Hiking Mount Triglav the “Easy Way” from Pokljuka Plateau, Slovenia

Climbing Mount Triglav: 2 Day Hike in Slovenia

Mount Triglav (2864 m) is the reigning symbol of Slovenia and of the Julian Alps. Emblazoned on the national flag, the three-headed mountain serves as true north, orienting Slovenians to their mountains, forests, and green spaces. 

For years, we’ve marveled at Mount Triglav from afar, wondering when and how we’d hike up there. During our last trip to Slovenia, we decided to go for it. And, it was spectacular. Hiking to the highest mountain in Slovenia is an experience we’ll never forget, and one we hope to repeat. 

In this guide, we’re going to outline the “easiest approach” to Mt. Triglav, which starts at Rudno Polje on Pokljuka Plateau. This southern approach to Mount Triglav is visually stunning and very approachable. Other notable ascent routes start in the north from Vrata Valley and Krma Valley. There’s also the famous Bamberg route, which starts at Luknja pass (for experts only). 

This is a 2-day hike, whereby you’ll overnight in Dom Planika pod Triglavom mountain hut (2401 m). We do not recommend attempting this as a day hike, because the elevation gain and length are just too long. You can decide if you want to summit Triglav on Day 1 (late afternoon), or Day 2 (morning). 

While 90% of this hike is actually quite easy, the final 1:30 hrs to the summit is a protected climbing route (via ferrata). That means that the trail is secured with steel cables and pegs to help you ascend to the peak. 

Having high alpine hiking and some via ferrata experience is essential for safely summiting Triglav independently. If you’ve never hiked a via ferrata route, but are keen on climbing Triglav, definitely hire a certified hiking guide. DM us on Instagram if you need a recommendation. 

When to Hike Mount Triglav

July, August, or September. Avoid hiking to Triglav on the weekend, as it’s very crowded. We hiked on a Sunday, and the trail from Rudno Polje to Vodnikov Dom was teeming with families. 

Dom Planika usually opens around June 20th. The exact date depends on weather conditions and the amount of snow. 

Pokljuka to Mount Triglav Route Summary

  • Trailhead: Rudno Polje, Pokljuka 
  • Type of Hike: Out-and-back
  • Route: Rudno Polje (1347 m)  – Jezerce – Studorski preval (1892 m) – Vodnikov Dom (1817 m) – Konjsko sedlo (2019 m) – Dom Planika (2401 m) – Mali Triglav – Mt. Triglav (2864 m). You can summit Triglav on Day 1, or on Day 2. 
  • Distance: 12.7 km one-way (25.4 km total)
  • Elevation: 1630 meters ascending / descending 
  • Time Needed: 2 Days (13-14 hours hiking); Rudno Polje to Vodnikov dom (3 hours); Vodnikov dom to Dom Planika (2 hours); Dom Planika to Mount Triglav (1:30 hours)
  • DifficultyRudno Polje to Vodnikov dom (Easy); Vodnikov dom to Dom Planika (Moderate); Dom Planika to Mount Triglav (Difficult)
  • Permit: No permits are needed to climb Triglav.
  • Entrance Fee: There’s no entrance fee to enter Triglav National Park.
  • Where to Eat: Vodnikov dom and Dom Planika. There’s a water spring (free drinking water) at Vodnikov dom.
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Climbing Mount Triglav the Easy Way

Mount Triglav Hiking Guide Overview

  • Mount Triglav Hiking Map
  • Equipment and Gear for Climbing Triglav 
  • Where to Stay Before the Hike
  • Getting to the Rudno Polje Trailhead and Where to Park
  • Pokljuka Ascent Route to Triglav: Route Description
  • Staying in Dom Planika mountain hut: Everything you need to know
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  • The Julian Alps of Slovenia: this Cicerone guide describes other ascent routes to Triglav and a whole bunch of day hikes in the Julian Alps.

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Mount Triglav via Dom Planika, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Mount Triglav Hiking Map

We recommend purchasing the Sidarta Triglav Trail Map 1:25 000. Hotels, tourist shops, and sports stores typically sell these maps.

Triglav Map
  • Where to Stay Before/After
  • Triglav Route
Dom Planika to Mount Triglav čez Mali Triglav, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Gear and Special Equipment for Hiking to Mount Triglav

Do you need special equipment to climb Mt. Triglav?

A lot of people want to know if you really need a via ferrata kit to climb Mount Triglav from Dom Planika. Everyone, regardless of experience, must wear a climbing helmet like this women’s helmet and this men’s helmet, to protect your head from falling rocks.

