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6 Adventure Honeymoon Trip Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

Do you want to plan an unforgettable honeymoon adventure, one reflective of you and your partner?

Do you love the outdoors? Do you crave untamed and pristine landscapes? Do you want to embark on an adventurous honeymoon that’s unique, even unusual? 

A lot of intrepid honeymoon trips require permits, vaccines, and restrictions on independent exploration. We’re not into that. We want to authentically explore beautiful destinations without constraints, stress, and safety-concerns. How about you?

Let this summary of active honeymoon ideas inspire your once-in-a-lifetime-trip with the love of your life!

We wish you great happiness, adventure, and a lifetime of eternal honeymooning. 

Now, let’s get to it. 

Dolomites honeymoon

1. Dolomites Road Trip, Northern Italy

Dolomites Honeymoon Road Trip, Northern Italy

The Dolomites are an achingly beautiful mountain range in Northern Italy.

Extending across three regions of Northeastern Italy, the Dolomites are best explored on a road trip. However, if you don’t want to rent a car, it’s also possible to explore the Dolomites without a car

This alpine region is perfect for a honeymoon, because you can combine outdoor adventuring (hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, via ferrata climbing) with delicious, multi-cultural cuisine (Austrian, Ladin, and Italian), and luxury (luxury and spa hotels). 

Here are our recommended Dolomites road trip itineraries 

5-Day Dolomites Road Trip | This is perfect for couples who want to integrate a trip to the Dolomites in the context of a longer trip to Italy, or the Alps. You’re planning on visiting Venice, Verona, and other destinations. Or, you want to visit neighboring Slovenia, or Austria. 

7-Day Dolomites Road Trip | This Dolomites itinerary integrates a 3-day hut-to-hut hiking adventure in the Sexten Dolomites. You’ll experience the most iconic destinations in the Dolomites as well as a short and unforgettable hut-to-hut hike. 

10-14 Day Dolomites Road Trip | We created this Dolomites road trip after 10 trips to the Dolomites. It strings together the most arresting landscapes and hiking trails across South Tyrol, Trentino, and Belluno. 

When to Visit | June – October 

2. Hut to Hut Hike in the Alps 

Schäfler Ridge viewpoint and photo spot, Appenzell, Swiss Alps

Hut to hut hiking is a type of multi-day hiking, where you overnight in mountain huts along the way. Mountain huts in the Alps provide food and board as well as bedding, so you don’t have to carry heavy cooking equipment, camping gear, or sleeping bags. You simply have to carry a sleeping bag liner, some snacks, and your hiking clothing. 

Some huts are very rustic (only dormitory rooms, no running water), while others are quite luxurious (private rooms, showers, espresso machines, etc…). 

We love hut-to-hut hiking, because it’s a magical way to travel slowly and experience the natural world with your own two feet. And, it’s not gritty. We love the outdoors, but we also love showers and warm cooked meals (that we don’t have to prepare). 

The hut-to-hut hiking season in the Alps usually starts in mid/late June and ends in mid/late September, when trails are mostly snow-free and mountain huts are open. 

You can book hut-to-hut hikes independently, or with a self-guided hut-to-hut hiking operator. Self-guided means that the tour operator books the huts and handles most of the logistics of the trek, but you hike the trail independently, without a guide. 

Hut to Hut Hiking Season in the Alps | mid/late June – mid/late September

Hut-to-Hut Hikes with Private Rooms 

Do you want to go on a hut-to-hut honeymoon, but you would prefer to stay in private rooms only, or as much as possible? These are a few self-guided treks you can book with the possibility of mostly private rooms:

Dolomites, Italy | Alta Via 1 North Self Guided 4-Day Itinerary

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland | Bernese Oberland 7-Day Traverse

France, Italy, Switzerland | Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided 10-Day Comfort

Appenzell Alps, Switzerland | 8-Day Hut to Hut in Appenzell Alps Standard Itinerary (moderately-paced), 6-Day Hut to Hut in Appenzell Alps Active Itinerary (fast-paced), 6-Day Easy Appenzell Alps Relaxed Itinerary (easy, beginner friendly). 

When to Book | We recommend booking these self-guided tours as soon as possible, as private rooms are limited in huts. 

Hut-to-Hut Hikes in the Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps boast some of the most exhilarating, yet vastly unknown, hut hikes in Europe. Read Best Treks in Austria for a summary of our favorite hut-to-hut hikes including Schladminger Tauern High Trail and the Montafon Hut Circuit.

Also, read Hut-to-Hut Hiking in Austria for a detailed introduction to the world of hut hiking in the Central and Eastern Alps. 

Self-Guided Hut-to-Hut Hiking Tours in Austria | 8 Day Austria Culinary Delight Hut Hiking Tour or 6 Day Hut to Hut Light in the Austrian Alps

Hut-to-Hut Hikes in the Slovenian Alps

Are you and your partner experienced mountain hikers who fancy a challenge? Hut to Hut Hiking in Slovenia is thrilling and sometimes involves scrambling and comfort with exposure.

Check out the 4-Day Triglav National Park Traverse (difficult) and the 4-Day Kamnik-Savinja Alps Traverse (extremely difficult) in the Slovenian Alps. 

How to Book | We recommend booking this self-guided Crossing the Julian Alps hiking tour,or this Mountains and Lakes Hut-to-Hut hike with Slotrips, an excellent local tour operator in Slovenia. They provide transfers to the trailhead, 24 hour support, luggage storage (while you’re trekking), and much more.

