5 Days in Slovenia: Road Trip Itinerary for Mountain Lovers

How to Spend 5 Glorious Days in Slovenia

This 5-Day Slovenia Itinerary starts in Ljubljana and circuits the stunning Kamnik-Savinja mountain range in Northern Slovenia. In five days, you’ll stay in three unforgettable farms, eat traditional Slovenian food, visit the impressive herdsmen settlement on Velika Planina, experience Slovenia’s most heavenly valleys, hike in the Slovenian Alps, and end your trip in Lake Bled.

Because you’ll be visiting some remote places in Slovenia’s Solčava region, a car is a necessity. If you’re starting this road trip in a neighboring country, remember to purchase a vignette as soon as you enter Slovenia.

Slovenia 5 Day Itinerary

  • Day 1: Velika Planina, Luče, Tourist Farm Stoglej
  • Day 2: Robanov Kot, Logar Valley, Lenar Farm
  • Day 3: Logar Valley, Lenar Farm
  • Day 4: Jezersko, Tourist farm Šenkova domačija
  • Day 5: Jezersko, Lake Bled

Tip #1: We recommend opting for half board at both Tourist Farm Stoglej and Tourist farm Šenkova domačija. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let them know in advance.

Tip #2: If you want to extend this itinerary, also check out our 2 week Slovenia road trip for more ideas. 

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Mala Planina, Slovenia 5 Day Itinerary

5-Day Slovenia Itinerary Map

Slovenia Destinations
Velika Planina, 5 Day Slovenia Road Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Ljubljana - Velika Planina - Luče

Visit Velika Planina, a place where time stands still

Your 5-day Slovenia itinerary begins with a visit to Velika Planina (“Big Pasture Plateau”), an alpine plateau in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps animated by grazing cattle and unique herdsmen cottages. The settlement is active during pasture season (June – September), but you can visit anytime. As you amble across the pastures of Velika Planina, you can sample Trnič (cheese), Kislo Mleko (sour milk), and Ajdovi Žganci (buckwheat spoonbread). 

How to Get to Velika Planina the Secret Way

Drive to Rakove Ravni

From Ljubljana (city, airport, etc …), drive north to Kamnik and then continue northeast to Volvjek Pass. Note: most people approach Velika Planina from Kamniška Bistrica via a Cable Car. However, because we’re headed to Luče next, we’re going to visit Velika Planina from the other side. This approach is also very charming, as you’ll walk across Gojška Planina and Mala planina en route to Velika. 

From Volvjkek, turn left onto the macadam road (where Kranjski Rak is located), following signs to Velika Planina. After about 5 minutes, the road divides. Turn right. The “Rakove Ravni” parking area is just around the bend (GPS: 46.287579, 14.676921). There’s no parking fee.

Walk to Velika Planina

From this designated parking area, continue on foot along the macadam road. The trail sign states 1:30 hours to Velika Planina and 1 hour to Mala Planina. 

After passing a few huts, the hiking trail leads left into a beech forest. You’ll hike through the forest for about 10 minutes. When the trail intersects with a macadam road, turn left onto the road. 

Following the road, you’ll first encounter Gojška Planina. Instead of continuing on the road to the heart of the planina, head left, hiking up the grassy slope. The path continues to Mala Planina.

When you reach Mala Planina, continue hiking uphill. Notice the mountain hut on the hill, off to the right. That’s Jarški dom na Mali planini. They make a yummy bacon-filled bean and barley stew (ričet). 

The trail continues through another mountain hut, Domžalski Dom Na Mali Planini. From here, you’ll see a tiny chapel perched on a hill straight ahead. Continue to the Chapel of St. Mary of the Snows for wonderful views of Velika Planina. 

From here, just follow your nose and explore the plateau. And when you’re reading to head back, follow the same route.

Where to Eat on Velika Planina

  • Zeleni Rob – restaurant on Velika Planina  
  • Jarški dom na Mali planini – a mountain hut on Mali Planina. When we visited Velika Planina on a Monday in the late afternoon, everything was closed. This was the only place that was still open.

Drive to Luče

The drive continues to Luče via Podvolovljek. This road is narrow and locals drive a bit too fast for comfort. Our recommendation is to drive defensively because they won’t. 

Stay in Tourist Farm Stoglej

Tourist Farm Stoglej (Turistična kmetija Stoglej) is an active farm, hidden above Luče. The farm is located on the edge of a forest, overlooking grazing pastures. It’s peaceful and sedate, and a true hidden gem. 

We recently stayed here, and we were blown away by the home-cooking. Our recommendation is to opt for half board (dinner and breakfast included) so that you can have a farm-to-table experience. Everything you eat is sourced from their farm and garden, with very few exceptions. 

