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How to Get to Playa Güi Güi: Gran Canaria’s Most Stunning Beach

Playa Güi Güi is a pristine, virgin beach on the west coast of Gran Canaria in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás. This isolated sandy beach, backed by high vertiginous cliffs, can only be reached by foot, or by boat.

There are two hiking routes that lead to Güi Güi Beach. The shorter route starts in Tasartico and the longer route starts in Albercón in La Aldea. The Tasartico route is the better option for out-and-back day hikes. 

Alternatively, you can arrive at Playa Güi Güi sweat-free via a boat from Puerto Rico.

Playa Güi Güi is spelled a number of ways including Playa de Guguy, Playa de Güigüí, Playa Güigüi.

In this guide to visiting Güi Güi Beach, we’ve outlined the out-and-back hike starting at Tasartico. This is one of the most scenic day hikes in Gran Canaria.

Güi Güi Beach, Gran Canaria

Tasartico to Playa Güi Güi Trail Map

Where to Start the Playa Güi Güi Hike


Tasartico - Gui Gui Beach Trailhead, Gran Canaria

Tasartico is a quiet hamlet in the Tasartico Ravine along GC-204 in southwest Gran Canaria. There are no stores, bars, or restaurants here.

The only place to stay nearby is the budget-friendly Blue Ocean Camp, located further down the ravine, close to Playa De Tasartico. 

How to Get to Tasartico

GC-204, Gran Canaria

The best way to reach Tasartico is by car.

The GC-204 road to Tasartico branches off the GC-200 road at the Mirador de Tasartico viewpoint. 

Shortly before arriving at the trailhead, the paved road turns to gravel. There’s plenty of parking at the starting point. 

The trailhead is marked with a number of trail signs and info boards.

Here are the driving distances to Tasartico from nearby towns and resorts:

La Aldea to Tasartico Trailhead | 30 minutes, 16.3 km, Google Maps

Mogán to Tasartico Trailhead | 40 minutes, 23.3 km, Google Maps

Puerto de Mogán to Tasartico Trailhead | 50 minutes, 31.8 km, Google Maps

Puerto Rico to Tasartico Trailhead | 1 hour, 38.7 km, Google Maps

Maspalomas to Tasartico Trailhead | 1:06 hour, 53 km, Google Maps

Tasartico to Güi Güi Beach Trail Difficulty 

Tasartico to Degollada de Aguas Sabinas Hiking Trail, Gran Canaria

This is an excellent, signed trail, with no technical difficulty or exposure. It’s very doable, with sturdy hiking boots, sufficient water, and sun protection. There’s no shade along this trail.

Getting to the beach takes 1:45 – 2:15 hours and requires tackling a 467 meter ascent followed by a 635 meter descent. You essentially go up a barranco and down another. 

Though the return route follows the exact same trail, it’s more taxing because of the initial 635 meters ascent to the saddle.

Tasartico to Güi Güi Beach Trail Description

Tasartico to Degollada de Aguas Sabinas (45 min – 1 hour)

Tasartico to Playa Gui Gui Hike, Gran Canaria

Follow the trail signs to “Ruta de Guguy” and “Playa Güigüí” (S-79, 5 km). 

The trail steadily ascends rocky terrain accented by endemic Euphorbia Balsamifera, Euphorbia Canariensis, and Kleinia neriifolia. 

Gui Gui Beach Hike, Gran Canaria
Left Turn

After about 15 minutes, the trail makes a sharp left. Keep your eyes out for cairns (stacked rocks) to guide you. 

A series of switchbacks steer you continuously uphill to Degollada de Aguas Sabinas saddle, the highest point of the hike.

From this lofty vantage point, you can already see the Atlantic Ocean and the imposing Güi Güi cliffs. 

Degollada de Aguas Sabinas, Gran Canaria
Approaching the Saddle

Degollada de Aguas Sabinas to Playa de Güi Güí Grande  (1:00 – 1:15 hours)

Degollada de Aguas Sabinas to Playa Gui Gui, Gran Canaria

From the saddle, the trail zigzags downhill sharp serpentines.

After about 10 minutes, the path levels out and follows an enjoyable balcony/ledge trail high above the deep ravine.

Playa Gui Gui hiking trail, Gran Canaria

The descent resumes along big loopy switchbacks, which bring you closer and closer to the ravine bed. 

Shortly after crossing the ravine bed, you’ll arrive at a trail junction. Turn left in the direction of Playa Güigüí. This is where the La Aldea and Tasartico routes converge. 

The trail runs parallel to the barranco and eventually passes a few fenced-in gardens and off-grid homes.  One such shack sells lemonade, coffee, and tea.

Playa Gui Gui off-grid home, Gran Canaria

Another sign directs you to Playa Güigüí.

When you descend to another wide ravine bed, you’ll notice that the ravine bed trail is overgrown. Another footpath leads right, bypassing the thick vegetation. Continue towards the coast.

Playa Gui Gui Hike, Gran Canaria

With another shack on your right and some building ruins off to the left, the trail descends through thick vegetation (2 meters at most). You’ll emerge on a sandy slope, only a few meters away from the beach. 

