Triglav Lakes Valley is an alpine glacial valley in Triglav National Park in the Slovenian Julian Alps. The valley takes its name from Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav, the most beloved mountain in Slovenia. Famed for its string of seven lakes, this pristine valley is also called the Seven Lakes Valley.

The Seven Lakes of Triglav Lakes Valley are:

  1. Jezero pod Vršacem (Lake below Vršac) or Jezero v Podstenju
  2. Mlaka v Laštah (Pond in Ledges)
  3. Rjavo jezero (Brown Lake)
  4. Zeleno jezero (Green Lake)
  5. Veliko jezero (The Great Lake) or Jezero v Ledvicah (Kidney Lake)
  6. Dvojno jezero (Double Lake)
  7. Črno jezero (Black Lake)

You can hike to the Seven Lakes Valley as part of a multi-day hike (read: Triglav National Park trek), or as a day hike.

For day hiking, there are two notable approaches. The easiest approach is from Planina Blato, accessible by a toll road (12 EUR) from Stara Fužina. The more difficult approach is from Koča pri Savici, accessible from Ukanc, on the other side of Lake Bohinj.

The tourist board at Ribčev Laz cautions people against hiking to Seven Lakes from Koča pri Savici after rain, and are emphatic about not descending that route.

In this post, we’re going to outline the easiest approach to the Triglav Lakes Valley, starting at Planina Blato. It’s also the most romantic, as you’ll amble across several alpine pastures dotted with wooden herdsmen huts. We sorely loved this route and we hope you will too. 

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Planina Blato to Triglav Lakes Valley Hike

Seven Lakes Valley, Triglav National Park, Julian Alps, Slovenia | Moon & Honey Travel

Triglav Lakes Valley Trail Overview

  • Trailhead: Planina Blato 
  • Destination: Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih (Triglav Lakes Hut)
  • Type of Hike: Out-and-back
  • Route: Planina Blato (1147 m) – Koča na Planini pri Jezeru (1453 m) – Planina Viševnik (1625 m) – Planina Ovčarija (1660 m) – Štapce (1851 m) – Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih (1685 m)
  • Distance: 7.6 km one-way
  • Elevation: 704 m ascending, 166 m descending one-way
  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate marked trail
  • Time Needed: 3:30 hours one-way, 7 hours return
  • Permits/Entrance Fee: None needed
  • Where to Stay: Majerca Hotel and Restaurant in Stara Fužina

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Triglav Lakes Valley (Seven Lakes) Hiking Map

Responsible Exploration of Triglav Lakes Valley

The Seven Lakes Valley is located within Triglav National Park, a protected natural environment. During your visit, please adhere to the following rules: 

  • It is prohibited to bathe or carry out any other recreational activities in the alpine lakes of Triglav Lakes Valley. 
  • Meadows, pastureland, and forests are owned by local farmers. Respect private property and walk only on marked trails.
  • Picking flowers and plants is prohibited. 
  • Wild camping is prohibited. 
  • Bonfires are prohibited.
  • Leave no trace. Pack out all your garbage.
  • Flying drones is prohibited. 

How to Get to Planina Blato Trailhead

Triglav Lakes Valley, Seven Lakes Valley, Day Hike in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Drive to Planina Blato

First, drive to Stara Fužina, an alpine village located on the eastern-end of Lake Bohinj. From Stara Fužina, drive 8.2 km (20 minutes) to Planina Blato. 

Planina Blato is an alpine pasture and a popular trailhead in Triglav National Park. 

To access the road to Blato, you have to pay a toll (12 EUR, cash only). 

Follow the serpentine road all the way to the parking area just below the mountain pasture. 

Take a Bus to Planina Blato (high season only)

During the high summer season, a shuttle connects the settlements of Lake Bohinj with Planina Blato. For up-to-date timetables, check out the Lake Bohinj website and the Promet website.

