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How to Visit Lake Bohinj in Slovenia: Attractions, Things to Do, Restaurants, and Hotels

Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero) is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia and of glacial origin. The entire lake is located within Triglav National Park in Bohinj Valley.

It’s scenic, pristine, and noncommercial. We love visiting, because it’s a great base for hiking in the Julian Alps. After a day in the mountains, there’s nothing more refreshing then swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Bohinj.

This quintessential summer destination is also ideal for cycling, kayaking and stand-up-paddling.

According to local legend, God divided the world amongst his people. After dividing everything, he realized that he overlooked a few people, who were patiently waiting. They made no noise or complaints, and God felt sorry for them.

He then decided to bestow the best piece of the world – the land that he had actually reserved for himself – to them. The name Bohinj derives from “Boh,” which is what the Bohinj people call God. Bohinj is literally God’s land.

In this guide to visiting Bohinj Lake, we’re sharing our favorite places to visit, hikes, restaurants, and hotels. Welcome to God’s Land!

Lake Bohinj Travel Tips, Slovenia
  • Region: Upper Carniola Region 
  • Area: 318 hectares / 3.2 km2
  • Depth: 45 meters 
  • Surface Elevation: 526 meters 
  • Swimming: Allowed
  • Fishing: Allowed. Fishing from the shore or a boat with one line is permitted. Read Bohinj fishing rules.
  • Boating: Rowing vessels with a max length of 8 meters are allowed on Lake Bohinj. The use of motor-driven vessels is prohibited. All vessels must have a valid boating permit. Read about permits, entry-exit points, and boating regulations.
  • Camping: Camping is only allowed in designated campgrounds like Camp Zlatorog Bohinj. 
  • Cycling: You can cycle along the west, south, and east shores of Bohinj. Cycling along the north shore is not permitted. 
  • Drones: Not permitted
  • Lake Bohinj Villages: Ukanc, Stara Fužina and Ribčev Laz
  • Other Nearby Villages: Bohinjska Bistrica and Srednja vas v Bohinju
  • Public Transit Accessible: Yes
  • Where to Stay: Hotel Bohinj (luxury), Hotel Majerca (boutique luxury), or Residence Novak Bohinj (apartments)
  • Recommended Itinerary: 2 Week Slovenia Road Trip

Lake Bohinj Map

7 Best Things to Do at Lake Bohinj

1. Swim in Lake Bohinj

Swimming in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Swimming in Lake Bohinj is allowed and it is heavenly. The best time of year to swim is between mid-June and early September.

I typically shy away from swimming in lakes, because I’m a big wimp. I don’t like the feeling of grass, or algae on my toes. As a child, I was told that monsters inhabit lakes and will eat you if you misbehave (thanks Dad!). So part of me is always weary around bodies of water, even though I’m an adult.

My point in telling you this is that I love swimming in Lake Bohinj. The water is clean and clear. If there were monsters, you’d be able to see them a mile away ;). 

Because motorized boats aren’t allowed on the lake, it’s safe and peaceful.

Our favorite place to swim is in Ukanc, where the Savica stream flows into the lake. Location: Google Maps

Most people swim along the eastern shore, which is referred to as Fužinarski zaliv. 

Between June 15 and August 31, the water quality of the Ukanc and Fužinarski zaliv bathing areas are monitored every 14 days by the Slovenian Environment Agency. 

Dogs are prohibited from swimming in the Ukanc and Fužinarski zaliv bathing areas. However, they can bathe in other areas of the lake.

2. Visit Savica Waterfall

Slap Savica, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Slap Savica is a striking A-shaped, 78-meter-high waterfall and the source of the Sava Bohinjka river. It’s fed by water flowing from the Seven Lakes Valley and from under Pršivec, which reaches the waterfall through a cave tunnel.

The waterfall is easily accessible from Ukanc, the small settlement on the western shore of Lake Bohinj. 

From Ukanc, you can either hike up to Slap Savica, take the bus (summer only), or drive to Koča pri Savici hut. If you drive up, there’s a parking fee of 4 EUR (3 hours), or 8 EUR (day).

From the Koča pri Savici hut it’s a 15-20 minute walk along a stone pathway to the waterfall.

Slap Savica Entrance Fee

There is an entrance fee to visit Slap Savica. Julian Alps Bohinj card holders can visit free of charge.

The entrance fee slightly varies throughout the season.

