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Agaete Valley to Tamadaba Natural Park Circuit Hike, Gran Canaria

Agaete Valley is a verdant, fertile valley at the base of the Tamadaba Natural Park in northwest Gran Canaria. This picturesque valley could be described as Gran Canaria’s Eden, as even coffee plants thrive here. 

This demanding circuit hike offers hikers a fantastic overview of the Agaete Valley and the Tamadaba pine forest. Our favorite part of the hike was the scenic descent from Tamadaba to San Pedro – a well-deserved reward after 1230 meters of elevation gain. 

Starting in the hamlet of San Pedro (200 m), the trail ascends Agaete valley along various paths to the remote hamlet of El Sao (487 m), where the valley road ends, and then continues to the hamlet of El Hornillo (750 m). The path leads to the Presa de los Pérez dam (832 m) and then enters the pinewood forest of Tamadaba. 

A pleasantly quiet and soft pine needle trail steadily ascends Tamadaba forest to the Siete Pinos (1309 m) trail intersection and down to the Tamadaba picnic table area. From here, it’s a long, but rewarding downhill journey to the Era de Bermique and ultimately down to San Pedro.

The entire route is signed and waymarked. We used whenever we were confused about direction.

Agaete Valley, Gran Canaria

Agaete Valley to Tamadaba Trail Map

Trail Difficulty 

This trail presents no technical difficulty. Its difficulty lies in the elevation gain/loss and total distance. The descent is long and requires concentration, as you safely tackle an uneven, stone path.

It’s advisable to tackle this trail only in dry weather. After rain, the stones can be very slippery and hazardous. 

If this hike sounds too long, an excellent alternative is the San Pedro to Puerto de las Nieves, Agaete hike.

Where to Start the Agaete-Tamadaba Trail

San Pedro

San Pedro, Agaete Valley, Gran Canaria

San Pedro is a hamlet in Agaete Valley, between La Suerte and El Sao. 

The village is accessible by bus from Puerto de las Nieves/Agaete. However, there are only a few departures during the day, so it may prove difficult to time this hike with the limited bus schedule. 

We recommend driving and parking in the village of San Pedro. 

If you don’t have a car, you could possibly take a taxi one way and return to Puerto de las Nieves/Agaete by bus. 

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Agaete Valley to Tamadaba Pine Forest Trail Description 

San Pedro to El Sao (1 hour)

Agaete Valley Hike, Gran Canaria

There are two bus stops in San Pedro: the “El Lomo” stop along GC-231 and the “San Pedro” stop in the village center. 

The San Pedro bus stop marks the beginning of this trail. Follow S-97 to El Sao, signed 3 km. Note: the trail to Berbique/Tamadaba is the descending route. 

The trail ascends the Barranco de Agaete ravine between residential buildings and fences. The views of Riscos de Tamadaba are splendid. You’ll hear chickens, dogs (all contained/leashed), people, and cars as you make your way up the valley on various roads and footpaths. 

Start by following the cobbled pathway, which leads from the bus stop. After crossing a large black soccer field, trail markers (short wooden poles with yellow stripes) guide you left and then right up the stairs and along a cobbled pedestrian walkway. 

Soon, the trail becomes a dirt path. More stairs usher you to the road, where you’ll be met with another set of trail signs. Turn right in the direction of El Sao and follow the paved road. Soon, the trail leaves the road, following another paved path and then a pedestrian footpath, lined with plants. 

El Sao, Agaete, Gran Canaria

The trail leaves the bed of the ravine, entering a more forested area. High above the valley and surrounded by mountains, the trail joins the paved road to El Sao (487 m). 

El Sao to El Hornillo (40 minutes)

El Hornillo Views, Gran Canaria

At El Sao, there’s a small parking lot and trail signs to El Hornillo, 1.5 km. The path is sometimes set with stones. You’ll pass an old watermill Molino de Abajo, which was built in 1900. 

The trail continues to ascend. You’ll see a cave settlement, just before plateauing at Refugio El Hornillo, a rural hostel/guesthouse for hikers. Drinks and snacks available. 

El Hornillo to Presa de los Pérez (30 minutes)

Follow trail S-97 in the direction of Lugarejos. After passing the refugio and church, follow the paved road to the Presa de los Pérez dam (832 m).

