Ledinski Vrh (2108 m) is an approachable peak in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, located on the border between Austria and Slovenia. On the Slovenian side, you can hike to Ledinski Vrh from both Jezersko and Logar Valley.

The route from Logar Valley is particularly gorgeous, as you ascend from Slap Rinka waterfall up to the Okrešelj glacial cirque, and over the Savinjsko Sedlo (saddle). This is an excellent full-day excursion if you’re based in Logar Valley for a few days.

While Slovenians would describe this trail as “easy,” we’d label this hike as “moderately difficult,” because of the scree terrain and some steep passages. In the summer months, it’s best to start early in the morning, because most of the trail is exposed and it gets very hot.

Logar Valley to Ledinski Vrh Day Hike

Ledinski Vrh Peak Hike, Kamnik Alps, Slovenia
  • Trailhead: Parking lot at the end of the Logar Valley Road at Koča pod Slapom Rinka mountain hut. This is where you start the hike to Rinka waterfall as well. There’s no fee to park here.
  • Destination: Ledinski Vrh
  • Distance: 9.6 km out-and-back
  • Time Needed: 6:30 – 7 hours out-and-back
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 1085 meters ascending/descending
  • Difficulty: Moderate (Moderately Difficult) 
  • Route: Logar Valley road end parking lot (930 m) – Slap Rinka – Okrešelj / Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju (1396 m) – Savinjsko Sedlo (2001 m) – Jezersko Sedlo (2040 m) – Ledinski Vrh (2108 m)
  • Where to Stay: Lenar Farm (midrange), or Hotel Plesnik (luxury) in Logar Valley.

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Logar Valley to Ledinski Vrh Hiking Map

How to Get to the Ledinski Vrh Trailhead

To reach the trailhead, drive to Logar Valley in the Solčavsko region of Northern Slovenia. To enter the valley, you first have to pay a fee. 

  • Passenger Car: 7 EUR
  • Van: 8 EUR
  • Bus: 30 EUR
  • Motorcycle: 5 EUR
  • Bicycle/Foot: Free

Continue driving to the very end of the valley. There’s a parking area at the end of the road. The trail starts here.

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Ledinski Vrh Day Hike Route Description

Logar Valley – Rinka Waterfall – Dom na Okrešlju (1:15 hours)

Savinja cascading, Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Follow signs to Slap Rinka. It takes 10-minutes to reach the waterfall along a wide gravel path. Facing the Rinka waterfall, there’s a treehouse-hut structure called Orlovo gnezdo, where you can grab a drink or bite to eat. 

Just before the waterfall, the trail steers left over a plank wooden bridge. Follow signs to Dom na Okrešlju (also called Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju). Note: this mountain hut on the Okrešlju cirque burned down in 2019. The hut is now a construction zone (summer 2020). 

The trail ascends along the Savinja river, sometimes very steeply. Your ascent is aided by steel cables and wooden ladders.

You’ll cross the river on another wooden bridge and then continue ascending on the right side of the river to Izvir Savinje, the source of the Savinja River.

Here, you’ll cross the water again, and ascend through the forest to Okrešlju. 

Okrešlj to Savinjsko Sedlo (1:45 hours)

Okrešlj meadow, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia

The trail continues to a colorful meadow filled with yellow globe flowers and hogweed in early summer.

Here, you’ll see the prominent peaks of the Kamnik Alps rimming the amphitheater cirque of Okrešlj.

Hike to the top of the meadow to the red trail sign. The trail continues through the larch and spruce forest in the direction of pot čez Savinjsko Sedlo (signed 1,5 hrs)

The ascent is initially quite gentle, following a rocky path (low grade) in the direction of the Rinka peaks.

Spruce gives way to creeping pine. If you look back, you’ll see the magnificent Ojstrica and the Kamnik Saddle between Planjava and Brana.

You’ll cross a torrent (looks like a dried-up river bed) and continue ascending along a gravel path.

As you progress, you’ll come to a few marked intersections (signed on boulders). Always head in the direction of Kranjska koča na Ledinah and Savinjsko Sedlo. 

The trail crosses scree slopes and steeply ascends through some tight passages to the Savinjsko Sedlo, which is also the Austrian-Slovenian border.

Savinjsko Sedlo – Jezersko Sedlo – Ledinski Vrh (30 minutes)

Jezersko Saddle, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia
Jezersko Saddle to Ledinski Vrh, Logar Valley Day Hike
Hike to Ledinski Vrh, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia

From the Savinjsko saddle, follow the middle trail on the Austrian-side to Jezersko Saddle (also called Seeländer Sattel). You’ll see the trail stretch out in front of you, crossing the scree slope ahead.

After descending a few meters, horizontally cross the scree slope. The final ascent to Jezersko Saddle is very steep and slippery. Take extra care here. 

At the Jezersko saddle, the trail continues right to Ledinski Vrh peak, signed 20 minutes. At the top, you’ll see the Kranjska koča na Ledinah and Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh mountain huts below. The mountain views are spectacular. 

The descent follows the same route you ascended. 

Ledinski Vrh to Logar Valley, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia
View of Planjava and the Kamnik Saddle

Where to Eat after the Hike to Ledinski Vrh

Planšarija Logarski kot, Logar Valley
Planšarija Logarski kot

After the hike, we ended our day at Planšarija Logarski kot with some Union Radler, Gobova Juha, Sirova plošča and Jabolčni zavitek.

Everything was delicious. We couldn’t locate an English menu, so we translated it below for you. Not all items are always available, but this is the general offering:

  • Kislo Mleko – sour milk
  • Gobova Juha – mushroom soup
  • Sirova plošča – cheese plate
  • Savinjski želodec (“Upper Savinja Stomach”) – cured meat from the Upper Savinja Valley 
  • Kmečki narezek – regional cured meat and cheese platter 
  • Golaž – Goulash
  • Ajdovi žganci – buckwheat spoonbread
  • Jota – sauerkraut soup
  • Telečja obara – veal stew
  • Sirovi štruklji – dough roll filled with cottage cheese
  • Jabolčni zavitek – apple strudel

Where to Stay in Logar Valley

Lenar Farm Stay

Midrange | We highly recommend staying in Lenar Farm, a historic farmstead in Logar Valley. Here, you’ll start your day with a delicious breakfast and equally delicious views. This family-run farm stay feels like your home away from home. People return here year after year to relax and soak up the peace of Logarska Dolina for a few days. 

Luxury | Hotel Plesnik is an alternative option if you’re looking for a more luxurious stay in Logar Valley. From the hotel’s outdoor natural pool and sun terrace, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the Kamnik Alps. You’ll also have access to a renovated wellness center with an indoor whirlpool, sauna, and rest area. Guests can dine in Hotel Plesnik’s on-site restaurant and bar. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Look for accommodation in Logar Valley.

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