Adults | 3 – 4 EUR

Children 7-14 | 1.50 – 2 EUR

Children 0-6 | Free

Students | 2.50 EUR

Seniors 65+ | 2.50 EUR

3. Hike to the Bohinj Alpine Pastures

Dedno Polje, Julian Alps, Slovenia

High above the northern shores of Lake Bohinj is a world of alpine pastures, seemingly hidden in pockets of forest.

Almost a dozen alpine pastures dot the Fuzina Hills (Fužinarske planine) at an elevation around 1000 meters. 

Like many other places in the Alps, the Fuzina Hills were a place of traditional alpine farming. In the summer months, cattle grazed up in the highlands, overseen by herdsmen.

Traditional alpine cattle rearing is still in practice in some of these alpine pastures. And, there are even several cheese dairies still in operation. If you visit during summer pasture season, make sure to purchase fresh dairy products. 

These Bohinj alpine pastures are particularly special, because of the traditional shepherds’ huts.

The best way to visit the Bohinj alpine pastures is on a circuit hike, starting at Planina Blato, which is accessible by shuttle bus in high season, or by car via the toll road (fees apply).

If you follow our Triglav Lakes Valley hike, you will hike to Planina Pri Jezeru and Planina Dedno Polje on the way to the Triglav Lakes Hut and Double Lake.

Bohinj Mountain Pastures

The most scenic mountain pastures above Bohinj Lake are Planina Pri Jezeru, Planina v Lazu, Planina Dedno Polje, Planina Kristenica, and Planina Viševnik.

The mountain pasture with the best view of Lake Bohinj is Planina Vogar.

More alpine pastures above Bohinj: Planina Blato, Planina Hebed, Planina Ovčarija, and Planina Vodični vrh.

3. Hike to Triglav Lakes Valley

Jezero v Ledvicah, Triglav Lakes Valley, Slovenia
Jezero v Ledvicah, Triglav Lakes Valley

The Triglav Lakes Valley, also called the Seven Lakes Valley, is a scenic valley in the Julian Alps, only accessible by foot.

You can hike to Seven Lakes from the Koča pri Savici hut (where the Slap Savica parking lot is), or from Planina Blato, or even from Stara Fužina. 

Note: the Koča pri Savici ascent route via Črno jezero is far more difficult than the Planina Blato and Stara Fužina ascent routes. Here’s our Planina Blato to Triglav Lakes Valley trail guide

To see more of Seven Lakes Valley, we recommend a 2-day route, with an overnight in a mountain hut. We loved this Veliko Špičje and Seven Lakes Valley route.

To learn more about staying the night in a hut, read our guide to Slovenian Mountain Huts.

The Seven Lakes of Triglav Lakes Valley

Zeleno Jezero, Triglav Lakes Valley, Slovenia
Zeleno Jezero

The seven lakes of Triglav Lakes Valley are Črno jezero (Black Lake), Dvojno jezero (Double Lake), Veliko jezero (Big Lake) also known as Jezero v Ledvici (Kidney Lake), Zeleno Jerzero (Green Lake), Rjavo Jezero (Brown Lake), and Jezero pod Vršacem (Lake below Vršac).

Important: Bathing in these alpine lakes is not permitted. 

4. Visit Mostnica Gorge

Mostnica Gorge is a 2-km-long gorge in Voje Valley, accessible from Stara Fužina.

If visiting the Mostnica Gorge, you can extend your hike up the Voje Valley to the 21-meter high Mostnica Waterfall (also called the Voje or Šum Waterfall).

You can walk to Mostnica Gorge directly from Stara Fužina. Read this Mostnica Gorge trail guide for more info.

Mostnica Gorge Entrance Fee

Adults | 3 – 4 EUR

Children 7-14 | 1.50 – 2 EUR

Children 0-6 | Free

Students | 2.50 EUR

Seniors 65+ | 2.50 EUR

5. Ride the Vogel Cable Car and Hike to Mount Vogel

Edelweiss atop Rodica, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

The Vogel Cable Car connects Ukanc, to the Vogel Ski Center. From the mountain station, there are sweeping views of the Julian Alps and Bohinj Valley.

A number of hikes start at the Vogel Ski Center, including Mount Vogel (1922 m), Rodica (1964 m), and a number of other peaks along the Spodnje Bohinjske Gore (“Lower Bohinj Mountains”) ridge. 

