Slovenia is a country we keep returning to because of its fairytale landscapes, romantic coastline, darling capital city, and hospitable people. Our travel experiences have been overwhelmingly positive in Slovenia because of the places we’ve stayed in. From farms stays and glamping treehouses to mountain huts and hotels, Slovenia offers an exciting array of unique accommodations. In this guide to where to stay in Slovenia, we’re sharing our favorite destinations and accommodations.

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Where to Stay in Slovenia


  1. Zgornje Jezersko
  2. Stara Fužina, Lake Bohinj
  3. Ukanc, Lake Bohinj
  4. Logar Valley
  5. Luče
  6. Kranjska Gora
  7. Pokljuka Plateau
  8. Tržič
  9. Kobarid, Soča Valley

1. Zgornje Jezersko

Nestled against the Austrian Border between the Karwanks mountain range and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Zgornje Jezersko is one of the most picturesque alpine destinations in Slovenia. 

Jezersko is also a designated Bergsteiger Dörfer (mountaineering village), which means that there are tons of hiking and climbing trails starting in the village. 


Best Things to Do in Jezersko

  • Eat Lunch at Gostišče ob Planšarskem Jezeru, next to Planšarsko jezero lake  
  • Walk the Ravenska kočna valley
  • Hike to Češka koča Mountain hut. Learn More: Best Hikes in Slovenia
  • Hike to Goli Vrh (only on a brilliant day)
  • Hike to Grintovec, the highest mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps 


Stay in Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija in Zgornje Jezersko

For farm animals, alpine views, and farm-to-table food


Close your eyes and envision the dreamiest alpine farm you can possibly imagine. Now, add in a dramatic backdrop of limestone mountains. Also, sprinkle in fifty free-roaming chickens and ducks. And while you’re at it, pepper in fields of wildflowers, an herb and vegetable garden, two friendly dogs (that welcome you upon arrival), and cows and sheep. That’s Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija and you can stay there.

Dating back to the 15th century, this historic farmstead is protected as a cultural monument of national importance and subjected to strict protection. Thank goodness, because when you visit, you hope that nothing ever changes here. 

In addition to the scenic wonder, Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija is the perfect base for a relaxing mountain getaway in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Opt for half board for the full experience. You definitely want to eat dinner here each night. 

Book your Stay at Tourist Farm Šenkova domačija.

Look for accommodation in Zgornje Jezersko.

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2. Stara Fužina, Lake Bohinj

Stara Fužina is an alpine village located on the eastern side of Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park. We love staying here because you can combine hikes in the Julian Alps with afternoon swims in Lake Bohinj. 

From Stara Fužina, we recommend driving to the high alpine pasture Planina Blato (via a toll road). Blato is the starting point for hikes to Koča na Planini pri Jezeru, Triglav Lakes Valley (Seven Lakes Valley), and many other destinations in the Julian Alps.


More Things to Do in Stara Fužina


Stay in Hotel Majer’ca in Stara Fužina

For al fresco dining, lake views, and design concept 


Hotel Majer’ca is a lovely boutique hotel in Stara Fužina. The hotel’s restaurant extends outside onto a grassy lawn, facing fields of wheat and the Julian Alps. Eating breakfast and dinner outside whilst enjoying the pastoral setting and mountain scenery is almost too good to be true. 

Breakfast entails a delectable offering of cheese and meat platters, eggs, smoothies, yogurt and muesli, and more. You can order anything, and everything, from their à la carte menu (everything is included). 

Our bedroom faced Lake Bohinj and was very comfortable. Rooms are equipped with a hot water cooker, instant coffee and teas, L’Occitane en Provence soaps and creams, and a Majer’ca guide to Cool Things to Do in Bohinj. When it rained during our visit, we were content just enjoying our room. 

One thing to note is that not all rooms have air conditioners. If you’re visiting in July and August, we highly recommend booking a room with an air conditioner. Even with a balcony door open, it can be too warm. 

Book your stay at Hotel Majer’ca.