To be on the safe side, we recommend also bringing and wearing the full via ferrata kit which includes the harness and the via ferrata lanyard. 

Did we use it? Starting at Dom Planika, we wore the full kit but we didn’t “clip in” on our way up. On our descent, we clipped in several times. Honestly, we were really happy to have the option, even though we didn’t use it rigorously. 

On route, you will probably encounter other hikers who aren’t wearing the harness and lanyard, because they either have tons of via ferrata climbing experience, or they know the trail really well. 

Hiking Mount Triglav Equipment

Mount Triglav 2-Day Hike Packing List

In addition to the items above, also bring:

  • Passports. It’s mandatory to present your identity to all accommodations, including mountain huts, in Slovenia. 
  • Alpine Club Membership card. You’ll receive a discount on your overnight stay if you present your card. Learn more about Alpine Clubs in our Hiking in the Alps guide.
  • Cash, or Credit Card. Dom Planika accepts both. 
  • Sleeping Bag Liner (optional) like this one. Bed linen costs 4 EUR. When you check in and pay, make sure to tell the hut staff that you have a sleeping bag liner. Otherwise, they will automatically charge you for bed linen. 
  • Sun Lotion 
  • Hiking shorts, or pants 
  • Rain Jacket and Down Jacket 
  • Beanie and sunhat 
  • Overnight clothing and house slippers: We always bring our Crocs.
  • Lightweight camera for hiking: Sony Alpha A6000 mirrorless digital camera.
  • Backpack Camera Clip: Peak Design Camera Clip

Get Hiking Insurance

For peace of mind on the trail, make sure you have hiking travel insurance. When you have World Nomads insurance, you’ll get emergency medical insurance, emergency medical transportation, gear protection (in case of theft, loss, or damage) and trip protection (in case of cancellation). 

Learn more about hiking insurance here

Julian Alps, Slovenia, Mount Triglav hiking guide

Where to Stay Before Hiking to Mount Triglav from Pokljuka

Pokljuka Plateau

If you want to get an early start, we recommend staying on Pokljuka. Check out the nearby Šport Hotel Pokljuka, or even Hotel Center Pokljuka, which is located directly at the trailhead.

Look for accommodation in Pokljuka.

Stara Fužina, Lake Bohinj

We stayed at Majerca Hotel and Restaurant, a lovely and new boutique hotel in Stara Fužina, close to Lake Bohinj. Their breakfast is fabulous – the best one we had in Slovenia. Because their breakfast usually starts at 8 am, we recommend requesting an earlier breakfast, so you don’t have to rush.

Look for accommodation in Stara Fužina.

Ribčev Laz

Ribčev Laz is another village, located on the shores of Lake Bohinj, home to the newly renovated Hotel Bohinj. Designed to impress as much as to pay tribute to the region’s cultural heritage, Hotel Bohinj is the most striking hotel in the region. You can read more about this hotel in our Lake Bohinj guide.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the other obvious place to stay before hiking to Mount Triglav from Pokljuka. We’re more partial to Lake Bohinj, but the drive is easier and faster from Lake Bled.

Look for accommodation in Bled.

Sunrise from Dom Planika, Julian Alps, Slovenia

How to Get to the Trailhead and Where to Park

How to Get to the Rudno Polje, Pokljuka, Trailhead

The ascent route from Pokljuka to Triglav starts at Rudno Polje, where there’s a large parking lot, Hotel Center Pokljuka, the Biathlon Stadium Pokljuka, and the Pokljuka Barracks. 

Drive to Rudno Polje

Most people drive here. From Lake Bled, it’s a 25-minute drive.

From Lake Bohinj (Stara Fužina), it’s a 35-minute drive. There’s a slightly shorter route through Srednja Vas v Bohinju, but this route was closed for construction during our trip. Use the Promet website to check for current road conditions. 

Take a Bus to Rudno Polje

In the summer season, there’s a hop-on hop-off bus from Lake Bohinj to Rudno Polje. Take the earliest possible bus (there are only three per day). 

Taking a bus gives you more flexibility in terms of your “return” route. You could, for example, descend to Lake Bohinj via the Seven Lakes Valley, or through the high alpine pastures of Bohinj, after hiking to Triglav.

Where to Park at Rudno Polje

The official parking lot at Rudno Polje on Pokljuka is located across from the barracks and close to Hotel Center Pokljuka. GPS Coordinates: 46°20′45.45″N 13°55′25.53″E (46.345958, 13.923758). You won’t miss it. 