The Vogel Cable Car runs daily every 30 minutes from 8 am until 6 pm, during high season, and from 8 am until 4 pm, during low season. There’s a free parking lot directly at the valley station.

Your Vogel Cable Car ticket includes the Orlove Glave Chairlift. If this chairlift is running, definitely take it, if you’re planning on hiking to Vogel or Rodica. 

To reach the Vogel Cable Car, drive to Ukance, the settlement on the western-end of Lake Bohinj. After passing a large camping area (on your right), a road branches off to the left to the Vogel Cable Car valley station. Park here.

Throughout the year, there’s a bus connection to the Vogel cable car valley station. 

Learn More: Hiking to Mount Vogel

6. Savor the Bird’s-Eye View of Lake Bohinj from the Planina Vogar Bohinj Lookout Point

Planina Vogar Bohinj Lookout Point

From Stara Fužina (600 m), you can hike up one hour to the Kosijev dom na Vogarju hut (1054 m), situated at Planina Vogar. It’s a steep 454-meter ascent through the forest.

When you reach the Kosijev dom na Vogarju mountain hut, take a quick detour to the Bohinj lookout point marked by a bench. There are signs.

This is one of our favorite vantage points of Lake Bohinj. From here you can continue to Planina Pri Jezeru (1:30 hrs).

7. Eat Slovenian Cuisine in Lake Bohinj’s Top Restaurants and Bars


Foksner is a hamburger joint in Ribčev Laz, which serves smokey burgers on brioche buns with tasty potato wedges and homemade ketchup. This spot never disappoints. 

Address | Ribčev Laz 42, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia | Google Maps

Opening Hours | 4 pm – 10 pm, daily

Karakter Bar 

Karakter Bar is a casual, outdoor bar close to the lake. Come here for a coffee, beer, or a very delicious Eiskaffee (coffee with ice cream and whip cream). 

Address | Ribčev Laz 51, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia | Google Maps

Opening Hours | 9 am – 12 am, daily 

Restavracija Kramar

Restaurant Kramar is located directly at the lakeshore, making it an ideal place for lunch. Grab a seat outdoors and enjoy the Bohinj Lake views. We always order the turkey salad. 

Address | Stara Fužina 3, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia | Google Maps

Opening Hours | 10 am – 10 pm, daily 

Gostilna Bohinj pr’ Mihovc

Gostilna Mihovc is a traditional Slovenian restaurant located in the village center of Stara Fužina. The food is yummy and the menu has something for everyone (salads, stews, local slovenian dishes, pastas, etc…). 

Address | Stara Fužina 118, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia | Google Maps

Opening Hours | 12 pm – 10 pm everyday except Thursday. 

Hotel Bohinj

You don’t have to be a guest at Hotel Bohinj in order to eat dinner there. However, we recommend making a reservation. Dinner is served in 3 courses.

Address | Ribčev Laz 45, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia

Opening Hours | 6 pm – 9 pm, daily

Lake Bohinj Hotels, B&Bs, and Apartments

We recommend staying in the villages of Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz, or Ukanc.

You can also stay in Bohinjska Bistrica, which is a bit further away, but well-connected to the lake by transit.

Where to Stay in Ribčev Laz

Ribčev Laz is the main hub at Lake Bohinj, with a direct bus connection to Lake Bled and onward to Ljubljana. Here, you’ll find a cluster of eateries, grocery stores, and boat rental shops. It’s the most lively village around the lake.

Budget | Hostel pod Voglom is located along the southern shore of Lake Bohinj. This budget-friendly accommodation offers simple twin, single rooms, triple, and quadruple rooms. Bathrooms are either private, or shared. From the hostel, it’s a 20 minute walk (1.8 km) to Ribčev Laz, the closest village (restaurants, shops, etc…). You can rent kayaks, SUPs, and bicycles on-site. 

Midrange | Apartments and rooms Cerkovnik is located in Ribčev Laz, a mere 10-minute walk to the lakeshore (1 km). This sparking clean accommodation offers double and triple rooms as well as well-equipped apartments. Breakfast is available for an additional fee. On-site parking is free. 

Luxury | The newly renovated Hotel Bohinj is located in the center of Ribčev Laz, only a few meters from Lake Bohinj. Designed to impress as much as to pay tribute to the region’s cultural heritage, Hotel Bohinj is the most striking hotel in the region. 