Hike up from Stara Fužina

If you’re visiting off-season without a car, you can still hike to the Seven Lakes Valley. Starting in Stara Fužina, hike to the Seven Lakes via Planina Vogar. 

The route is essentially the same, however, you would have to hike up an additional 600 meters. In total, your hike to the Seven Lakes would be 12-km one-way (5 – 6 hours one-way), involving a 1500 meter ascent.

If you’re determined to do that, you might consider breaking up the journey, by overnighting in Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih (Triglav Lakes Hut), or Koča na Planini pri Jezeru. 

Triglav Lakes Valley Hike: Route Description

Planina Blato to Koča na Planini pri Jezeru (1 hour)

Koča na Planini pri Jezeru, Triglav Lakes Valley Day Hike, Julian Alps, Slovenia
Koča na Planini pri Jezeru

After arriving at Planina Blato, walk back down the road a few meters, to the signed trailhead. Follow signs to Planina pri Jezeru.

You’ll gently ascend along a wide forest track to Koča na Planini pri Jezeru, a mountain hut located on an alpine pasture above a lake. This is one of the most enchanting places in the Slovenian Alps. You can eat at the hut, or continue on.

Koča na Planini pri Jezeru to Planina Viševnik (30 minutes)

Planina Viševnik, Julian Alps, Slovenia - Seven Lakes Valley hike
Planina Viševnik

From the Koča na Planini pri Jezeru hut, the trail divides. We took the trail to Planina Viševnik, though you could also hike to the Seven Lakes via Dedno polje.

When you reach the Viševnik alpine pasture, there are some mountain shelters and huts, including Bregarjevo zavetišče na planini Viševnik (Bregarjevo Shelter on Plateau Viševnik). Bregarjevo used to be a cheese factory. In 1981, the old farm was transformed into the shelter which offers overnight stays. It’s open from early June until the end of September.

Planina Viševnik  – Planina Ovčarija –  Štapce – Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih (2 hours)

Planina Ovčarija, Triglav Lakes Valley hike
Planina Ovčarija

The trail continues to another alpine pasture, Ovčarija, before climbing up to Štapce saddle. This is the highest point of the trail. From the ridge, you’ll descend towards Dvojni jezero (Double Lake) and the Triglav Lakes Valley.

View of Triglav Lakes Valley from Štapce, Slovenia
View from Štapce

The initial descent is steep. Part of the trail is secured with a steel cable and with a ladder. When you get to the lake, turn right, following the path to the mountain hut. 

Dvojni jezero (Double Lake), Triglav Lakes Valley Day Hike in the Julian Alps, Slovenia
Dvojni jezero

Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih to Jezero v Ledvicah (45 minutes)

Veliko Jezero / Jezero v Ledvicah (Kidney Lake)
Veliko Jezero / Jezero v Ledvicah (Kidney Lake)

Most hikers will end their hike at Double Lake, enjoying lunch at Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih. Triglav Lakes Valleys is 8-km long, so if you have the stamina, we recommend hiking up the valley another 45 minutes (2.6 km) to Veliko Jezero (also called Jezero v Ledvicah which means Kidney Lake), the largest lake in Triglav Lakes Valley.

How to Extend your Seven Lakes Valley Hike

It’s easy to make this a 2-day hike. If you want to see more highlights of the Triglav Lakes Valley, continue hiking up the valley to the mountain hut Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih (2071 m). Stay the night here, and then descend either the same way or via Veliko Špičje (more difficult).

Where to Stay for the Triglav Lakes Valley Hike

Hotel Majerca in Stara Fužina

We stayed at Majerca Hotel and Restaurant, a lovely, new boutique hotel in Stara Fužina. This is a real gem. The restaurant extends into a grassy lawn, with views of farmland and the Julian Alps. It’s wonderful to start and end your day here. Breakfast is phenomenal. 

Book your Stay at Majerca Hotel and Restaurant.

Look for accommodation in Stara Fužina.

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