Tenerife’s Teno Rural Park (Parque de Teno) encompasses Macizo de Teno (Tenno Massif) and famous natural attractions like the Masca Gorge, Los Gigantes Cliffs, and Punta de Teno.

Located in the northwestern corner of the island, the Teno Mountains are somewhat mysterious and isolated from the rest of the island. Getting here alone is an adventure, requiring you to cautiously navigate roads that twist and turn treacherously. 

We noticed that many online resources and guidebooks about Macizo de Teno hiking trails are outdated. When we visited in January 2020, the Masca Gorge hiking trail was still closed.

Also, the popular Guerges Alpine Path is no longer accessible. The Guerges hiking trail traverses private property and the owner decided to close the trail. 

While we were disappointed that we couldn’t experience the Masca Gorge, we still had tons of fun hiking in Teno Rural Park.

Important: Access to these trails keeps changing due to landslides and construction. We highly recommend reaching out to local tourist offices to confirm whether these trails are open during your visit.

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Hiking Trails in the Teno Mountains

Hiking is truly the best way to get to uncover the mysterious beauty of the volcanic Teno range and all its steep ravines (Barrancos), vertical cliffs, and magnificent viewpoints.

Here are our favorite hikes in Parque Rural de Teno:

  1. Santiago del Teide to Masca Walk – This trail is currently closed due to construction (as of Aug 2022). Please reach out to the local authorities for trail updates.
  2. Tamaimo to Guama Circuit Trail
  3. Camino del Risco Trail

Important: Before embarking on any of these hikes, please confirm with locals that these trails are indeed open. Severe weather and storms can impact trail openings.

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Parque Rural de Teno Hiking Map

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Tips for Hiking in Parque Rural de Teno

  1. Pack hiking snacks and sufficient water. 
  2. Wear Grade B/C hiking boots like the women’s Hanwag Tatra II GTX / Meindl Schuhe Island Lady (what Kati and I wear) or the men’s Hanwag Tatra II GTX.
  3. Don’t leave valuables in your parked car. 
  4. Use Maps.me (offline maps app) to locate trailheads. 
  5. Purchase the Tenerife Rother Walking Guide

1. Santiago del Teide to Masca Walk

Santiago del Teide to Masca Walk, Parque Rural de Teno, Tenerife
Pico Verde
  • Trailhead: Santiago del Teide
  • Distance: 9.2 km point-to-point
  • Time Needed: 4 hours
  • Elevation: 574 m ascending / 905 m descending
  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Min. Elevation: 588 m
  • Max. Elevation: 1272 m
  • Route: Santiago del Teide (930 m) – Degollada de la Mesa (1247 m)  – Pico Verde (1318 m) – Cruz de Hilda – Masca (620 m)
  • Where to Stay: Hotel La Casona del Patio (midrange) in Santiago del Teide, or Sweet Home Masca (midrange) in Masca

The point-to-point hike from the town of Santiago del Teide to the village of Masca is something you’ve got to prioritize during your visit to Tenerife.

What starts as a slow and honestly unspectacular ascent becomes a marvelous introduction to the Teno Mountains. As soon as we finished the hike, we wanted to do it all over again. 

Like so many hikes in Tenerife, the trailhead is a bit inconspicuous. There’s no parking directly at the trailhead, so you’ll need to park along TF-82, just a bit north of the town center.

From here, follow the main road (TF-82) for a few minutes to this location: 28°18′10.88″N 16°48′59.09″W (28.303022, -16.816413). From the right-hand bend in the road, the trail veers left. 

The first stretch of this hike is marked by a nearly 400-meter ascent to Degollada de la Mesa, the col between Big and Little Gala.

From the col, you can take a small detour to the top of Little Gala, aka Pico Verde (highly recommended).

From Pico Verde, you’ll have a birds-eye view of  Masca and the serpentine TF-436. Phenomenal! 