The rooms are simple but immaculately clean and comfortable.

Book your stay at Tourist Farm Stoglej.

Look for accommodation in Luče.

Logar Valley, Slovenia 5 Day Itinerary

Day 2: Luče - Robanov Kot - Logar Valley

On the second day of your Slovenia 5 Day itinerary, we recommend visiting Robanov Kot, another valley in the Solčava Region, before heading to Logar. 

Visit Robanov Kot

Robanov Kot valley is named after the 800-year-old Roban Farm. Upon entering Robanov Kot, you’ll immediately notice the arrowhead-shaped Mt. Ojstrica, which appears to penetrate the sky, almost with a vengeance. 

Robanov Kot is also a designated landscape park, so there are limitations on how far you can drive. Park your car at Govc-Vršnik Tourist Farm, or continue a little bit further to the parking area at Roban Farm.

Robanov Valley Trail to Robanova Planina

At Roban Farm, an easy, flat, and family-friendly trail leads you to Robanova Planina in one-hour. The Robanova alpine pasture is home to an active mountain dairy farm, which is only open in July and August. However, you can walk here at any time. 

Eat Lunch at Govc-Vršnik Tourist Farm

After a pleasant walk in the Robanov Kot valley, eat lunch at Govc-Vršnik Farm. This is our favorite place to eat in the whole region. Order “Lunch Govc” (17 EUR), not à la carte. You’ll receive generous platters of vegetables, meats, and dumplings, in addition to soup, salad, and dessert. It’s a Slovenian feast. Enjoy! 

Logar Valley: on earth, as it is in heaven

After a sumptuous lunch at Govc-Vršnik, continue your drive to Logarska Dolina. Logar Valley is a protected nature park. Upon entering, you must pay an entrance fee. The fee structure is as follows: motorcycle 5 EUR, car 7 EUR, van 8 EUR, and bus 30 EUR.

If you grew up repeating the Lord’s Prayer, those verses come to life, when you enter Logar Valley. I’m not religious, but I always hear “on earth, as it is in heaven” when we drive into Logar Valley. I know we haven’t seen every valley in the Alps, but I’ll wager this is the most beautiful one. 

Learn More: Best Things to Do in Logar Valley

Eat Dinner at Penzion kmečka hiša Ojstrica

You will not eat the best food of your life here, but you will have the best view. Directly across from the road from Lenar Farm, Hiša Ojstrica offers indoor, and outdoor seating. Sit outside and drink in the magnificent mountain view stretching from Ojstrica to the Kamnik Saddle. 

Stay in Lenar Farm in Logar Valley

Lovely Lenar Farm occupies the most peaceful location in the middle of Logar Valley. We just spent a week staying here (our second trip to Lenar Farm) and we fell even more in love with this B&B. 

Urška Lenar and her family run this farm with open hearts and you can sense that the moment you arrive. Questions are met with recommendations, ideas, and local knowledge. If you need tips on where to hike, what flower you took a photo of, or if you simply want to learn more about the history of the valley, Urška will happily help. 

And, let’s not forget about breakfast. From elderflower-infused water, homemade jams, fruits, and pastries to regional cured meats, cheeses, and eggs, breakfast is always a happy occasion. 

Recreational equipment (bikes, hiking poles) is free for guests. 

Book your stay at Lenar Farm.

Look for accommodation in Logar Valley.

Hiking above Logar Valley, 5 Days in Slovenia

Day 3: Logar Valley

Hike in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Day 3 of your Slovenia itinerary is dedicated entirely to Logar Valley. You have one glorious day to do whatever you want. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you’re an experienced hiker and want to go on a full-day hike, we recommend hiking to the Kamnik Saddle. From the saddle, you can continue to Brana (1 hour), or Planjava (2 hours). You could also hike to Ledinski Vrh, which is less demanding.
  • If you want to go on a half-day hike, consider hiking from Slap Rinka to Okrešlj, a glacial cirque high above the valley. 
  • If you want to see more of the region and some incredible views, drive the Solčava panoramic road. 

You can learn more about these experiences in our Logar Valley Travel Guide

Stay a second night in Logar Valley

Look for accommodation in Logar Valley.

Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija, Jezersko, Slovenia in 5 Days

Day 4: Logar Valley - Zgornje Jezersko

Drive to Zgornje Jezersko

Today, we’re heading to the other side of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps to the small village of Zgornje Jezersko. To get here, you’ll drive through Austria via the Paulitsch Pass (Pavlič Pass). Please confirm with your rental car company that you can drive into Austria. The drive takes about 1 hour. 

