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How to Find Caló des Moro Beach in Mallorca

Caló des Moro is a “beach” in southeast Mallorca set in a deep turquoise bay, flanked by limestone cliffs. 

Of all the picture-perfect coves in Mallorca, Caló des Moro is perhaps the most ravishing. Gentle waves lazily lap the rocky shore. Pine trees sway atop the pearly-white and ochre cliffs. 

It’s a harmonious scene full of bright, life-affirming colors. This slice of paradise is a reminder that mother earth is indeed the greatest artist. 

While we’d love to tell you that Caló des Moro is still a secret, it is not. It’s swarming with visitors. For the best experience, arrive early in the day and avoid weekends. 

Caló des Moro Beach, Mallorca

Caló des Moro Map

Where is Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is located along the southeast coast of Mallorca, close to Cala Llombards and Cala Figuera. 

The closest towns are Ses Salines and Santanyi. 

How to Visit Caló des Moro Responsibly 

Walking to Caló des Moro Cliff Viewpoint, Mallorca

Caló des Moro and Cala S’Almunia are located on private property. 

The private foundation, Fundació Amics d’Es Caló des Moro – S’Almonia, owns and cares for the land. For more than 15 years, they have painstakingly cleaned and cleared the land as well as planted indigenous plants.

It’s a privilege to visit. Please ensure that you follow the rules:

  • Do not light fires
  • Do not camp
  • Do not have picnics 
  • Do not litter. Dispose of your rubbage in the waste bins along the street. 
  • Do not smoke 
  • Do not fly drones
  • Stay on marked paths only

How to Get to Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is only accessible by foot. Wear sturdy shoes (no flip flops).

Depending on where you park, it can take anywhere between 15 – 30 minutes to reach the cove. 

Caló des Moro Parking 

There’s a large parking lot on Camí de Cala Llombards between Cala Llombards and Caló des Moro. 

Exact Location: Google Maps

There’s also street parking closer to the cove. 

If you try to find street parking, be mindful of the parking restrictions. 

Where to Start the Walk to Caló des Moro

The easiest way to get to Caló des Moro is to take the steep staircase from the residential Carrer des Caló des Moro street down to Cala S’Almunia. 

Exact Location: Google Maps 

From Cala S’Almunia, you can follow the well-established path to Caló des Moro. 

Alternatively, you can follow the trail leading from the end of Carrer des Castellet street to Caló des Moro. 

Exact Location: Google Maps

Caló des Moro and Cala S’Almunia Trail Description

What We Did

Walking to Caló des Moro, Mallorca

Follow Carrer des Castellet street in the direction of the coast. At the very end of the street, locate the trail. Follow this path to the cliffs overlooking Caló des Moro.

After a few minutes, the trail splits. Bear right. 

Other paths, starting from various points along Carrer des Caló des Moro street, merge.

Soon, views open up to the ocean. The cliffside trail, secured with a wooden railing, leads you to the best viewpoints of Caló des Moro. 

Caló des Moro Beach, Mallorca

The terrain is rocky and rugged. 

Continue descending to the plateau – the strip of land between Caló des Moro and Cala s’Almunia.

Calo des Moro Trail, Mallorca

If you want, carefully walk down to the rocky shore of Caló des Moro.

From older photos we’ve seen, Caló des Moro appears to have a sandy shoreline. When we visited, there was only a patch of sand, surrounded by rugged boulders.

While swimming is still possible, it’s not as practical. Nonetheless, people do swim and snorkel around the bay (bring your own equipment). 

Continue following the fenced-in trail for about 220 meters to Cala s’Almunia.

Cala s'Almunia, Mallorca

When you reach the rocky cove of Cala s’Almunia, you’ll see a few fishermen’s huts and a slipway on the left. People sunbathe here and all around the cove. 

You can walk along the cove to Es Maquer beach and beyond for more vantage points. 

Eventually, make your way back to Cala s’Almunia and walk up the steep staircase to Carrer des Caló des Moro street. 

To reach the car park, follow Carrer des Caló des Moro to Carrer de s’Almunia. Turn right on Camí de Cala Llombards and you’ll soon arrive at the car park. 

Caló des Moro Facilities 

There are no facilities (cafés, toilets, etc…) at Caló des Moro or Cala S’Almunia. 

More Places to Visit Nearby

Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards, Mallorca

Cala Llombards is a dreamy cove with a white sand beach, set amidst sparkling-white limestone cliffs.  The water is splendidly turquoise, evocative of the Caribbean or French Polynesia. 

Save for a charming cluster of boathouses, there are no villas, hotels, or restaurants around the cove.

This is the best place to bathe, especially with children. 

You can park directly at the beach.

Exact Location: Google Maps

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera, Mallorca

Cala Figuera is located in the municipality of Santanyí, between Cala Mondragó and Cala Llombards. 

Its Y-shaped bay, lined with traditional white houses and pine trees, is the main attraction.

Follow the narrow pedestrian pathway along the Caló d’en Busques islet – the left fork of the bay – to the Cala Figuera harbor. Continue onwards to Caló d’en Boira. 

A visit to Cala Figuera need not be more complicated than a casual stroll combined with a seafood lunch at Restaurante Pura Vida or Bon Bar

Where to Stay near Caló des Moro

We recommend finding the best accommodation for your budget in either Cala Figuera, Ses Salines, Colonia Sant Jordi, or Santanyí. You can also visit Caló des Moro as a day trip from Palma de Mallorca.

Cala Figuera

Budget-Midrange | Apartamentos Villa Primera is a top-rated apartment complex in Cala Figuera. 

Look for accommodation in Cala Figuera.

Ses Salines

Midrange | Set in a renovated 13th century manor house in the heart of Ses Salines, Hotel Ca’n Bonico artfully balances historic elements with modern amenities. Guests love the hotel grounds, breakfast, swimming pool and bar. 

Luxury | Finca Hotel Rural Es Turó is a countryside estate hotel, 3.2 km from the Ses Salines town center (5 minute drive). Rustic, yet refined, this Finca hotel features 17 gorgeous bedrooms, an eye-catching infinity pool, and an on-site restaurant. Half board available. 

Look for accommodation in Ses Salines.

Colònia de Sant Jordi

Budget | Hostal Doris is centrally located in Colònia de Sant Jordi, a small beach resort just south of Es Trenc. This friendly, down-to-earth accommodation offers twin rooms and apartments. 

Budget-Midrange | Boutique Hostal Colonial is a family-friendly guesthouse with an on-site café in the heart of Colònia de Sant Jordi, close to the harbor. 

Luxury – Adults Only | Fontsanta Hotel Thermal Spa & Wellness is a sumptuous getaway, perfect for those craving solitude. Stay here for the top-notch spa facilities, relaxing atmosphere, and flawless service. Half board is available. 

Look for accommodation in Colònia Sant Jordi.


5 Star Luxury – Adults Only | Can Ferrereta stands out with its impeccably-designed rooms, spa and wellness center, garden, and on-site restaurant (Ocre – make a reservation). 

Look for accommodation in Santanyí.

Palma de Mallorca

Budget | Casa Catalina is a charming guesthouse located in the Santa Catalina district of Palma. 

Midrange | Fil Suites is a stylish aparthotel in a former textile factory. Guests love the quiet location (on the edge of the old town) and the beautifully-designed interiors. 

Luxury | Nakar Hotel is a modern 4-star hotel in the historic center of Palma. Guests savor the rooftop pool overlooking the city, the indoor pool and spa, and on-site restaurant and bar. Breakfast included.

Look for accommodation in Palma de Mallorca.

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How to Find Calo des Moro, Mallorca

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