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Moon & Honey Travel is a blog dedicated to travelers who love to hike. It’s for the travelers who strive to integrate the great outdoors into their travel plans.

This website brings you the best hiking trails in the world, personally curated by us, Sabrina and Kati. Whether you’re a day hiker or long-distance trekker, you can use our in-depth guides and itineraries to plan your next adventure.

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Winter Trip Ideas

Tejeda Crater View, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

Road Trip

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Xlendi Bay, Gozo Island, Malta



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Teno Point at Sunset, Macizo de Teno, Tenerife


Road Trip

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Top Hiking Destinations

Hiking Blogs & Guides

Hiking enriches travel. We believe that a trip isn’t complete without discovering a new trail. So, we always make hiking a priority when we’re traveling. Here are the best hiking trails and destinations we’ve experienced thus far.

Dolomites Hiking, Italy

The Dolomites


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Julian Alps, Slovenia

Julian Alps


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Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife, Spain

Canary Islands

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Slovenian Alps, Slovenia

Slovenian Alps


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Italian Alps, Italy

Italian Alps


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Chata pri Zelenom plese, High Tatras, Slovakia

High Tatras


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Austrian Alps, Austria

Austrian Alps


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Portugal Hiking


Coastal Hikes

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Hiking Guide

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The Best Hikes in the World

for every type of hiker

Hiking is for everyone. Whether you enjoy short day hikes or long distance treks, you’ll find inspiration for your next hiking adventure here. We’re curating the best hikes in the world one trail at a time. Find out where to hike below. 

Italian Alps, Italy

Day Hikes

It’s easy to incorporate day hiking into your travel itinerary. Pack water, sunglasses, and some snacks and you’re pretty much all set.

Here are some of our favorite day hikes: Kamnik Saddle and Planjava in Slovenia, Sentiero Bonacossa Trail in the Italian Dolomites, and Bobotov Kuv in Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park.

More Day Hikes:

Dachstein Alpine Pasture Hut, Salzburg, Austria

Culinary Hikes

Culinary hikes are those that combine the art of food with the beauty of nature.

Imagine going on a wine tasting hike through the Ahr Valley, Germany’s largest red wine region. Or, perhaps rewarding yourself with a delicious Rösti after a spellbinding hike in Appenzell, Switzerland. Dining and hiking go hand in hand in the Tierser Alpl mountain hut in the Dolomites.

More Culinary Hiking Destinations:

Anaga Coast, Tenerife

Coastal Hikes

Coastal hiking is one of the best introductions to hiking. There’s something so cleansing and purifying about walking along huge bodies of water.

Coastal hikes are more accessible than alpine hikes because they don’t require the same amount of fitness, preparation, and technical expertise. However, proper gear is still a necessity: sun protection, sufficient water, and hiking boots.

Our Favorite Coastal Hiking Trails:

Rifugio Auronzo, Sesto Dolomites

Hut to Hut Hikes

Hut to hut hiking is a type of multi-day hiking in which you overnight in mountain huts along the way.

You can hike hut-to-hut in many places around the world. However, the best hut system is in the European Alps.

Here are some of our favorite hut-to-hut hikes: Triglav National Park Traverse (Slovenia), Alta Via 1 (Italian Dolomites), Berlin High Trail (Austria), Rätikon High Trail (Switzerland and Austria), Karwendel High Trail (Austria).

Learn More about Hut to Hut Hiking:

Lago di Coldai, Dolomites

Long Distance Hikes

Long-distance treks are lengthy multi-day hiking trails. What is deemed “long-distance” is entirely subjective, but let’s say it’s 7 days or more. Depending on the destination, you would either be backpacking, or hiking hut to hut (or inn to inn).

Because some of these long-distance routes total 5,000 km (3,107 miles), these trails are broken up into stages. So, you could hike a segment or chunk of a long-distance trail, without having the hike the whole thing.

The Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites and the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal are approachable long-distance hiking trails.

Other famous long-distance treks: the Eagle Walk (Austria), Via Alpina (Europe), Te Araroa Trail (New Zealand), Via Dinarica (Western Balkans), Pacific Crest Trail (USA), and Appalachian Trail (USA).

Multi-Day Hiking Trails:

Mount Triglav Via Ferrata, Slovenia

Via Ferrata Hikes

A via ferrata (Klettersteig in German) is a protected climbing route.

You need specific via ferrata equipment (climbing harness, climbing helmet, and via ferrata lanyard) to tackle these climbs. Via ferrata routes can be very challenging, even with the steel cables, ladders, and fixed anchors aiding your ascent, or descent.

They are generally graded on a letter scale from A to F (easy to very difficult).

To summit Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, hikers must climb a via ferrata route.

Via Ferrata Routes:

  • Must-Do Hikes in Salzburg, Austria 🇦🇹 

1. Lake Tappenkarsee
2. Hofpürgl Hut to Sulzenalm 
3. Rötelstein Peak 
4. Bachlalm to Neustadtalm 
5. Mühlbach High Trail 
6. Taghaube Peak
7. Riemannhaus 
8. Werfener Hütte
9. Hochkeil 
10. Liechtenstein Gorge

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  • This picture-perfect Almdorf backed by the Dachstein south face is located along the 5 huts trail in Styria. It’s also possible to hike here from Bachlalm in Salzburg. 

Both trail guides are on the blog.

📍Styria, Austria 🇦🇹 

📆 late October
  • Hiking in the Julian Alps in Slovenia 🇸🇮 

📆 Late October 

More hiking tips 👉 @moonhoneytravelers

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  • The best viewpoints in the Wachau Valley in Lower Austria:

1. Seekopf lookout tower accessible via the Meurersteig trail from Oberkienstock village 

2. Rotes Tor (Red Gate) in Spitz an der Donau (Photo) 

3. Kanzel viewpoint, just off the Vogelbergsteig trail, near Dürnstein

4. The Druiden Türme viewpoint of the Aggstein castle ruins

5. Dürnstein castle ruins

📍Spitz, Wachau, Austria 🇦🇹
  • Walking towards the unmistakable Mandlwand.

📍Hochkönig, Salzburg 🇦🇹
  • Where to watch the sunset in the Wachau Valley in Lower Austria 🇦🇹…

The Rotes Tor (Red Gate) is a historic monument above the town of Spitz an der Donau. It offers a captivating view of the village, bounded by sloping vineyards, and backed by the Danube.

How to Get There: From the Spitz village center, locate the church square and then follow the sign to Rotes Tor (15 minutes).