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Hiking the Pink Granite Coast from Trégastel to Perros-Guirec in Brittany, France

The Pink Granite Coast (Côte de Granit Rose in French) of Brittany in Northern France is a mesmerizing stretch of Breton coastline strewn with copper-pink granite rocks that have been shaped by the elements over the course of millenia. 

Travelers flock to Perros-Guirec, Ploumanac’h, and Trégastel to take in the rouge seascape of stacked, sculpturesque boulders, more precious than diamonds. 

Like many others, photos of the Pink Granite Coast and the iconic Ploumanac’h Lighthouse inspired our trip to Brittany. Eager to gaze upon the pink beacon of light, which planted a seed of obsession for all things Breton, we set out to see as much of the Pink Granite Coast as possible during our 10-Day Brittany Road Trip.

The best way to experience the Pink Granite Coast is by following the GR 34 coastal trail from Trégastel to Perros-Guirec. While shorter jaunts along the Pink Granite Coast are possible, this 15 km point-to-point hike ties together the most striking viewpoints and motifs in one go. 

Starting at Plage du Coz-Pors, the trail traces the impressive Île Renote peninsula and then contours around Baie de Sainte-Anne to Plage de Tourony, where there’s an excellent outlook towards the island castle of Château de Costaérès. 

After crossing two mill bridges, the coastal path wraps around Ploumanac’h peninsula to Plage Saint Guirec, a perfect destination for lunch. After a triumphant dash to the iconic Phare de Ploumanac’h lighthouse (Phare de Mean Ruz), the Sentier des Douaniers (Custom Officer’s Path) leads southeast to Plage de Trestraou and ultimately Perros-Guirec. 

Read our Pink Granite Coast hiking guide for a detailed overview of this unmissable trail in Brittany, including tips on getting to the trailhead and the best places to stay nearby.

Pointe de l'Ile Renote, Ile Renote Peninsula, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany

Pink Granite Coast Pink Geology and Unique Color

Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

300 million years ago, this area was buried under a volcanic mountain chain. 

Driven by powerful earth forces, magma rose and formed a chamber 5 km below the peaks of the Hercynian mountain range. Over time, the pressure and gradual cooling transformed the magma into granite.

Over the millennia, this mountain range eroded, exposing the granite massif underneath. Then, over millions of years, the granite itself eroded. Rain, frost, wind, and salt filled the natural cracks of the rocks, thus creating the uniquely-sculpted formations we see today along the Pink Granite Coast.

As for the color, granite is composed of three main minerals: black-hued mica, pink-hued feldspar, and gray-hued quartz. 

Feldspar is typically white, but along the Pink Granite Coast impurities of hematite (iron oxide) mixed into the feldspar crystals. This combination gives the rock its beautiful coppery-pink color. 

Where is the Pink Granite Coast

Ile Renote peninsula, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, Northern France

The Pink Granite Coast lies within the Côtes-d’Armor region of Brittany. 

The Perros-Guirec tourist office affirms that the Pink Granite Coast is strictly the stretch of coastline between Trébeurden and Perros-Guirec. 

Other sources state that the Pink Granite Coast runs between Trébeurden and Île-de-Bréhat. 

Needless to say, the most impressive rose-colored rock formations are located around Trégastel and Ploumanac’h, all of which you’ll see on this Côte de Granit Rose hike. 

Where to Start the Pink Granite Coast Hike


Plage du Coz-Pors, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

We recommend starting your Pink Granite Coast at Plage du Coz-Pors in Trégastel (Google Maps).

If you’re staying in Perros-Guirec, or Ploumanac’h, you can either navigate to Trégastel by bus (line E), or by taxi. 

Take bus E to Trégastel Sainte-Anne. If you’re visiting outside of high season, bus frequency is limited, so a taxi may be a better option. 

Check out Taxi Triagoz and Taxi Rouzaut. 

For further information about transit and private transfers, contact the tourist office in Perros-Guirec

Pink Granite Coast Hike Description

Plage du Coz-Pors – Pointe de l’Ile Renote – Parking Île Renote  (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Plage de Ker ar Vir, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

Follow the coastal trail northeast along Plage du Coz-Pors to the Île Renote peninsula.  