It costs 5 EUR / day to park here (cash only), and you need exact change to pay for parking at the machine. This is where we parked and left our car overnight. 

However…. Locals park closer to the trailhead…

From Rudno Polje, the hike begins on a macadam forest road, between the hotel and the barracks (it’s very obvious). You’ll initially follow this road for 1.2 km. Locals drive 1.2 km to the actual hiking trailhead, parking on the side of the road here: 46°20′47.77″N 13°54′41.62″E (46.346602, 13.911562). We have no idea if this is officially permitted, especially for overnight parking, but a lot of people park here.

Vodnikov Dom, Julian Alps, Slovenia - Pokljuka to Mount Triglav

Pokljuka to Mount Triglav Ascent Route: Rudno Polje to Vodnikov Dom (3 hours)

From the parking lot at Rudno Polje, follow the macadam forest road for about 7 minutes to the bottom of a ski lift. Straight ahead, you’ll see a red trail sign on a tree, pointing you left to Studorski preval saddle (1:30 hrs), Vodnikov dom mountain hut (3 hrs), and Triglav (6 hours). 

Turn left, and continue on the macadam road for another 10-15 minutes until you see another red trail sign, steering you right onto a forest trail. The trail sign states again: Studorski preval (1:30 hrs), Vodnikov dom (3 hrs), and Triglav (6 hours). People park on the side of the road right here. 

Follow this shady forest trail for an hour. As you ascend, the undulating path offers coverage from the hot sun and is altogether very pleasant. Through the trees, you’ll see the alpine pasture Planina Konjščica below on your left. 

As you gain elevation, spruce gives way to larch, and you’ll see a magical display of wildflowers (in early summer) along the trail. Keep your eyes out for the Carniolan lilies, which look like orange globe ornaments. 

When you reach a large green meadow at Jezerce basin, turn left. The sign says 1:45 hrs to Vodnikov Dom. Though flat at first, the trail quickly ascends once again, zigzagging up scree to Studorski preval (1892), the saddle between Ablanca (2004) and Veliki Draški vrh (2243 m). 

From the saddle (signed 1:30 hrs to Vodnikov dom), the trail initially descends 60 meters. When it levels out, you’ll be hiking on a spectacular wildflower-lined balcony trail along the slopes of Tosc. On your left, the Bohinj Valley and the Southern Julian Alps stretching out boundlessly. Behind you, Ablanca looks mighty radiant. 

A footpath will eventually branch off to the right to the Tosc summit. However, you’ll stay on the balcony trail, continuing to horizontally cross the southern slopes of Tosc. The trail “turns a corner” and Triglav comes into focus for the first time. The larches and wildflowers are particularly lovely here. 

When the trail forks, take the right trail. The other trails lead to Voje valley, Planina Velo Polje, and Dolic mountain hut. From this point, it’s a mere 890 meters to Vodnikov Dom. As you approach the hut, you’ll see the Velo Polje Planina below and hear a chorus of cowbells rising from the pasture. 

Located on the western slopes of Tosc and above Velo Polje, picture-perfect Vodnikov Dom invites you to linger for a while. 

Grab a bite to eat here, before continuing your hike. Their ričet (bean and barley soup) was quite good. 

Just below the hut, there’s a water spring (free drinking water). Fill up all your bottles (or hydration reservoir), so that you don’t have to buy bottled water at Dom Planika. 

Also, you can already see Dom Planika on a plateau just below Triglav. 

Vodnikov Dom to Dom Planika, Triglav southern ascent route

Vodnikov Dom to Dom Planika (2 hours)

The trail from Vodnikov Dom to Dom Planika continues on the other side of the hut. Noticeably more “high alpine,” the trail is indeed “rockier,” characterized by loose rock and scree. There are some secured sections with steel cables and pegs. Nothing presents any difficulty (in dry conditions). 

After an hour, you’ll reach an intersection at Konjsko sedlo (2019 m). Take the left trail to Dom Planika (signed 1 hour). The right trail leads to Triglavski Dom (1:30 hrs) and Dom Valentina Staniča (3 hrs). 

As you steadily ascend, look back and you’ll see Viševnik peeking out between Veliki Draški vrh and Mali Draški vrh. The grade isn’t severe, but we were tired as we made that final push to the hut.

Check-in to Dom Planika

Now that you arrived at Dom Planika, the first thing you should do is check into the hut. Check-in is possible after 3 pm. Present your identity (passport), alpine membership card (if you have one), and your name (reservation). Let them know if you have a sleeping bag liner with you. Otherwise, they’ll automatically charge you for bed linen (4 EUR). 

