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Hiking the Tofana di Rozes Circuit Trail in the Ampezzo Dolomites

Some of the best day hikes in the Dolomites are loop trails around mammoth Dolomites mountains, like the Tre Cime di Lavaredo circuit trail, Croda da Lago circuit trail, Pala di San Martino circuit trail, and the Torre dei Scarperi circuit trail.

The loop trail around Tofana di Rozes, near Cortina d’Ampezzo, is no exception. It’s scenic, varied, and challenging. But unlike the other trails mentioned, the Tofana di Rozes circuit isn’t widely known.

The Tofana di Rozes loop hike begins at Rifugio Dibona. The trail cuts across the southern slopes of Tofana di Rozes, ascends effortlessly to the Forcella Col dei Bos saddle, continues towards the Travenanzes valley, and then steeply ascends the rugged Majarié glacial cirque to Rifugio Giussani. The circuit concludes with an easy descent back to Rifugio Dibona. 

During the First World War, the front line crossed the Tofane group. Evidence of military fortifications are scattered across the mountains. Along the trail, you’ll see trenches, caves, tunnels, and old barracks.

Tofana di Rozes Circuit Trail, Ampezzo Dolomites

Where is Tofana di Rozes

Tofana di Rozes is a significant mountain in the Tofane Group in Belluno, Veneto, in Northeastern Italy. The Tofane mountains are located west of Cortina d’Ampezzo, within the Dolomiti D’Ampezzo Natural Park.

Tofana di Rozes Hiking Map

Tofana di Rozes Circuit Trail Difficulty

Tofana di Rozes Circuit hike, Ampezzo Dolomites, Italy

This hike is usually categorized as moderate. However, we’d label it as moderately-difficult.

Most of the trail is in excellent condition. However, there are a few washed out parts, which require sure-footedness and experience in unstable terrain. 

This hike also requires stamina, as you have to conquer 1266 meters of elevation gain. The ascent up Majarié to Rifugio Giussani is taxing, but not technical.

Where to Start the Tofana di Rozes Circuit Trail

Rifugio Dibona Trailhead 

Località Dibona private road, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomites
Località Dibona private road

The Tofana di Rozes loop trail starts at Rifugio Dibona, a mountain hut situated in Vallon di Tofana in the Italian Dolomites.

From Cortina d’Ampezzo, drive SR48 in the direction of Passo Falzarego. About 800 meters after passing La Locanda del Cantoniere, turn right onto Località Dibona, where there’s a large Rifugio Dibona sign and access restriction signs. Only vehicles less than 2.45 meters are permitted to drive up this private access road. 

Follow Località Dibona for 3.8 km/10 minutes to Rifugio Dibona. The final stretch of road isn’t paved and quite bumpy. The maximum speed limit is 20 km/hr. 

  • Cortina d’Ampezzo to Rifugio Dibona | 12.8 km, 24 minutes 
  • Falzarego Pass to Rifugio Dibona | 11.6 km, 22 minutes 
  • San Cassiano, Alta Badia to Rifugio Dibona | 23.3 km, 37 minutes 
  • Ortisei, Val Gardena to Rifugio Dibona | 58.6 km, 1:30 hours 

There’s a large car park directly next to the hut. Parking is free.

There is no public transit to Rifugio Dibona. However, there is a bus stop on the main SR48 road at the Località Dibona turn-off.  

Tofane di Rozes Loop Trail Description

Rifugio Dibona to Forcella Col dei Bos (1:30 – 1:45 hours)

Trail 403, Rifugio Dibona to Tofana di Rozes, Dolomites
Trail 403

From the Rifugio Dibona car park, follow trail 403 towards the Tofane mountains.

The gravel track leads northwest through isolated stone pine and larch. In no time at all, the path brings you face-to-face with the south wall of Tofane di Rozes. From this perspective, Tofana di Rozes looks like a giant red tombstone.

Shortly after passing some building ruins, you’ll reach the “Vallon de Tofana” trail intersection (2120 m). Follow the upper left track (signed trail 442 in the direction of Gall. Del Castelletto/Via Ferrata Lipella). In paper trail maps this is trail 404

Recommended Trail Map: Tabacco 03 Cortina d’Ampezzo

Looking south, you’ll see the distinctly-shaped peaks of Croda da Lago, Lastoi de Formin, Monte Cernera, Ra Gusela, Nuvolau, Cinque Torri, and Averau. 

