

Stay in Mojstrana

Stay at Hostel Lukna (budget), Guesthouse Veranda (midrange), or Mountain View Glamping (luxury).

Look for accommodation in Mojstrana.

Pokljuka Plateau, Julian Alps, Slovenian Alps

Pokljuka Plateau

Pokljuka is a high alpine plateau, situated between Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park. This hidden oasis of alpine pastures and forest is another entry point into the Julian Alps. The most popular trailhead on the plateau is Rudno Polje, marked by Hotel Center Pokljuka. It’s also possible to approach Triglav from Pokljuka.

Hikes Starting near Rudno Polje:

All trails starting at Rudno Polje.

Learn More: Hidden Wonders of Pokljuka Plateau

Stay in Pokljuka

In Pokljuka, We recommend staying at Šport Hotel Pokljuka, or Hotel Center Pokljuka, both of which are very close to the Rudno Polje trailhead. Vila Triglav on Pokljuka or Alpine Homestead are other options on the edge of Pokljuka.

Look for accommodation in Pokljuka.

Or Stay in Lake Bled

We recommend staying at Jazz Hostel & Apartments (budget), Design & Wine Vila Special Bled (mid-range), Luxury Pearl Bled (luxury).

Look for accommodation in Lake Bled.

Logar Valley and the Kamnik Savinja Alps, Slovenian Alps, Slovenia

Solčavsko Region and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Solčavsko Region is one of the most pristine alpine regions in Slovenia. Nestled against the Austrian Border, Solčavsko encompasses Logar Valley, Robanov Kot (valley), Matkov Kot (valley), and Podolševa. From these valleys, you can hike into the heart of the Kamnik Savinja Alps. Here are some of our favorite day hikes:

Learn More: Best Things to Do in Logar Valley

Where to Stay in Solčavsko Region

Mount Brana Summit Hike, Kamnik Savinja Alps, Slovenian Alps, Slovenia

Kamniška Bistrica and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Kamniška Bistrica is a tiny dispersed settlement in Kamniška Bistrica Valley. This is one of the easiest gateways to the Kamnik Alps. From Dom v Kamniški Bistrici, you can hike to Kamniška koča na Kamniškem sedlu, or Cojzova koča na Kokrskem sedlu. Both mountain huts are excellent starting points for summitting surrounding peaks.

We started this Kamnik-Savinja Alps hut to hut hike in Kamniška Bistrica.

Hiking Resources:

Stay in Kamniška Bistrica or Kamnik

We spend the night at Dom v Kamniški Bistrici in Kamniška Bistrica (budget) and really liked our experience. If you rather stay the night in a tiny house and enjoy the surrounding nature on your own, check out Skalca (midrange). Both places are located right at the trailhead(s) in Kamniška Bistrica.

Lepa Lopa is another great option if you love glamping. It’s only a 30 minutes walk to the end of the road (Dom v Kamniški Bistrici).

Look for accommodation in Kamniška Bistrica.

For a more comfortable experience, stay at Hotel MD Kamnik (luxury) located in Kamnik city centre.

Look for accommodation in Kamnik.

Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh, Slovenian Alps, Slovenia

Jezersko and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Zgornje Jezersko is a small Slovenian village, located very close to the Austrian border. It’s another gateway to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Rivaling the beauty of Logar Valley, Jezersko’s Ravenska kočna valley is a splendid place to walk and simply enjoy alpine views.

From the tiny Planšarsko jezero lake in Jezersko, continue driving 3 km up Ravenska kočna to the parking lot at the end of the road. From here, you can hike to Češka Koča mountain hut (1:30 hrs one-way) and Goli Vrh peak (2 hrs one-way).

Stay in Jezersko

We recommend staying in the 15th-century Tourist farm Šenkova domačija. This magical place is brimming with free-roaming chickens and ducks and wide enclosures of cows and sheep. This is one of the most magical places in Slovenia.

Look for accommodation in Zgornje Jezersko.

Edelweiss, Slovenian Alps, Slovenia


Like the Julian Alps and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karawanks (Karavanke) are a mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps. Running along the Austrian-Slovenian border, this 120 km-long range is yet another hiking destination in the Slovenian Alps. Here are some trails that are on our bucket list for future visits:

Stay in Tržič

The town of Tržič is the gateway to Košuta, the longest mountain in Slovenia.

Look for accommodation in Tržič.

Julian Alps, Slovenia
  • The prettiest girls in the Alps!! 🐮
📍Alpe di Siusi (Seiseralm) Almabtrieb, South Tyrol, Italy
📆  Early October 
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  • Val Gardena Dolomites Hiking Tip 🥾
Vallunga Valley (Val in Ladin, Langental in German) is a side valley of Val Gardena, accessible from Selva.
You can hike the full length of the valley all-year-long (9 km out-and-back).
In summer, we recommend ascending the neighboring Val de Chedul to the Puez-Odle Altopiano. From Rifugio Puez, you can descend to Vallunga and walk through the valley back to the trailhead.
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  • Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster to the summit of Sasso Piatto (Plattkofel) in the Sassolungo Group, Dolomites.
📆 Early October 
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  • This gorgeous landscape of rolling pastures and the Odle (Geisler) peaks is only a 5 minute walk from the Col Raiser gondola mountain station, high above Val Gardena, in the Dolomites.
This is where you start the summit hikes to Piz Duleda and Col dala Pieres.
📍 Puez-Odle Nature Park
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  • Dolomites Road Trip Tip 🚘⛰️🥾
The first time we drove through the Dolomites, we briefly stopped at the various mountain passes to see the views. I remember seeing trail signs and hikers at every pass and wondering desperately where they were all going. 
If you find yourself driving across Passo Pordoi this summer, or fall, make a pit stop (or a hiking stop). 
Passo Pordoi marks the beginning of the Viel del Pan hiking trail, which leads all the way to Lago di Fedaia. 
Rather than do a point-to-point hike, we opted for a circuit. We hiked the Alta Via delle Creste trail along the crest of the black volcanic Padon chain to Rifugio Viel del Pan and returned to the pass via the Viel del Pan track. 
This is a wonderful excursion starting and ending at Passo Pordoi. The views of Marmolada are to die for. Don’t miss it!
Trail Guide:
  • 5 Secret Hikes in the Dolomites:
1. Viel del Pan and Alta Via della Cresta 
2. Vallunga Valley and Val de Chedul
3. Piz Duleda
4. Torre dei Scarperi Circuit Trail
5. Gaisl High Trail
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📍Northern Italy 
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