Mirador de Cruz de Hilda, Teno Rural Park, Tenerife
Mirador de Cruz de Hilda

Retrace your steps to the col and continue onto PR TF 51. The trail slowly descends, following a ridge trail and then a laurisilva forest trail all the way to the PR – TF 51 / 59 intersection.

Turn left onto PR – TF 59 and descend 1.3 km to the viewpoint Mirador de Cruz de Hilda. This stretch of trail is freakin GORGEOUS.

As you take in the primordial beauty of the Teno Mountains, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into some ancient kingdom tucked away from the “real world.” 

After enjoying the view and a beverage (if the café is open) at the Mirador, continue following the narrow road that forks left (PR-TF 59) to the hamlet El Turrón.

You’ll pass by terraced farmland and palm trees and you’ll start thinking about how you can live here. From El Turrón, cautiously follow the main road (TF-436) into Masca. 

There are a few places to eat in Masca, including La Fuente, which is directly on the road.

To get back to Santiago del Teide, take shuttle bus Linea 355, operated by titsa bus.

Buses aren’t very frequent, so we highly recommend timing your hike accordingly. Bus tickets are 1.50 EUR per person (2020). 

Bus schedule: Linea 355 (titsa bus)

PR-TF 59, Santiago del Teide to Masca Walk, Teno Mountains, Tenerife
PR-TF 59

Masca to Santiago del Teide Bus Line 355

This bus schedule was accurate when we visited in Jan 2020. Please double check bus times here before setting off.

  • Weekdays: 9:25 am, 10:25 am, 12:30 pm, 3:15 pm, 4:10 pm, 4:15 pm, 6:25 pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, 4:15 pm, 6:25 pm
  • Sundays & Holidays: 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, 4:15 pm, 6:25 pm

2. Tamaimo and Montaña de Guama Circuit Trail

Tamaimo and Montaña de Guama Circuit Trail, Macizo de Teno Mountains, Tenerife
  • Trailhead: Tamaimo 
  • Distance: 4.8 km circuit
  • Time Needed: 2:15 hours
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 425 m
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Min. Elevation: 438 m
  • Max. Elevation: 858 m
  • Route: Tamaimo (570 m) – Cruz de los Misioneros (810 m) – Montaña de Guama (877 m) – El Agujero Viewpoint (optional) – Tamaimo
  • Where to Stay: Hotel La Casona del Patio (midrange) in Santiago del Teide, or Royal Sun Resort (luxury) in Los Gigantes

The circular hiking trail above Tamaimo boasts some heavenly views of the coast and the Tamaimo valley. 

To find the trailhead, walk down Calle Santa Ana to the Iglesia de Santa Ana church. Next, follow Calle el Agua (a residential road) to the Barranco de Santiago stream. Follow signs for Cruz de Los Misioneros (PR TF 65.2). 

From the church, it’s a 220 m ascent (1.1 km) to the Cruz de Los Misioneros viewpoint. From here, you’ll continue on the main trail to the ridgeline. The views of Santiago Valley with Pico del Teide off in the distance is well worth the effort.

The highest point of the ridge is Montaña de Guama, a small rocky outcrop marked by a white cross. 

Following the ridgeline on the left side, you’ll see the rugged coastline, Barranco Seco, and La Gomera. 

View of Barranco Seco, Los Gigantes Cliffs, Tenerife
View of Barranco Seco

There’s an optional detour to the El Agujero Viewpoint (no signage). After following the ridge trail for about 500 meters, you’ll see a trail fork right. It’s a good 25 minutes to the viewpoint from this intersection.

As you descend to the viewpoint, you’ll see the coastal resort towns of Los Gigantes and Puerto de Santiago, the Gigantes Cliffs, and Barranco Seco

The main trail descends to Degollada de Tejera. From here, the trail departs the ridge and heads down to Santiago Valley. Follow the valley trail (PR TF 65) back to Tamaimo.

The final slow ascent along the valley floor takes about 30 minutes (1.2 km).