Looking east, you’ll see the Sorapiss Group and Antelau, towering above the Boite Valley. 

When the trail divides again, follow the right upper track (trail 442), not the lower left trail (trail 412). 

Lined by dwarf pine, the narrow trail steadily ascends towards the south face of Tofana di Rozes. With the elevation gain, you’ll be able to see Pelmo and Civetta. 

When you reach the rockwall, continue left onto trail 404. Follow this level balcony path west, towards the ever-present Marmolada and its glistening glacier. 

Trail 404, Tofana di Rozes, Dolomites
Trail 404

The trail crosses scree fields easily at first. But, as you progress, there are some crumbling, washed-out sections that require extra attention and the aided support of hiking poles:

Recommended Hiking Poles: Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

Marmolada View from Trail 404, Tofane di Rozes, Dolomites
Trail 404 / View of Marmolada

After that rough stretch, the trail continues across a tussock slope towards Col dei Bos, Lagazuoi, and Fanes. 

Trail 404 heads downhill, steering you north to the saddle between Col dei Bos and Tofana di Rozes. With great ease, the path weaves its way through a sea of dolomite boulders. 

Trail 404 Forcella Col dei Bos, Tofane di Rozes Circuit, Dolomites
Trail 404

The Forcella Col dei Bos saddle is very wide. As you hike up the saddle, you’ll pass a total of 3 Forcella Col dei Bos trail signs.   

When you reach the first Forcella Col dei Bos signed intersection (2290 m), head right (even though there’s no sign indicating our direction). 

Along the trail, there are old fortifications and caves from the First World War. 

The trail passes a second Forcella Col dei Bos sign (2305 m) and then a third and final Forcella Col dei Bos signed intersection (2331 m). 

Forcella Col dei Bos, Tofane di Rozes, Dolomites
Forcella Col dei Bos

Continue on trail 404 in the direction of Val Travenanzes. 

Forcella Col dei Bos to Minighel Via Ferrata Turn-Off (45 minutes)

Tofana di Rozes and Val Travenanzes, Dolomites
Trail 404

Trail 404 slowly descends in the direction of Val Travenanzes, the valley etched between the Fanes and Tofane Groups. This easy path permits you to soak in the grandeur of the mountains and the wild Travenanzes valley. 

After about 30 minutes, the trail divides. Head right in the direction of Rifugio Giussani. The path leads across scree slopes, parallel to the valley, towards the imposing Nemesis.

Torre Fanis, Tofane di Rozes Circuit Trail, Dolomites
Torre Fanis

Be extra cautious when crossing the steep, sienna-stained slope. It’s washed out in places and can be quite tricky. 

Soon, the trail splits again. The right path leads to the base of the Sara del Minighel via ferrata, or Minighel ladder. Though the via ferrata is really short and only takes about 15-minutes to complete, it’s extremely exposed. It’s by far the more efficient route, but you need to bring a full via ferrata kit.

Via Ferrata Kit

Climbing Helmet: black diamond women’s climbing helmet / black diamond men’s climbing helmet

Lanyard: PETZL Scorpio Lanyard with Carabiners and Energy Absorber 

Harness: PETZL Corax Climbing Harness

Climbing glovesBlack Diamond Crag Half-Finger Gloves

Alternative Route around the Minighel Via Ferrata (1 hour)

Detour route around the Minighel via ferrata, Tofana Group, Dolomites
Sentiero Facile

If you decide against the ladder, continue straight along the Sentiero Facile (“Easy Trail”). 

Heading north, the narrow trail clings to the rockwall, above the valley. After a small water crossing, the path steeply zigzags up a gully to a signed intersection. Follow trail 403 in the direction of Majarié cirque and Rifugio Giussani.

Trail 403, Tofana Group, Dolomites
Trail 403

From here, the trail heads south up a steep, rocky path, secured with cables and logs. It ascends relentlessly for 20 minutes and then eventually flattens out, crossing scree slopes. Soon, our trail (#403) merges with the Minighel Via Ferrata ascending path. 

Follow trail 403 to Forcella Fontananegra and Rifugio Camillo Giussani.

Up the Majarié cirque to Forcella Fontananegra and Rifugio Giussani (50 minutes)

Majarié cirque, Tofana Group, Dolomites
Trail 403

Between the formidable peaks of the Tofane Group, you’ll continuously hike up the barren landscape of the Majarié cirque. Accented with giant boulders, this rocky landscape is somewhat menacing. 