Explore Jezersko

Jezersko is a designated “Bergsteiger Dorf” (mountaineering village), which means that there are tons of hiking and climbing trails starting in the village. We’ve visited Slovenia three times, and each time we come here. The first time, we hiked to Jezersko, the second time we stopped by for lunch, and the third time we stayed at Šenkova domačija. It’s beautiful, it’s still “unknown,” and it’ll capture your heart. 

Also, TIC Jezersko is the most competent and helpful tourist board in Slovenia. I’ve reached out multiple times via email, and they’ve been tremendously helpful with route planning. 

Best Things to Do in Jezersko

  • Eat Lunch at Gostišče ob Planšarskem Jezeru, next to Planšarsko jezero lake  
  • Walk the Ravenska kočna valley
  • Hike to Češka koča Mountain hut. Learn More: Best Hikes in Slovenia
  • Hike to Goli Vrh (only on a brilliant day)
  • Hang out and watch the chickens at Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija

Stay in Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija

If you’ve ever fantasized about farm life, or living on a farm, Šenkova domačija will make your fantasy come to life. The historic Šenkova domačija farmstead, dating back to the 15th century, is surrounded by freely roaming chickens and ducks and wide enclosures of cows and sheep. Animals are simply everywhere and it’s WONDERFUL. You might want to sing this. If that’s not enough to tempt you, you should know that the view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps from the farm is simply the best view in Jezersko. 

Make sure to opt for half board at Šenkova domačija, so you don’t miss out on their home-cooking. 

You can rent equipment from the farm, including bikes, via ferrata sets, and cross country skiing kits. 

Book your stay at Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija

Look for accommodation in Jezersko.

Lake Bled, Slovenia in 5 Days, Unique Slovenia Itinerary

Day 5: Jezersko - Lake Bled - Ljubljana

After a slow and delicious breakfast at Šenkova domačija, you can relax at the farm for a few hours, take a bike ride, or hike in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. After, drive to Lake Bled, the final destination on your Slovenia 5 day itinerary.

Visit Lake Bled

From Jezersko, it’s a one-hour-drive to Lake Bled. We recommend parking at the parking lot next to Camping Bled, if you want to hike up to the Lake Bled Viewpoints. 

Hike to the Lake Bled Viewpoints: Ojstrica, Velika Osojnica, and Mala Osojnica 

Ojstrica, Velika Osojnica, and Mala Osojnica are three viewpoints above Lake Bled which you can hike to from the lake. A steep forest loop trail connects all three lookout points. If you hike to all three, the circuit will take you at least 1:40 hrs (with breaks). It makes sense to combine a walk around Lake Bled with this hike.  

To locate the trailhead, head to Camping Bled, on the western end of the lake. If you’re walking, look for a wooden signpost with hunter green placards. The sign reads Ojstrica (20 minutes) and Velika Osojnica (40 minutes). 

If you want to drive to the trailhead, there’s a parking lot (3 EUR per hour) directly next to Restavracija Camping Bled.

Hike to Ojstrica

This is probably the most popular viewpoint above beautiful Lake Bled because it’s the closest and easiest to get to from the road. Following the leafy forest trail, you’ll ascend steadily for 10-15 minutes until reaching an intersection. Turn right here, following the trail to Ojstrica (signed 5 minutes).

Part of the trail is secured with steel cables, which are helpful, especially when you descend back to the intersection. Because of this trail’s popularity, the stones are polished and hence slippery. Take care. 

At the viewpoint, there’s a bench and a billboard. You’ll be able to see the dominant peaks of the Karawanks (Karavanke) like Stol (2236 m), Vrataca (2181 m), Begunjscica (2060 m), Veliki Vrh (2088 m), which form the postcard-perfect backdrop to Blejski Grad (Bled Castle) and the church-crowned island. 

Hike to Velika Osojnica

Retrace your steps back to the intersection, and then continue ascending straight. The trail divides after about 10 minutes. To continue to Velika Osojnica, head right. If you want to go directly to Mala Osojnica, turn left. 

The shady viewpoint just below Velika Osojnica is marked with a heart-shaped bench.

Hike to Mala Osojnica

To reach the final viewpoint, retrace your track to the last intersection (about 10 min). Turn right, following signs to Mala Osojnica (signed 10 min). There’s a billboard at this viewpoint as well and a railing for safety.

This was our favorite viewpoint.

To complete the loop, hike down the metal stairs and follow the switchbacks. The trail ultimately divides. You can head straight down to the road, or towards Veilka Zaka. If you follow the trail to Velika Zaka, you’ll walk across a small meadow, before joining the main path down to the road.

If you want to extend your 5-day Slovenia itinerary, spend the night in Bled.

Look for accommodation around Lake Bled.


We hope you have a great trip. Tag us on Instagram @moonhoneytravelers, if you’re having fun on this Slovenia road trip. We love connecting with our readers and fellow hikers. 

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