Presa de los Pérez to Siete Pinos trail intersection (1:15 hours)

Tamadaba Pine Forest, Gran Canaria

At the dam, turn right in the direction of Tamadaba. Pass the gate and walk across the dam wall. Soon, the path leads away from the dam and up into the bushy canary pine forest. 

We loved this part of the route, because it was quiet and relaxing (no barking dogs and loud cars). 

As you gain elevation, the forest floor becomes increasingly covered in Canary Island Sage. 

After an hour of continuously ascending, the trail divides. Take the left upper track. The trail steepens noticeably and then flattens out as it approaches the nondescript Siete Pinos intersection – the highest point of this circuit trail. 

There’s nothing remarkable about this forest crossroads. However, it’s only downhill from here on out – something worth celebrating!

Siete Pinos to Era de Berbique (1:45 hours)

Tamadaba to Era de Berbique Trail, Gran Canaria

Follow S-90 in the direction of Agaete and A.R. Tamadaba

The forest path continues, descending gently to a large picnic area with tables and BBQs known as Área recreativa Tamadaba. 

Continue on the forest road in the direction of Berbique, signed 3.7 km. 

Views begin to open up to the coast. 

Just as you’re about to leave the pine forest, where the trail makes a sharp right downhill, follow the unsigned path, past a eucalyptus tree, straight ahead. This footpath leads to a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the coast. 

Return to the path and descend along the serpentine trail. This dramatic descent is the long-waited dessert of this long hike. 

Tamadaba to Berbique Trail, Gran Canaria

As you progress, you’ll see the Era de Berbique circular threshing floor below. That’s the goal.

Era de Berbique to San Pedro (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Era de Berbique to San Pedro, Agaete Valley, Gran Canaria

The descent leads through a volcanic tuff landscape accented by rushes. 

There’s a large pre-Hispanic cave complex off to the left known as Cuevas de Berbique. 

The trail twists down, now secured with chains and a fence. 

Continue descending to the ravine bed of Barranco del Chorro del Ingenio, and then turn left following the flat, easy path towards Agaete Valley. 

You’ll pass another threshing circle, before making your final descent to San Pedro.

When the trail ends, follow the steep paved road down to the village center. 

Where to Stay in Northwest Gran Canaria

Puerto de las Nieves

We highly recommend staying in the fishing village of Puerto de las Nieves, which is also the port of Agaete. The best accommodation is Hotel & Spa Cordial Roca Negra followed by Hotel Puerto de las Nieves. Puerto de las Nieves is very charming and has a lot to offer: multiple harbor-side restaurants, a scenic beach, a wonderful promenade, and public volcanic rock pools. 

Midrange | Hotel Puerto de Las Nieves is centrally located in Puerto de las Nieves, a short walk to the port restaurants, Playa de las Nieves beach, and Agaete Piscina Natural pools. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Hotel features include indoor swimming pool, indoor whirlpool, and a free private underground parking garage.

Luxury | Hotel & Spa Cordial Roca Negra is the finest accommodation in Puerto de las Nieves, Agaete, featuring a swimming pool, whirlpool, sky rooftop bar, on-site restaurant, and spa (extra charge). The hotel occupies an elevated position on a cliff, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s connected to the coastal promenade and the Agaete natural pools by a pedestrian stairway path (4 minute walk).

Rooms are modern, spacious and very comfortable. Breakfast is included in the rate, and half board is optional. The staff is attentive and eager to please. Guests can park along the street for free, or park in the hotel’s paid parking garage.

Look for accommodation in Puerto de las Nieves.


The white-washed town of Agaete is located inland, about 1.3 km from the Puerto de las Nieves and the coast. Though it’s a lovely town, it’s not as animated as Puerto de las Nieves. If you stay in Agaete, you can walk to Puerto de las Nieves in 15-20 minutes. Agaete, however, has more budget-friendly options including Casa Calma Yoga Guesthouse (hostel), Casa Luna (guesthouse), and Harizan (apartment).

Budget | Casa Calma Yoga Guesthouse is a cheerful and social hostel in Agaete, offering double rooms as well as dormitory beds. All rooms have a shared bathroom and shower. Guests have access to a shared kitchen and lounge. Stay here if you want to connect with other travelers. 

Look for accommodation in Agaete.

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