If you’re honeymooning in May, or October, take a look at this Mountains to Sea self-guided tour as well as this Alpe Adria Trail Adventure and Best of Alpe-Adria and Juliana Trail.

Hut-to-Hut Hiking in the Dolomites, Italy

Experience the dramatic scenery of the Dolomites on this self-guided Best of the Dolomites Trek 9-day Standard, or this self-guided Alta Via 1 Self Guided 10-day Standard

For more info about hut hiking in Northern Italy, read our guide to hut-to-hut hiking in the Dolomites

3. Faroe Island Road Trip 

Kallur Lighthouse, Kalsoy Island, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland.

Forged by volcanic activity and the glaciers of the ice age, this otherworldly archipelago is defined by vertical sea cliffs, pyramidal peaks, cascading waterfalls, and colorful fishing villages. And let’s not forget the turf-roofed houses, shaggy sheep, and puffins.

A road trip across the Faroe Islands is a heart-and-soul-enriching adventure that will leave you speechless.

If you and your partner are drawn to untamed nordic landscapes, consider visiting the Faroe Islands for your honeymoon. 

Follow this Faroe Islands itinerary and you’ll see the Kallur Lighthouse, Múlafossur Waterfall, the floating lake above the ocean, and the windswept seaside villages of Gjogv, Saksun and Tjørnuvík.

If planning a trip to the Faroe Islands seems at all overwhelming, you can also book these self-guided road trips: Epic 8 Day Summer Self Drive Tour of Faroe Islands and Unforgettable 10 Day Self Drive Tour of Faroe Islands with Top Attractions

When to Visit the Faroe Islands | June – early September

4. Mountains to Sea Adventuring in Slovenia

Mala Osojnica Viewpoint, Lake Bled, Karavanke Mountains, Slovenia

Slovenia is an ideal honeymoon destination for outdoorsy couples. It’s one of the most pristine and eco-conscious countries in Europe. Anyone who travels to Slovenia quickly falls in love with this mountainous country, wedged between the Adriatic Sea and Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. 

Slovenia is a land of Ibex-reigning mountains, turquoise rivers, fairy-tale lakes, Venetian-built seaside towns, and rolling vineyards. 

There are many ways to explore Slovenia’s natural marvels. 

If you love hiking, biking, swimming, and even rafting, we recommend booking this self-guided Mountains to Sea tour by Slotrips, a responsible tour operator founded and managed by passionate locals who care about crafting the best trips for their customers.

Over the course of 9 days, you will embark on a 4-day hike and bike trip along the Alpe-Adria trail through the Julian Alps (with luggage transfer), raft in the Soca River, e-bike across the Goriska Brda wine region, meander along Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, swim in Lake Bled, and visit the Skocjan caves.

This itinerary includes several transfers for the most seamless and smooth travel experience. 

Starting Point | Ljubljana

Ending Point | Piran, Adriatic Sea

When to Visit Slovenia | May – October 

More Slovenia Honeymoon Ideas

You can road trip across Slovenia, staying in welcoming farm stays and boutique hotels along the way. Check out our 2-Week Slovenia Road Trip Itinerary as well as our 5-Day Slovenia Road Trip Itinerary

Adventurous couples with alpine hiking experience can hike hut-to-hut across the Julian Alps north to south, following this Triglav National Park Traverse Route

The easiest way to plan this trek is by booking the self-guided Crossing the Julian Alps hiking tour.

Slotrips will book all your accommodations for you, including the mountain huts during the trek and hotels before/after the trek (in Ljubljana and Bled). They will also transfer you to the trailhead from Ljubljana, store your extra luggage (while you’re trekking), and provide 24 hour support. 

5. Portugal’s Untamed Coastlines 

Fisherman's Trail in Autumn, Vicentine Coast, Portugal

Are you planning a spring honeymoon (April, May), or a fall honeymoon (September, October, early November)? Do you like traveling without a car? Do you love coastal landscapes?

We highly recommend hiking the Fisherman’s Trail along the Vicentine Coast of Portugal. This coastal hiking trail leads hikers from village to village along Portugal’s most pristine and remote coastline. 

The accommodation options are quite comfortable as you can stay in hostels, guesthouses, or hotels along the way. 

We recommend integrating the 4-day Fishermans’ Trail into this 2-week Portugal Itinerary (no car needed), that links Porto, Lisbon, and the Sintra Coast with the Vicentine Coast and the Algarve

When to Visit Portugal | April, May, September, October, November

6. Off-the-Beaten Path Road Trip across Montenegro

Montenegro Honeymoon Road Trip

Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans, bounded between the Adriatic Sea and Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. 

You’ll find some of Europe’s most dazzling landscapes in Montenegro, including the Bay of Kotor and the Accursed Mountains. 

You can spend all of your time in Montenegro’s limestone mountains, or along its dazzling coastline. But, we recommend dividing your time equally between the mountains and the sea. 

Along this 2-week Montenegro Road Trip, you’ll visit the Old Town of Kotor, Durmitor National Park, Prokletije National Park, the Budva Riviera, and more. 

A Montenegro honeymoon might be unusual, but it will certainly leave an indelible mark on your heart. 

When to Road Trip in Montenegro | June – September

Adventure Honeymoon Trip Ideas

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