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3. Camino del Risco Hiking Trail

Hiking in the Teno Mountains / Macizo de Teno in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Punta de Teno
  • Trailhead: Barranco del Monte parking lot near Buenavista del Norte
  • Distance: 10.1 km point-to-point
  • Time Needed: 4 hours (Hiking only) / 6 hours total (Lunch in Teno Alto + Lighthouse + Bus) 
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 617 m ascending / 786 m descending 
  • Difficulty: Difficult 
  • Min. Elevation: 0 m
  • Max. Elevation: 782 m
  • Route: Barranco del Monte – Teno Alto – Punta de Teno – Bus – Barranco del Monte
  • Where to Stay: Viña Camello (midrange), or Meliá Hacienda del Conde (Adults only) (luxury) in Buenavista del Norte

To start this hike, head to the coastal town of Buenavista del Norte in the northwest of Tenerife. Continue driving in the direction of Punta de Teno and park at the Barranco del Monte parking lot, the entrance to Carretera del Faro de Punta de Teno road.

From here, look for the Camino del Risco trail sign, indicating 3.8 km to Teno Alto.

You’ll ascend to Teno Alto (2:30 hours) along PR TF 58, a steep and thrilling trail. 

Teno Alto is a remote hamlet in Parque Rural de Teno, consisting of a few scattered homesteads and lots of goats. You can enjoy lunch here, before descending back to Barranco del Monte.

Or, you can hike down to the Punta de Teno lighthouse. You can read all about this variation in our Punta de Teno guide

Best Base for Exploring the Teno Mountains 

Santiago del Teide

If you want to spend several days hiking in the Teno Mountains, then Santiago del Teide is the best base.

With its central position, it doesn’t take long to get to trailheads across the range. Also, our absolute favorite hike in the Teno Mountains starts directly in town (the one to Masca).

Because Santiago del Teide is located at an elevation of 930 m, it can get crispy at night. Bring sweaters and extra layers. 

BudgetCasa Fina is an exceedingly charming and peaceful place to stay in Santiago del Teide. With its private courtyard, cozy beds, and a communal fully equipped kitchen, you have everything you need to feel right at home.

Midrange | Hotel La Casona del Patio

Look for accommodation in Santiago del Teide.

Los Gigantes / Puerto de Santiago

If you want to explore the Teno Mountains during the day, but want to spend the late afternoon watching the sunset, or at the beach, then stay in Los Gigantes or Puerto de Santiago.

These towns are unabashedly touristic. But, the tradeoff is epic views of the Los Gigantes Cliffs, especially at sunset. 

Midrange | Klayman Diamond Aparthotel combines practicality with convenience. Apartments are well-equipped, modern, spacious, and immaculately clean. A highlight of staying here is the swimming pool and poolside bar overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Los Gigantes Cliffs – a spectacular view.

Luxury | Royal Sun Resort is an aparthotel featuring modern, exceptionally-equipped apartments. The spacious, ocean view terraces are perfect for enjoying sunrise and sunset. Guests have access to an outdoor adults swimming pool, a kids pool, a solarium, two restaurants, a fitness room, children’s play area, 24-hour reception, and parking (extra charge).

Look for accommodation in Los Gigantes.

Buenavista del Norte or Los Silos

If you want beach and ocean access, but with fewer crowds, consider staying in the northern coastal towns of Buenavista del Norte or Los Silos. From these towns, it’s really easy to get to Punta de Teno and the Camino del Risco hiking path. 

BudgetCasa emblemática Buenavista del Norte is a charming and economical B&B located in an 18th-century house in Buenavista del Norte. Guests have access to a shared kitchen and garden. Note: bathroom facilities are shared.

Midrange | Luz Del Mar is a lovely hotel in Los Silos. It’s nice to unwind in the hotel’s sauna or take a dip in the outdoor pool, before treating yourself to dinner at the hotel restaurant. 

LuxuryMelia Hacienda del Conde is an adults-only, luxury hotel in Buenavista. When you want a peaceful place to stay with access to top wellness facilities (fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, pools), this is the #1 place to stay in Northwestern Tenerife.

Look for accommodation in Buenavista del Norte.

Look for accommodation in Los Silos.

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