Look for accommodation in Stara Fužina

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3. Ukanc, Lake Bohinj

Ukanc, Lak Bohinj, Where to Stay in Slovenia

Swimming Spot close to Hiša Erlah

Ukanc is a village on the western side of Lake Bohinj, on the opposite side of Stara Fužina. From Ukanc, you can visit Slap Savica Waterfall, hop on the Vogel Cable Car, and explore the Southern Julian Alps (e.g. Mount Vogel). You can also walk the Zlatorog Fairy Tale Trail and follow the romantic footpath around Lake Bohinj. Our favorite place to swim in Bohinj is the beach next to the Savica river, a few minutes from Hiša Erlah.

Insider Tip: If you’re dreaming of seeing Edelweiss, hike to Mount Rodica. Take the Vogel Cable Car to Vogel Ski Resort. From the mountain station, walk to the saddle below Šija. Turn left and follow the undulating balcony trail and ridge trail to Mount Rodica. Along the ridge, you’ll see thousands of Edelweiss (in July). Take a million photos of these felty stars, but remember that picking flowers is prohibited in Triglav National Park.


Stay in Hiša Erlah in Ukanc

For lake access and coziness 


Hiša Erlah is a welcoming, family-run bed and breakfast surrounded by inspiring mountain scenery. From the B&B, it’s a 5-minute walk to the lake. You can borrow kayaks, SUPs, and bikes at no extra charge during your stay. An added bonus of staying here is the complimentary mint-infused water, tea, and coffee, which you can drink at any time of the day. You can relax in the shaded outdoor terrace, which functions as an outdoor living room. 

Breakfast is plentiful and generous. Vanja pours her heart into making sure you have a nutritious start to your day.

Book your stay at Hiša Erlah.

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4. Luče


Luče is a town in Northern Slovenia, located in the Eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Like Jezersko, Luče is also a mountaineering village. From Luče, you can drive to Planina Podvežak, trailhead to Ojstrica (2350 m), and the Dleskovec plateau. You can hike to nearby Mount Raduha (2062 m). And, you can explore the charming herdsmen settlement at Velika Planina (“Big Pasture Plateau”). We wrote about how to visit Velika Planina before staying in Luče in our 5 Day Slovenia Itinerary. 


Stay in Tourist Farm Stoglej in Luče

For excellent homegrown food, serenity, and hiking 


After three visits to Slovenia, we think Turistična kmetija Stoglej serves the best homegrown, homemade, farm-to-table cuisine in Slovenia. Their cooking is heart-warming and nourishing. It’ll transport you to your grandma’s kitchen.

Situated on the edge of a forest and surrounded by pastures, this is a place you simply won’t stumble upon. Opt for half board, marvel at their garden, and say hi to the cows. 

The rooms are simple but comfortable.

Book your stay at Tourist Farm Stoglej

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5. Logar Valley

Logar Valley - Where to Stay in Slovenia

Logar Valley, near Lenar Farm

Logar Valley, aka Valley of Magical Realms, Valley of Daydreams, Valley of Elysium… you get the point. LOGAR VALLEY IS HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! 

When I’m trying to meditate, or “go to my happy place,” this is where I go. There’s just no place like it. Sorry for being so sentimental, but you’ll understand when you visit. 

Logar Valley is a glacial valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the Solčava Region in Northern Slovenia. From the valley, you can hike to Slap Rinka Waterfall, the Kamnik Saddle and Planjava, Ojstrica, Rinka Peaks, Ledinski Vrh, etc… You’ve got tons of options.

Learn More: Best Things to Do in Logar Valley

Stay in Lenar Farm in Logar Valley

For beauty, hospitality, and location


The historic Lenar Farm is situated in the middle of Logar Valley, surrounded by meadows and apple trees. Of all the places we’ve stayed in Slovenia, this is our very favorite. The Lenar family loves hosting guests. You never feel like you’re taking too much of their time, or that you’re inconveniencing them with your questions. It’s how every accommodation ought to be, but so few actually are. 

The breakfast is fantastic, the rooms are charming, and the animals (2 goats, 1 pig, 2 cats, 2 horses) are friendly. 