As we journeyed uphill, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Relics of the Great War are ever-present. It felt like we were trespassing the rocky heart of the Tofane Group. 

This ascent is a slog. The good news is that the path gets easier as you near the Forcella Fontanannegra saddle (2561 m).

Rifugio Giussani, Tofana Group, Dolomites
Rifugio Giussani

The small Giussani refuge is built directly on the saddle between Tofana de Rozes and Tofana di Mezzo. The hut is typically open from mid-June until mid-September, depending on snow conditions. 

Rifugio Giussani to Rifugio Dibona (1 hour)

Rifugio Giussani to Rifugio Dibona, Trail 403, Dolomites
Trail 403

The final descent to Rifugio Dibona is swift and easy. You’ll zigzag an old military road, between Tofana de Rozes and Punta Anna. 

When you complete the circuit, follow the wide familiar track to Rifugio Dibona. 

Rules for Visiting the Regional Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites

The Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites is a protected area that encompasses the Tofana Group. During your visit, please respect the fragile environment and follow the park rules:

Wild camping is forbidden.

Sleeping in campers in forbidden.

Biking/cycling on hiking trails is forbidden.

Pack up all your trash and do not liter.

Keep your dog on a leash.

Stay on the established trails.

Lighting fires is forbidden.

Do not pick, or collect flowers, mushrooms, plants, fossils, rocks, minerals, and war relics.

Where to Stay near Tofana di Rozes

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Hotel de Len, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Ringed by the Ampezzo Dolomites, Cortina d’Ampezzo boasts a central and stunning location in the Ampezzo Valley in Veneto. You can stay here for a few days or for several weeks and never run out of things to see and do.

Budget | Hotel Meuble Oasi is a guesthouse set in the town center of Cortina d’Ampezzo, walking distance to the pedestrian zone and bus station. Book this 2-star hotel for the unbeatable price, location, spotless rooms, and on-site parking. 

Midrange | Baita Fraina is a charming B&B with six rooms with balconies, 3km from Cortina’s town center (5 minute drive). This guesthouse is also home to a Michelin recommended à la carte restaurant, which serves regional cuisine. Stay here for the mountain views, the affordability, and the food.

Midrange | Hotel Villa Alpina is a centrally-located 3-star-superior hotel housed in a historic villa. Rooms are comfortable and feature parquet floors and alpine furnishings. The room rate includes breakfast and outdoor parking. 

Midrange | Ambra Cortina Luxury&Fashion Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel with 24 thematic rooms and a bar in the very center of Cortina. Guests are treated to free on-site parking and an excellent breakfast. 

Top Choice – Luxury | Camina Suite & Spa is a 4-star boutique hotel, 1 km north of Cortina’ town center. This intimate hotel with 12 rooms offers alpine-style suites with comfy beds and ample closet space. Rooms are equipped with nespresso machines, air-conditioning, and soundproofing. We loved the high-quality breakfast and complimentary spa (3 saunas, relaxation zone, and showers). Read our Camina Suite & Spa hotel review

Top Choice – Luxury | HOTEL de LËN is a fresh-faced luxury hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo’s town center. Interiors blend natural and sustainable materials with fine furnishings to create a relaxing, yet refined atmosphere. The hotel restaurant showcases local Ampezzo flavors in unique and exciting ways. We loved the charming, enthusiastic staff, the rooftop spa (1 complimentary hour), and communal areas (living room, cocktail bar, and restaurant). Breakfast is included in the room rate. Parking is off-site and an extra charge. Read our Hotel de Len review.

Luxury | Grand Hotel Savoia Cortina d’Ampezzo, A Radisson Collection Hotel is a top-rated, 5-star hotel in the center of Cortina d’Ampezzo. Although housed in a historic building, the entire interior has been renovated. Rooms are delightfully modern. Stay here for the superb on-site restaurant, impeccable staff and concierge, top-notch facilities (spa, indoor pool,  bar, and lobby area).

More Luxury Hotels in Cortina d’Ampezzo: Dolomiti Lodge Alverà, Grand Hotel Savoia Cortina d’Ampezzo, Rosapetra SPA Resort, and Faloria Mountain Spa Resort

Look for accommodation in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

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