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How to Visit Crozon Peninsula in Brittany, France

Crozon Peninsula (Presqu’île de Crozon in French, Gourenez Kraozon in Breton) is located in the Finistère department of Brittany in Northern France, between Brest and Quimper. 

When one goes about searching for the most scenic walks in Brittany, Crozon Peninsula often tops the list. So, of course, visiting Crozon was one of our priorities. 

Here, the windswept coastline unfolds dramatically in a procession of cliffs, rugged headlands, offshore rock stacks, hidden bays, and crescent sandy beaches. 

Stretches of the coast are rocky and carpeted in low-lying gorse and heather, whilst others are verdant, even lush. On a sunny day, you may feel like you’re ambling across some exotic Caribbean island, especially between Cap de la Chèvre and Plage de l’île Vierge.

It’s not surprising then that Crozon Peninsula’s greatest appeal lies in its wild and untouched coastal landscapes, which are thankfully protected as part of the Armorique Regional Nature Park. 

Walking along the clifftop Sentier Côtier, or coastal trail, will likely be the focus of your trip to Crozon, alongside visiting its many beaches. 

Use this guide to find out where to hike, where to stay (critical), and where to eat in Crozon Peninsula. 

Pointe de Pen Hir, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France
  • When to Visit: Late May – September
  • Getting around Crozon Peninsula: The best way to get around the Crozon Peninsula is with your own vehicle. If you’re planning on trekking the GR34 around Crozon, there are bus connections to Le Faou from Brest and Quimper. 
  • Must-Visit Places: Pointe de Pen Hir, Pointe de Dinan, Cap de la Chèvre, Plage de Morgat, and Chez Germaine (beachside crêperie)
  • Where to Stay in Crozon Peninsula: Morgat: L’Escale Marine, The Originals Relais (top-choice midrange hotel), Appartements Fontaine (adults-only apartments), L améthystes (beachfront apartment), TY SEA (budget-friendly apartment), and Maison à l’orée du bois du Kador (3-bedroom vacation home)
  • Get the Guidebook: DK Eyewitness Brittany

Beautiful Places to Visit around Crozon Peninsula

Pointe de Pen Hir

Pointe de Pen Hir Hike, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

Pointe de Pen Hir is a striking headland that juts out towards a string of islands called Tas de Pois (“piles of peas”).

Rugged cliffs, chiseled into a shape of crown, form an arch that shelters a beautiful rocky cove. Beyond the crown-like promontory, you can see the offshore rock stacks punctuating the horizon. 

The nearby stone monument memorializes the Breton Resistance during World War II. 

Though Pointe de Pen Hir is easily accessible by car, we recommend hiking here from Camaret-sur-mer.

Pointe de Pen Hir Hike

From the village of Camaret, we followed the coastal trail to Pointe du Grand Gouin, where there’s a small fort built in 1859.

The path continues across the cliffs that rim Porzh Naye, a bay with a pair of islets. 

Next, the Ponte de Pen Hir-bound trail leads to the slender headland of Pointe du Toulinguet, which is easily recognizable by its defensive wall and lighthouse.

The tip of the Toulinguet headland is a military zone and hence closed to the public. Cut across the headland’s neck (there’s no need to go all the way up to the wall), and continue to Plage de Pen Hat.

The clifftop path contours around the beach. Though you’ll see surfers here, signs indicate that swimming is forbidden.  

Plage de Pen Hat, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

The trail passes by the Atlantic Battle Memorial Museum with its collection of historic anchors on the way to Pointe de Pen Hir. 

The Pen Hir headland is formed by sandstone and quartzite sedimentary rocks dating back 475 million years. 

Pointe de Pen Hir, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

After sufficiently taking in the wild and rugged beauty of Pen Hir, follow the coastal trail to Plage de Veryac’h and Chez Germaine. 

Treat yourself to a delicious crepe and artisan cider at Chez Germaine, a very cool beachside crêperie with indoor and outdoor seating and amazing staff. 

We ordered the delicious Complete Jambon (cheese, egg, and ham) and Chevre Miel & Tomates confites (goat cheese, honey, and diced tomatoes). 

Hike across the Falaises du Veryac’h cliffs. When you intersect with a paved road, Route de Lamzoz, turn left. 

At this point, you will depart from the coast and circuit back to Camaret via the megalithic Lagatjar standing stones.

Follow Route de Lamzoz inland. After 800 meters, continue on Rue du Kreisker and then Rue des Menhirs to reach the Alignements de Lagatjar. The way back to Camaret isn’t officially marked, so a hiking app, or even Google Maps will be helpful. 

Lagatjar alignments, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

The Lagatjar alignments are a total of 87 standing stones, presumably dating back 2500 years, arranged in perpendicular lines. Though it’s impossible to know the exact purpose of these megaliths, many believe that the positioning of the stones is astronomical. The Celts, who later inhabited the region, gave their own meaning to the monuments. 

From here, complete the circuit by following Rue Saint-Pol Roux to the center of Camaret. 

Trail Stats

Trailhead | Camaret-Sur-Mer 

Distance | 10.6 km circuit

Time Needed | 3 hours (allow 4:30 hours with lunch break at Chez Germaine)

Elevation Gain/Loss | 154 meters

Difficulty | Easy

Cap de la Chèvre

Cap de la Chèvre, Camaret Sur Mer, Alignements de Lagatjar, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

Cap de la Chèvre, or Cape of the Goat, is the southernmost headland of Crozon Peninsula. It bounds Douarnenez Bay to the north. 