The hotel hallways epitomize the traditional, wooden hay racks of Bohinj Valley. The lobby ceiling represents the stalactites, commonly found in the karst caves of the Julian Alps. And, the hotel’s logo signifies the four brave men from Bohinj who first climbed Mount Triglav in 1778. 

As you wander through the hotel, you’ll be mesmerized by the bold design decisions, charmed by the motifs, and soothed by the neutral materials and textures. It’s a work of art. 

Here’s why we recommend staying in Hotel Bohinj:

Location. Everything is easily accessible from Hotel Bohinj. If you’re traveling without a car, the bus stop is 1-minute away. It’s effortless to hop on the free shuttle buses to Rudno Polje, Planina Blato, and Ukanc. The tourist office is across the street. And, of course, Lake Bohinj is a mere 2-minute walk from the hotel. 

Air-conditioned Bedrooms. Bohinj Valley can get really hot in summer. Luckily, all bedrooms are air-conditioned.

Breakfast. The breakfast buffet features yogurt, muesli, sliced cheeses and meats, local cheese, eggs and sausages, warm croissants and nutritious breads, juices, loose leaf tea, and of course coffee. 

Dinner. You can also decide to eat dinner at the hotel. The dinner menu changes each evening. You’ll have the choice between 2-3 items for each of the 3 courses. The food was delicious, especially the beetroot risotto and the various trout dishes. However, the portions are on the smaller side. 

Hotel Garden. You can relax and order drinks throughout the day in the hotel’s outdoor living room. 

Hotel Bohinj also has a spa and wellness area, which is accessible as an add-on. The wellness area encompasses a Finnish sauna, steam sauna, outdoor whirlpool, a heated salt relaxation room, and a juice bar.

We opted for a 3-hour sauna world (25 EUR per person) on an overcast day and it was extremely relaxing. The spa menu includes massages (classic, relax, and sport), facials (beauty, deep cleaning, and peeling), and several spa packages. 

Book your stay at Hotel Bohinj.

Look for accommodation in Ribčev Laz

Where to Stay in Stara Fužina

If you want to combine your hikes with lakeside goodness and afternoon dips in Lake Bohinj, consider staying in Stara Fužina.

Midrange | Ideal for families, the top-rated Pr `Agotnik apartmaji sobe Bohinj offers spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments with fully-equipped kitchens, and washing machines. 

Midrange | The recently renovated Residence Novak Bohinj offers stylish one-bedroom apartments with fully equipped kitchens in an idyllic area of Stara Fužina. Guests love the idyllic surroundings and mountain views, the proximity to Lake Bohinj, and the kind hosts. There’s a minimum stay requirement of 2-3 nights.

Midrange-Luxury | Apartmaji Triglav is a stylish aparthotel in Stara Fužina with an on-site restaurant and bar and spa and wellness center. Rooms are clean, modern, and feature balconies, kitchenettes and seating areas. Guests particularly love the mountain views and the hotel’s proximity to hiking trails and the lake. Breakfast is included. 

Luxury | Hotel Majerca is a lovely boutique hotel with an on-site restaurant in Stara Fužina. The restaurant extends onto a grassy lawn, with views of farmland backed by the Julian Alps. It’s wonderful to start and end your day here. The al fresco breakfast is phenomenal. 

Look for accommodation in Stara Fužina.

Where to Stay in Ukanc

Alternatively, you can also stay on the other end of the lake in Ukanc. This tiny settlement is a great base for hiking to Mount Vogel and exploring the Southern Julian Alps.

Midrange | Set in a quiet location ringed by forest, the top-rated Bohinj Apartments Goldhorn Kingdom (Apartmaji Kraljestvo Zlatoroga) is a 3-star apartment complex (1-2 bedrooms). Each unit has a fully-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher. Extra perk: daily housekeeping. 

Midrange | Apartments Ukanc offers clean and functional apartments in Ukanc. 

Luxury | Chalet Apartments ALPIK offers cozy 1-3 bedroom apartments with well-appointed kitchens in a fairy-tale-like location in Ukanc. 

Luxury | Villa Park B&B – ADULTS ONLY is a bed and breakfast with a large garden situated next to the Savica stream, which flows into Lake Bohinj.

Luxury | Hiša Erlah is a very welcoming B&B in Ukanc, very close to the beach. As a guest, you can borrow their SUPs and Kayaks for free.