Tip: Say yes to the blueberry schnapps. 

Make a reservation at Lenar Farm.

Look for accommodation in Logar Valley.

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6. Kranjska Gora

Julian Alps - Where to Stay in Slovenia

Kranjska Gora is an alpine town in northwestern Slovenia, close to the Italian and Austrian borders. It’s also the gateway to the Northern Julian Alps. Base yourself here for a few days, and you can experience a magical sunset at Lake Jasna, cycle to Zelenci spring, drive to Vršič pass, and visit the nearby Martuljek Waterfalls. Insider trip: during your stay, take a day trip to the Fusine Lakes in Italy.

Learn More: Kranjska Gora in Summer

Where to Stay in Kranjska Gora

Budget Youth Hostel Nika is a budget-friendly accommodation in Kranjska Gora. We had a great stay here and were pleasantly surprised by the bountiful breakfast buffet.

Mid-Range | Apartments and Rooms Kaja offers several comfortable and spacious apartments in Kranjska Gora that have been lovingly refurbished.

Luxury | Boutique Skipass Hotel is a superb family-run hotel located in the heart of Kranjska Gora. The hotel features an on-site gourmet restaurant (2 nights minimum stay).

Look for accommodation in Kranjska Gora.

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7. Pokljuka Plateau

Hiking to Viševnik from Pokljuka, Where to Stay in Slovenia

Pokljuka is a large alpine plateau in the Julian Alps. We love visiting Pokljuka because it feels like time loses meaning altogether. It’s like walking into an enchanted forest, not knowing if you’ll find a way out, and, being completely okay with that.

Though largely forested, you’ll find a collection of dreamy alpine pastures and rural farming villages scattered across the plateau. Another compelling reason to visit Pokljuka is to hike. It’s the backdoor entrance to the Julian Alps. Starting at an advantageous elevation of 1340 meters, it’s easy to conquer peaks like Viševnik and even Mount Triglav.

Learn More: The Hidden Wonders of Pokljuka

Where to Stay on Pokljuka 

For hiking, we recommend staying near the Rudno Polje trailhead. Hotel Center Pokljuka is located directly at the trailhead and Šport Hotel Pokljuka is a 6-minute drive away. 

We stayed at Ročnjek farm stay (Alpine Homestead) in Goreljek, which was quite lovely, but a bit overpriced. 

Look for accommodation in Pokljuka.

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8. Tržič

Planinski Dom Na Kofcah, Slovenia

Planinski Dom Na Kofcah

The town and municipality of Tržič is the gateway to the Karawanks, the long mountain chain that sits on the border between Austria and Slovenia. That’s the mountain range that forms the background of Lake Bled. We only recently discovered Tržič, because we wanted to hike along the Košuta ridge and visit the alpine pastures of Dolga Njiva and Kofce

Tržič gives you access to some of the best hikes in the Karawanks. Further Reading:

Look for accommodation in Tržič.

Find an Airbnb in Tržič.

9. Kobarid

Slap Kozjak, Kobarid, Best Places to Stay in Slovenia

Kobarid is a small town on the Soča River, south of Bovec. Stay here, if you want to explore Soča valley, hike to secret waterfalls and gorges, eat Tolminc cheese, and learn more about World War I, and the Isonzo (Soča) Front.

Learn More: Magical Things to do in Kobarid


Stay in Tourist Farm Kranjc in Koseč 

For hospitality, solitude, and home-cooking 


Tourist Farm Kranjc is located in Koseč, a small hamlet above Drežnica in the Municipality of Kobarid. Situated directly on the long-distance Alpe Adria Trail and at the foot of Mount Krn, this lovely farm stay is a memorable place to spend a few days whilst exploring the Southern Julian Alps and the Soča valley. From the farm, you can walk to St. Just Church (5 minutes), hike the Koseč Gorge loop trail, and visit the hidden waterfalls of Slap Krampež and Slap Sopota (20 minutes).

Book your stay at Tourist Farm Kranjc.

Look for accommodation in Kobarid.

Find an Airbnb in Kobarid

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