A spectacular coastal path leads from Cap de la Chèvre to Plage de l’île Vierge, starting at either Parking de Saint-Hernot (Google Maps), or Cap de la Chèvre car park (Google Maps). 

The coastline is abundant in fern and pine, a stark contrast to the heather and gorse heathland that dominate most of the peninsula. 

Hiking trail around Porzh Sant-Nikolaz, Cap de la Chèvre, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

From the Cap de la Chèvre car park, trails fan out in all directions to the coast. Due to erosion, the immediate cliff trails are off limits. Though completely understandable, it’s also disappointing, because the best vantage points are out of reach. 

But, if you continue south in the direction of Morgat, the trail crescendos in beauty, especially around Porzh Sant-Nikolaz

Pointe de Dinan 

Pointe de Dinan, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

Pointe de Dinan (Beg Din in Breton) is the photo-worthy, rugged headland that’s located between Pointe de Pen Hir and Cap de la Chèvre. 

The cliffs of Pointe de Dinan afford an impressive outlook of “Château de Dinan,” an islet linked to the mainland by a natural arch. 

We parked at Parking Pointe De Dinan (Google Maps) and traced the circular trail around the headland. We continued south to Porzh Mel, but cut our hike short due to blistering winds. The hike can be extended south to Pointe de Lostmarc’h and the menhirs of Lostmarc’h or east to Plage Goulien. 

Trail Stats

Trailhead | Parking Pointe de Dinan

Distance | 2.2 km

Time Needed | 45 minutes

Elevation Gain/Loss | 58 meters

Difficulty | Easy

Where to Stay in Crozon Peninsula 

Crozon Peninsula’s most striking landscapes and interesting places are concentrated along its Atlantic-battered western-end.

The most popular places to stay are Morgat and Camaret-sur-Mer.


Morgat, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

Morget is a proper seaside resort with a gorgeous sprawling beach, Plage de Morgat, and a fresh assortment of shops, creperies, bars, and restaurants. 

Aside from relishing the crescent sweep of sand at the town’s doorstep, visitors can boat to the nearby sea caves, Grottes de Morgat, and trace the clifftop trail to Plage de l’île Vierge and onwards to Cap de la Chèvre.

The town center is located on the southend of  Morgat beach. For crepes, look no further than Baradoz, located a stone’s throw from the happening wine bar Tonnerre de Bresse. For a gourmet dining experience, reserve a table at Bistrot le 34 inside L’Escale Marine hotel

Polished and upbeat, Morget is the best place to base yourself in the Crozon Peninsula. 

Top Choice – Midrange | L’Escale Marine, The Originals Relais is a 3-star hotel with private parking, an excellent restaurant (Bistrot le 34) and bar, and air-conditioned and soundproof rooms. Expect a warm welcome and a delicious breakfast. 

Adults-Only Apartments | Top-rated Appartements Fontaine – A Vous Morgat offers spotless modern apartments with free parking just steps away from the Morgat beach. 

Beachfront Apartment | L améthystes is a seaview apartment with a double bed and 1 sofa bed in Morgat with a fully-equipped kitchen, free parking, and a washing machine. 

Apartment | TY SEA is a budget-friendly, one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Morgat with parking. 

Vacation Home | The 3-bedroom Maison à l’orée du bois du Kador, situated 1-km away from Plage de Morgat, is a great option for families. The rental home features minimalist nordic furnishings, a well-kept garden and terrace, and BBQ facilities. 

Look for accommodation in Morgat


Camaret Sur Mer, Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France

Camaret-sur-Mer is located on the western tip of the Crozon Peninsula. The fishing village is nestled along a sheltered harbor, where the tide rolls in and out throughout the day, revealing a seaweed-spangled seashore. 

A long seawall borders the harbor and leads to Notre-Dame de Rocamadour, where model ships hang from the ceiling beams. Adjacent to the church is the ochre-colored Vauban Tower, built in 1689 by the famous military engineer Sébastien Le Prestre, Marquis of Vauban who worked under Louis XIV. Vauban’s legacy of fortifications and defensive structures can be seen all across Brittany. 

Before reaching the church and the tower, you’ll see a graveyard of old fishing boats that were used in the mid 1900s for fishing lobsters and sardines. 

Though Camaret may have been charming years ago, it felt quite run-down and lifeless when we visited. Many buildings are dilapidated and badly in need of upkeep. 

In early June, the main drag along the harbor was semi-shut down, with only a few unremarkable eateries and bakeries open. Perhaps, the vibe and overall atmosphere improves throughout the summer season. 

Needless to say, we were disappointed, especially because Rough Guides described Camaret as “one of the loveliest seaside towns in all Brittany” (page 257). 

However, Camaret is remarkably well-positioned for strolls to Pointe de Pen Hir, Pointe du Toulinguet, and Alignements de Lagatjar. So, our time here was by no means wasted. 

We stayed two nights in a seaview room at Le Thalassa Hôtel Spa Restaurant à Camaret sur Mer. The hotel itself was quiet and clean and perfectly situated.

If you’re traveling with your family, check out this vacation home: Maison d’exception ~ Vue Mer ~ 100m de la plage.

Look for accommodation in Camaret-Sur-Mer.

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How to Visit Crozon Peninsula in Brittany, France

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