Look for accommodation in Ukanc.

Where to Stay in Bohinjska Bistrica

Midrange | Apartments Klemenčič is a top-rated accommodation with 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. In high season, there’s a minimum stay of 5-7 nights.

Adults-Only Luxury | Sunrose 7 – Heritage Boutique Hotel  is the finest hotel in Bohinjska Bistrica, boasting air-conditioned rooms, a spa (extra charge), fine dining restaurant, and riverside garden. A high-quality breakfast featuring local ingredients is included in the rate.  Guests can also rent bikes on-site.

Look for accommodation in Bohinjska Bistrica.

How to Get to Lake Bohinj without a Car

Lake Bohinj in Summer, Slovenia

Ljubljana Bus Station to Lake Bohinj (2 hours)

It’s very straightforward to get to Lake Bohinj from Ljubljana using public transit. There’s a regular bus line that connects Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj via Lake Bled. The bus journey takes about 2 hours. First, head to the Ljubljana Bus Station. 

The Ljubljana bus station (Ljubljana Avtobusna Postaja) is located just outside the Ljubljana train station. If you’re arriving by train, simply exit the train station and you’ll see a line of buses. 

Ljubljana Bus Station Address | Trg Osvobodilne fronte 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia | Google Maps

Purchase Tickets | You can purchase your bus ticket directly at the bus station (not in the bus). Note: if you buy your ticket online, you need to print the ticket and hand it in to the driver upon entering the bus. Tickets presented on mobile devices are not considered valid. 

Ticket Price | 8.30 EUR 

Time Tables | Use to look up departure times. Enter “Bohinjsko jezero/lake,” or “Ribčev Laz” in the destination field. 

Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj (35 Minutes)

A regular bus line connects Lake Bled with Lake Bohinj. In summer, these buses operate hourly. There are two main bus stops around Lake Bled: Bled (main bus station in the town center) and the Bled Union (next to Union Beer Hall). 

Bled Bus Terminal Address | Cesta svobode 4 , 4260 Bled | Google Maps

Ticket Price | 3.60 EUR

Time Tables | Use to look up departure times and current prices. 

Kranjska Gora to Lake Bohinj Trek (4 Days)

If you’re up for an adventure, you can trek to Lake Bohinj from Vršič Pass, near Kranjska Gora. Read our detailed 4-day Triglav National Park Traverse itinerary for more info.

How to Get Around Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj Panoramic Boat 

Lake Bohinj, Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Two electric panoramic boats steer visitors across Lake Bohinj.

The boarding points are in Ribčev Laz and Ukanc (Camp Zlatorog Bohinj). A one-way ride takes about 25-30 minutes. 

Pricing |


You can walk around the perimeter of the entire lake. The 11.8 km walk takes 3:15 – 4:00 hours. 


Bicycling is partially restricted. Cycling along the north shore of the lake is not permitted. However, you can cycle along the south, west, and east shores. 

Bus / Shuttles

Lake Bohinj has an excellent free summer transit system. outlines all the Lake Bohinj bus lines and timetables. These summer buses start running in late June or in early July. And, they stop running in late September.

Bus frequency varies depending on the month. Here are some bus lines that are really helpful for hikers:

Bohinjsko Jezero to Vogar-Blato. This is a really important connection because it gets you to the Planina Blato-Vogar crossroads (marked on the map). From here, you can hike to the Planina Blato trailhead, the starting point of the Seven Lakes Valley hike as well as multiple others. By starting your hikes here, you’ll save a lot of time and energy. 

Hop-On Hop-Off Pokljuka. From the Rudno Polje trailhead on Pokljuka, you can hike to Viševnik, Vodnikov Dom, and even Mount Triglav (with an overnight in Dom Planika pod Triglavom).


You can drive between villages and along the south-shore of Lake Bohinj. Parking is only allowed in designated car parks.

Park and Ride 

There are a few park-and-ride car parks in Bohinjska Bistrica and Strednja vas. During high season, you can park in these P+R car parks and use the free shuttles to access Lake Bohinj and other attractions. 

The P+R free shuttles run between car parks and villages to Lake Bohinj, Ukanc, Savica Waterfall, Blato Pasture, Voje Pasture, Soriska Planina, and Pokljuka (Rudno Polje). 