Along the way to Plage de Ker ar Vir, you’ll see the cube-shaped Le Dé, known as the “die,” teetering on an offshore outcrop.

The way crosses the Beg ar Vir to headland to reach the Île Renote car park.

Île Renote was actually a tidal island, hence the name, before it was connected to the mainland in the late 19th century. 

Plage de l'île Renote, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

Though it’s possible to bypass the Tour de L’Île Renote trail, we don’t recommend it. The beaches and coves of Île Renote are scattered with heaps of pink granite boulders. 

At first, the trail runs parallel to the sandy Plage de l’île Renote and then bends to Pointe de l’Île Renote. 

Here, the coast is a jumble of smooth granite rocks stacked and sculpted in extraordinary ways. 

Pointe de l'Ile Renote, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

Tracing the perimeter of the peninsula, the path loops around to Plage Ty-Lia and continues along the southeast side, eventually rejoining the main coastal trail.  

Parking Île Renote to Plage de Tourony (45 minutes)

Château de Costaérès, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

The coastal trail rounds the bay along a narrow cement path, before leading inland. Follow Allée des Goélands and then Boulevard du Coz Pors to Plage Sainte-Anne. 

The beachside trail continues to the quiet Turony peninsula, where you’ll initially pass a playground and the Étang des Cynges pond.

The crescent-shaped Plage de Tourony delivers a pretty outlook of Château de Costaérès, the castle that inhabits the island between the Île Renote and Ploumanac’h Peninsulas.

Château de Costaérès was built in 1896 by Bruno Abakanowicz. The castle is privately owned and classified as a historic monument. 

Plage de Tourony to Plage Saint Guirec (40 minutes)

Port de Ploumanac'h, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

From the Turony beach, the trail departs the coast for a few minutes, but soon returns to the seaside to cross the Moulin à marée du Grand Traouïero mill bridge. 

Next, the coastal trail leads to another mill bridge: Moulin à marée du Petit Traouïero. If this bridge is closed, you will have to detour along D788, Chemin de l’Etang, and finally Rue du Moulin to return to the GR 34 coastal trail. 

Without any further interruption, the pink granite coast trail leads to Port de Ploumanac’h, where there’s a small procession of accommodations and eateries including Hôtel des Rochers and Crêperie Le Bistrot du Port.

There are public toilets at the end of Chemin de la Pointe (Google Maps).

Parc de la Bastille, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

The trail crosses Parc de la Bastille, weaving between giant boulders, and then drops down to Plage de la Bastille and then continues to La Plage Saint Guirec, home to the 4-star Castel Beau Site and several restaurants. 

La Plage Saint Guirec, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

The sheltered bay of Saint Guirec is an ideal place to eat lunch.

Ossa Bar a Galettes (Google Maps) is the local favorite for crepes. The beachside restaurant Le Coste Mor (Google Maps) offers full service dining on their terrace as well as self-service, take-away baguette sandwiches.

Plage Saint Guirec to Phare de Ploumanac’h Lighthouse / Phare de Mean Ruz (20 minutes)

Phare de Mean Ruz, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

At the end of the Saint Guirec beach, the trail swings right along a hedge-lined passage, skirting private property. 

Soon, the trail rejoins the coast, following Le Sentier des Douaniers (Custom’s Trail). Paths spiral out to various lookout points of Phare de Mean Ruz, the iconic lighthouse of Ploumanac’h.

Pass by Chapelle du diable, a stone structure adorned with gargoyles and hammered by bullets from WWII. This curious building is actually a private boat garage, not a chapel. 

Shortly thereafter, hikers can detour out-and-back to the Mean Ruz lighthouse.

The original lighthouse was built in 1860, but destroyed during the Second World War in 1944. The current structure was built in 1947 using pink granite from La Clarté. 

Phare de Mean Ruz to Plage de Trestraou (1:15 hours)

Pors Kamor, Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

Beyond the lighthouse, the trail wraps around Pors Kamor, the bay that’s bisected by the SNSM lifeboat station boat ramp.

