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Emperor’s Crown Stage 2: Hiking from Stripsenjochhaus to Gasteig, Kaiser Mountains, Austria

This is the trail description for Stage 2 of our Emperor’s Crown (Kaiserkrone) Trek in the Wilder Kaiser Mountains of Tirol, Austria. 

For a full overview of this multi-day hike, please read our Emperor’s Crown Hiking Guide.

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Stripsenkopf, Kaiser Mountains, Tirol, Austria
  • Starting Point: Stripsenjochhaus
  • Ending Point: Gasteig
  • Distance: 16.1 km point-to-point
  • Time Needed: 6 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 641 meters
  • Elevation Loss: 1456 meters
  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
  • Minimum Elevation: 722 meters
  • Maximum Elevation: 1811 meters
  • Route: Stripsenjochhaus (1580 m) – Tristecken (1710 m) – Feldberg (1830 m) – Obere Scheibenbichlalm (1511 m) – Schneebichl (1470 m) – Kaiserbachtal Mautstelle/Toll road entrance – Griesenau (719 m) – Gasteig (746 m) 
  • Lunch Options: None. You can eat at the Gasthof Griesenau, but it takes about 5:30-6 hours to hike to Griesenau. We recommend buying a lunch packet at Stripsenjochhaus for this stage. 
  • Stay in Gasteig: Hotel Gut Kramerhof (midrange), Gasthaus Mitterjager (budget), or Mountain Blast Guesthouse (budget – further away)

Emperor’s Crown Map: Stage 2

Stripsenjochhaus to Gasteig Trail Description

Stripsenjochhaus to Stripsenkopf (40 Minutes) 

Stripsenjochhaus to Stripsenkopf, Wilder Kaiser, Austria
Trail 825

From the Stripsenjoch saddle, head north along trail 825. There’s a viewpoint, marked by a cross, just above the hut. 

Follow this trail for about 15-20 minutes, crossing tussock slopes along a balcony path.  At the signed trail juncture, you can detour to Stripsenkopf (20 minutes one-way), or continue in the direction of Feldberg (signed 1:15 hours).

Stripsenkopf, Kaiser Mountains, Austria

We highly recommend detouring to the peak, crowned with a viewing pavilion.

From the summit, there’s a wonderful vantage point of the Kaiserbachtal valley and the dramatic Wilder Kaiser peaks: Predigstuhl (2116 m), Hintere-Going Halt (2192 m), Fleischbank (2181 m), and Totenkirchl (2190 m). 

Stripsenkopf to Feldberg (1:35 hours)

Stripsenkopf Ridge, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Stripsenkopf – Feldberg Ridge Trail

Return to the trail juncture along the same path. 

This stage of the Kaiserkrone trail heads northeast/east along the Feldberg ridge, high above Kaiserbachtal valley, for several hours. 

Stripsenkopf and Feldberg are summits in the Zahmer Kaiser (“Tame Kaiser”) Mountains.

As you follow the ridge between the peaks, you’re hiking between the Zahmer Kaiser (“Tame Kaiser” Mountains) and the Wilder Kaiser (“Wild Kaiser” Mountains) on an easy, undulating mountain trail.

The trail is flanked by dwarf-pine, so it’s never too narrow or exposed. However, there are some rugged sections, which require extra caution.

Stripsenkopf - Feldberg Ridge Trail, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Stripsenkopf – Feldberg Ridge Trail

You’ll have views of both sub-ranges through the day, though the trail favors the Wilder Kaiser side. 

Feldberg - Stripsenjoch Ridge, Kaiser Mountains, Austria

The path first ascends to Tristecken summit (1710 m) and then continues another 20 minutes to Feldberg (1813 m), where there’s a bench, cross, and summit register.

Feldberg to Griesenau (3 hours)

Feldberg Ridge Descent, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Feldberg Ridge

The Kaiserkrone path descends along the panoramic ridge. On your left, mountain pasture huts dot the Kohlalmtal valley below. 

As you progress, the trail is increasingly forested with lacey larch and spruce trees.

Emperor's Crown / Kaiserkrone Trail 825, Kaiser Mountains, Austria

Eventually, you’ll come to a mountain pasture. Follow signs to Griesenau (signed 2 hours). 

The route then follows a gravel track to Obere Scheibenbichlalm alpine pasture (unmanaged), surrounded by grazing cattle. 

Obere Scheibenbichlalm, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Obere Scheibenbichlalm

When you reach the rustic Almhütte (alpine pasture hut), unhook (and re-hook) the fence and hike around the hut. There’s a road leading directly from the Almhütte. 

Schneebichl ascent, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Ascent to Schneebichl

Follow this road for a few meters, until you see mini pole trail markers leading right away from the road. The path initially descends across a meadow and then quickly climbs up the Schneebichl hill (1470 m). 

From Schneebichl, the trail descends slowly across more pastures. There are waymarks painted on rocks along the path to guide you. 

Alpine Pastures, Kaiser Mountains, Austria

Step over the pasture fence using the stile and continue descending along the alpine pasture fence. 

The trail leads across more grassy pastures and then joins the road to Untere Scheibenbichlalm (also unmanaged).

Untere Scheibenbichalm, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Untere Scheibenbichalm

From the Untere Scheibenbichalm, continue following the macadam road. The road descends all the way to Kaiserbachtal valley. However, you can always opt for the hiking path (signed “Wanderweg”), which cuts through the forest.

The hiking path intersects with the road several times, before ultimately joining the road.

After steadily descending through thick forest for one hour, you’ll reach the valley floor.

Head left along the paved road (Kaiserbachtal toll road), parallel to the Kaiserbach river, to the “Mautstelle” toll road entrance gate (10-15 minutes)

Kaiserbachtal to Griesenau, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Kaiserbachtal road to Griesenau

Pass the gate and the parking lot and continue along the road into Griesenau (10 minutes).

Griesenau to Gasteig (1:30 hours)

Gasthof Griesenau, Kaiserkrone, Kaiser Mountains, Austria
Gasthof Griesenau

Just before entering Griesenau, the Kaiserkrone trail bears right. 

If you want to grab something to eat, head into town. You’ll see the inviting Gasthof Griesenau Inn just across the Landstrasse 176. The restaurant is open everyday except Monday. 

If you’re feeling satiated and ready to call it a day, you can also take a bus to Gasteig. Bus #4000 departs Griesenau 3-6 times per day. 

Check the schedule in advance using this timetable. (From: Bus Stop: “Kirchdorf in Tirol Griesenau”; To: Bus Stop: “Kirchdorf in Tirol Gasteig”).

The bus ride takes 4 minutes.

Stay in Gasteig

We stayed at the friendly Hotel Gut Kramerhof in Gasteig. This farm hotel is situated directly on the Emperor’s Crown Trail.

Kramerhof is a working farm with horses, pigs, goats, and sheep. After checking-in, you can explore the farm, with the exception of the horse barn. 

Check-in: 3 pm earliest 

Check-out: 10 am latest

Payment: Cash or Credit Card

Afternoon Snack: a small afternoon snack buffet is served between 3 and 5 pm

Half Board Dinner: served between 6 and 8 pm. When you check-in, the receptionist will show you your dining table for dinner and breakfast. Alternatively, you can eat in the a la carte restaurant, which is open until 8:30 pm, daily. 

Breakfast: served between 7:30 and 10 am. You can ask to have breakfast at 7 am.

Book your Stay at Hotel Gut Kramerhof.

More accommodation options in Gasteig: Gasthaus Mitterjager (budget) and Mountain Blast Guesthouse (budget).

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