Rules for Visiting Lake Bohinj

Because Lake Bohinj and the Sava Bohinjka river and its tributaries represent a unique water system, the Republic of Slovenia has declared Lake Bohinj a natural asset of natural importance, and thus, the lake is strictly protected. During your visit, please adhere to the following rules and regulations. 

  1. Meadows, pastureland, and forests are owned by local farmers. Respect private property and walk only on marked trails.
  2. Cycling on mountain trails (hiking trails) is not permitted. 
  3. Cycling along the north shore of Lake Bohinj is not permitted. 
  4. Do not leave your rubbish behind. Dispose of your waste in proper waste containers. Do not dispose of food scraps (e.g. fruit rinds), toilet paper, and wipes in nature. 
  5. Dogs must be on a leash. Pick up dog poop and dispose of it properly.
  6. Camping and bivouacking are only permitted in campgrounds. 
  7. Drones are not allowed in Triglav National Park. 
  8. Caravans can stay overnight only in campsites and designated caravan car parks. 
  9. Use organic sunscreen.
  10. Bathe only in designated bathing areas. Note: while swimming in Lake Bohinj is allowed, it is prohibited in the Triglav Lakes and in the Mostnica River. 
  11. You can access Lake Bohinj and the Sava Bohinjka River only via designated entry and exit points. All vessels must have a valid boating permit. 

Slovenia Trip Planning Essentials

Use our Slovenia Travel Guide to plan an unforgettable trip.

When to Visit Slovenia

Summer and Fall Seasons. The best time to travel to Slovenia is between late May and October.

The best time to hike in the Slovenian Alps is between June and October. For hut-to-hut hiking, we recommend planning your trek between early July and mid-September.

Winter Season. For skiing and winter activities, the best time to visit Slovenia is between mid/late December and March.

Where to Stay

We’ve summarized our favorite destinations and accommodations in Best Paces to Stay in Slovenia, including Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Logar Valley, Kranjka Gora, and Kobarid.

How to Explore Slovenia

Small Group Guided Hiking Tours

If you’re a solo traveler, or friend group who would love to explore Slovenia’s hiking trails with a knowledgeable and licensed mountain guide, consider booking one of these small group hiking tours.

All of these tours are designed by Slotrips, a trustworthy local tour operator that crafts meaningful and memorable itineraries. 

Best Walks in Slovenia is an 8-day hiking tour (day hikes only) with fixed and guaranteed departure dates between late May and late September. 

Discover the Slovenian Alps  is an 8-day hiking tour, which combines a 3-day hut-to-hut hike in Triglav National Park with moderate day hikes. 

Best of the Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut is a 3-day hut-to-hut hike in the heart of the Julian Alps. This guided tour departs every Monday from July to September. Hikers have the option to add on Mount Triglav summit with an IFMGA licensed mountain guide.

Self-Guided Hiking, Biking, and Rafting Tours

If you love hiking independently, but want a professional to handle the logistics of bookings, transfers, and luggage storage (when applicable), then we recommend booking a self-guided trip like Mountains and Lakes Hut-to-Hut, or Crossing the Julian Alps.

During shoulder-season (May and October), you can hike, bike, and raft along the 4-day Alpe Adria Trail Adventure, 9-day Mountains to Sea route, or 8-day Best of Alpe-Adria and Juliana Trail.

Road Trip

Though public transit is very good in Slovenia, some destinations like Logar Valley are not accessible with transit. 

If you want to explore more off-the-beaten-path and remote areas of Slovenia, we recommend renting a car. 

Check out our itineraries for road trip inspiration:

Use the intuitive car rental reservation platform to search for and book car rentals. This easy-to-use booking platform compares car rental deals from 500+ trusted providers, so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

Tip: If you can only drive automatic transmission cars, as opposed to manual transmission cars (stick shift), book your car rental as early as possible.

Check car rental rates here

Top Things to Do

Slovenia Guidebooks

Slovenia Hiking Guides

Slovenia is heaven on earth for hikers. We recommend allocating sufficient time to discover both the Julian Alps and the Kamnik Savinja Alps.

In Best Hikes in Slovenia, we’ve summarized the most thrilling day hikes and multi-day hikes across the Slovenian Alps, ranked by difficulty.

If you’re interested in hut-to-hut hiking, read our guide to Slovenian Mountain Huts and Hut-to-Hut Hiking in Slovenia.

How to Visit Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

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