Sentier des Douaniers, or Custom Officer’s Path, along the Pink Granite Coast, Brittany, France

The trail passes a succession of rocky headlands and bays, where captivating outlooks await at every turn. 

Pink Granite Coast hiking trail, Brittany, France

After Pors Rolland, the pink granite rocks peter out and the trail continues along verdant cliffs to Plage de Trestraou, a large white sandy beach, rimmed by a promenade and flanked by Beachfront villas, restaurants, and cafés are abundant. 

Plage de Trestraou to Perros-Guirec (20 minutes)

Plage de Trestraou, Perros-Guirec, Brittany, France

The hike more or less ends at Plage de Trestraou. 

After a much-needed allongé, we continued the final leg of our hike to Hôtel Les Costans in Perros-Guirec. 

Hiking the Sentier des Douaniers along the Pink Granite Coast: Our Experience

Pink Granite Coast hiking trail, Brittany, France

This well-graded coastal path is flat and well-kept, attracting visitors of all ages. 

Unique seascapes, easy access, and excellent photography opportunities are the perfect recipe for overcrowding. 

We absolutely loved this Pink Granite Coast hike, but it was by far the busiest trail we encountered during our trip to Brittany. 

While the coastal trail around Île Renote and Baie de Sainte-Anne wasn’t overly crowded, the Ploumanac’h stretch was teeming with walkers. 

Enjoy the route, but don’t expect to be alone. 

Where to Stay on the Pink Granite Coast

Hôtel Les Costans in Perros-Guirec

Hôtel Les Costans occupies a quiet location overlooking the sea, between the Trestraou and Trestrignel beaches in Perros-Guirec. 

This 3-star hotel is a perfect base for those that appreciate serenity, quality breakfasts, and sea views. 

Guests can take in the glistening waters of the English Channel from the garden, or the stylish breakfast room, which doubles as a tapas lounge-bar in the evening. 

Though the airy rooms of Hôtel Les Costans reflect the tastes and sensibilities of today, this property has a long history and has served many functions over the last century: school,military  hospital, and finally hotel. 

Spotless and full of light, rooms are decked in a neutral palette of cream, black, and white with rattan accents.

Welcome extras include the water filtration system at the hotel entrance and free on-site parking.

Check availability and prices

Look for accommodation in Perros-Guirec.

More Perros-Guirec Hotels and Accommodations 

Hôtel Les Costans sea-view breakfast room and tapas bar, Perros-Guirec, Brittany, France
Hôtel Les Costans

Budget | Kanoperoz-Plage de Trestraou is a one-bedroom apartment with a washing machine and free on-site parking,  just steps away from Trestraou beach. 

Midrange | Villa les Hydrangeas – Hôtel restaurant vue mer is a quiet 3-star hotel and restaurant with sea view rooms in Perros-Guirec, near Trestrignel beach.  

5-star Luxury | Spa L’Agapa by CODAGE sets the bar high with its elegant black-and-white rooms, enticing spa facilities, and gourmet restaurant. Its hilltop perch affords sweeping views of Trestraou Beach and the nearby Sept-Iles archipelago.

4-star Luxury | The seafront Grand Hôtel Perros-Guirec at Trestraou beach evokes a bygone era with its casino, cocktail bar, and turn-of-the-century lobby illuminated by chandeliers. The most appealing facilities of the hotel are new, including the rooftop panoramic terrace (where breakfast is served), the elegant sea-view rooms, the spa, and the gourmet Le Jo’Ker restaurant. 

More Perros-Guirec Accommodations | Chez Malo (budget-friendly apartment), Ma Ripoz B&B (B&B), and Roz Marine Thalasso (4-star luxury). 

Ploumanac’h Accommodations | Hôtel des Rochers (3-star seafront hotel at Port de Ploumanac’h) and Castel Beau Site (4-star seafront hotel at Saint Guirec Beach) 

Families love staying in these nearby vacation homes: Les tuiles rouges, Domaine du Mimosa, and Manoir des petites Bretonnes (7-day minimum stay). 

Look for accommodation in Perros-Guirec.

This Pink Granite Coast guide was created in collaboration with Visit Bretagne.

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