Follow the white rope down to Playa de Güi Güí Grande.

Playa de Güi Güí Grande, Gran Canaria

Playa Güigüi Grande to Playa Güiguï Chico

Güi Güí Grande Beach, Gran Canaria
  • Facilities: None 
  • Garbage Bins: None
  • Lifeguard: None 
  • Nudist: Yes

Playa Güi Güi is technically two beaches: Playa de Güi Güí Grande (Güigüi Grande) and Playa de Güigüi (Güiguï Chico).

When you first descend to the beach, you’re on Playa de Güi Güí Grande.

To reach the second beach, Playa de Güigüi ( Güiguï Chico), continue right (north). It’s only possible to access the second beach, if the tide is low enough. You can check tide times here and plan accordingly.

When we visited, the tide was already too high to reach the second cove.

Playa Güi Güi to Tasartico

Gui Gui Beach Hike, Gran Canaria

The return route follows the same trail.

Initially, a few painted white arrows guide you out of the barranco and through the off-grid shacks.

Tips for Hiking to Güi Güi Beach

Gui Gui Beach Hiking Boots, Gran Canaria

Water | Bring 2 liters of water per person.

Starting Time | Start this hike in the morning to avoid the midday sun.

Footwear | It’s vital to wear sturdy hiking boots. Without stable footwear, it’s easy to slip and fall, especially on the descents. We hiked in the same boots we wear for alpine hiking.

Tide | Check the tide schedule in advance if you want to visit Playa de Güigüi (Güiguï Chico).

Book a Boat Tour | Book this Dolphin Watching & Güi Güi Beach by Boat tour if you want to skip the hike.

Know the Rules | Wild camping on the beach and anywhere in Gran Canaria is strictly forbidden.

Be Responsible | Pack up all your belongs and do not leave garbage of any kind on the beach.

Where to Stay near Güi Güi Beach

Playa Güi Güi, Gran Canaria

Given the beach’s remote location, most people visit Playa de Güigüí from La Aldea, Mogán, Puerto de Mogán, and Maspalomas. The budget-friendly Blue Ocean Camp is the only accommodation in Tasartico. 

Here are the best places to stay near Gui Gui Beach.

La Aldea de San Nicolás

30 minute drive to Tasartico 

La Aldea is a down-to-earth destination in the south west of Gran Canaria. It’s a perfect “alternative” destination for anyone who wants to steer clear of the purpose-built resorts of the south.

It’s located along the scenic GC-200 Road, which connects Agaete with Playa de Mogán. If you stay here, don’t miss the Playa de la Aldea beach and the Mirador del Balcón viewpoint. We recommend staying here 2 nights max. 

Budget-Midrange | Hotel La Aldea Suites is a laid-back accommodation featuring clean and spacious rooms, a generous breakfast buffet (included in the room rate), and a terrace with a pool and hot tub. 

Look for accommodation in La Aldea.


40 minute drive to Tasartico 

The town of Mogán is located along the GC-200, 9 km inland from the coast. Mogán is an ideal place to stay if you want to divide your time between hiking and beaches. In addition to Playa de Güigüí, the Ayagaures – Presa de la Angostura circuit and Tauro mountain out-and-back trails are within reach. 

Midrange | Los Pinos is a top-rated holiday home in Mogán, perfect for travelers seeking peace and quiet. Guests love the hideaway location, spotless interior, functional kitchen, and the outdoor terrace and private pool. 

Look for accommodation in Mogán.

Puerto de Mogán

50 minute drive to Tasartico 

If Mogán sounds too sedate, consider staying in Puerto de Mogán, the beach resort of Mogán. Guests who stay here have easy access to the golden sand Playa de Mogán beach, the cute Puerto de Mogán fishing village and harbor, and a plethora of restaurants and accommodations. 

Midrange-Luxury | Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Gran Canaria Mogan is a sleek, family-friendly holiday resort in Puerto de Mogán, a 10-minute walk to the beach. Guests love the spacious layout of the hotel, the rooms (especially the beds), and the breakfast buffets (included). The hotel features a swimming pool with plentiful seating and sun loungers, a children’s splash pool, a gym, and several on-site restaurants and bars. A welcome extra is the free indoor parking.

Look for accommodation in Puerto de Mogán.


1 hour drive to Tasartico

In Gran Canaria, all roads seem to lead to Maspalomas – arguably the island’s most famous and unabashedly touristic beach resort. With its windswept dunes, long sandy beach, and colossal resorts, Maspalomas attracts the masses.

Love it or hate it, Maspalomas is actually a great base. You can drive up the Fataga Ravine and visit Roque Nublo, Tejeda, and other attractions in the interior. You can also take a day trip to the gorgeous Barranco de Guayadeque. 

Luxury | Hotel Faro, a Lopesan Collection Hotel occupies an enviable location directly on Maspalomas Beach, near the lighthouse. With its standout design concept, three swimming pools, rooftop terrace and snack bar, this modern beachfront hotel is the very best that Maspalomas has to offer. You can book breakfast-only or half board. Breakfast is included.

Look for accommodation in Maspalomas.

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