After paying for your stay (I’ll explain your three options later in this guide), settle in and drop off your stuff in your room. There are no shoes allowed in the sleeping area, so slip on your sandals first.

Triglav Via Ferrata, Julian Alps, Slovenia

Dom Planika to Mount Triglav (1:30 hours)

Triglav Via Ferrata

From Dom Planika, it’s a 463-meter ascent to Mount Triglav. Look for the red trail sign pointing you to Triglav čez Mali Triglav, which means Triglav over Mali Triglav. 

Much of the trail is exposed, so hike cautiously and take care. When you reach the ridge, you’ll join the trail from Triglavski Dom. 

From Mali Triglav (2725), you’ll hike along a very narrow ridge path to the summit of Triglav. It’s like hiking from a giant’s shoulder to the top of their head. Luckily, this stone giant doesn’t move. 

Below, on your right, you’ll see Triglavski Dom on Kredarica plateau. On both sides of the secured path, the slopes drop vertically. It’s thrilling, but also harrowing at times. The final climb to the summit is very well secured.

When you reach the peak, you’ll feel like you entered heaven. Enjoy the summit, and descend via the same route.

How hard is it to climb Triglav?

Your level of experience and fitness will determine how difficult the Triglav Via Ferrata is. Though we hike more than the average person, Kati and I aren’t climbers and haven’t done very many via ferrata routes.

For us, the hike wasn’t as difficult as we anticipated. However, descending is always harder for both of us. There were a few places that I (Sabrina) found tricky when we came down. 

Why we hiked to Mount Triglav on Day 1

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to hike up to Triglav on day 1, or day 2.

After eating dinner (à la carte, not half board) and relaxing for a good 1:30 hours, we decided to continue to the peak. We were motivated to summit on day 1 because the weather forecast predicted a thunderstorm the next day, and we didn’t want to rush.

We also knew that the trail wouldn’t be very busy, given our late start, which we prefer.

We started the hike at 6:00 pm in early July on a full moon. Given the long summer day, we had another 3 hours of light to work with. We witnessed the sunset on our way down from Triglav to Mali Triglav and it was sensational. Because of the full moon, it wasn’t pitch black. However, we still needed our headlamps to safely guide us in the last 30 minutes. 

Recommended Headlamp: Black Diamond Equipment Spot 350 Headlamp

Triglav climb from Dom Planika, Julian Alps

Staying in Dom Planika pod Triglavom

Dom Planika was a nice hut. Run by a lovely group of young people, we felt quite welcome here. The food was mediocre, but we didn’t have high expectations. 


Make a reservation by either calling Dom Planika directly or by emailing the hut: [email protected] If you email the hut, you’ll get a confirmation, and they’ll send you a price list. 

  • Confirm your reservation 3-5 days prior to your arrival.
  • Arrive before 5 pm. Your reservation is only valid until 5 pm on the day of your arrival. After 5 pm, your reservation no longer holds. If you plan on arriving later than 5 pm, notify the hut in advance.


When you make a reservation, you can choose whether you want a room for 2, room for 4-6, or dormitory. 


You can pay in cash, or by credit card.

Important Times

  • Check-in: Starts at 3 pm
  • Half board dinner: 6 pm – 8 pm / If you didn’t opt for half-board, you can order dinner anytime until 9 pm. 
  • Half board breakfast: 6 am – 9 am
  • Check-out (the time you need to be out of your room): 9 am


There’s no running water in the hut. You can buy bottled water for 4.50 EUR. We recommend filling up your water at the spring/fountain at Vodnikov dom.

Overnight Stay, Bed and Breakfast, or Half Board

  • When you make your reservation (and when you check-in), you’re asked if you want to pay for just your overnight stay, B&B, or Half Board (includes breakfast and dinner). 
  • We decided to book “overnight stay” only because we wanted maximum flexibility. We didn’t want to be tied down to a certain dinner, or breakfast time. It worked well for us because we could eat dinner at 5 pm, ordering a la carte, before climbing to Triglav. And we woke up for sunrise and hiked down to Vodnikov dom for breakfast. 


  • Alpine Membership discounts apply.
  • Dormitory Bed + Linen: 15 EUR (with alpine membership) – 22 EUR (without membership)
  • Bed in a room for 2 people + Linen: 23.95 EUR (with alpine membership) – 32.50 EUR (without membership). 


  • If you need to store your stuff in the hut, while you’re hiking to Triglav, they have a special luggage room. 
  • You can leave your extra gear and clothing in your room / bed from 3 pm until 9 am. Keep your valuables with you at all times.
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