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How to Get to the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs, Gozo Island, Malta

The Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs are a long strip of cliffed coastline in the southern coast of Gozo Island, close to the village of Sannat. Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.

Reaching a height of 138 meters above sea level, these vertical, limestone cliffs are not only the highest sea cliffs in Gozo, but arguably the most beautiful in Malta. 

They also serve as an important breeding ground for seabirds. The cliffs are home to the largest colony of Cory’s Shearwaters in the Maltese Islands, numbering 1000 pairs. European Storm Petrel, Yelkouan Shearwater, and Pallid Swift also nest here. The cliffs’ garrigue habitat also attracts many other birds. 

The Ta’ Cenc Cliffs viewpoint area is privately owned. However, access is allowed. But please remember, you’re a guest here. And, I imagine this gorgeous strip of coastline will only stay accessible to the public so long as visitors are respectful and quiet. That means, no drones, no dirt bikes, no music, etc…

This guide outlines the fastest route to the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs viewpoint by bus and by car and how to extend your visit. 

Keen walkers can hike from the cliffs all the way to Mgarr Harbor (the Gozo Ferry Terminal).

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Ta Cenc Cliffs Viewpoint, Gozo Island, Malta

Ta’ Cenc Cliffs Map

How to Get to Ta’ Cenc Cliffs Trailhead

Ta' Cenc Sea Cliffs, Gozo, Malta
Ta' Cenc Sea Cliffs, Gozo, Malta


Cenc Bus Stop to Ta' Cenc Cliffs, Gozo, Malta
The path behind the hotel

The closest bus stop to the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs is Cenc in Sannat.  Bus Line 305 connects Victoria, the capital of Gozo, with Cenc in Sannat. 

Cenc Bus Stop: Google Maps

The Cenc bus stop is located along a roundabout near the entrance road to Hotel Ta’ Cenc & Spa

From the Cenc bus stop, locate the Hotel Ta’ Cenc & Spa sign. Follow the road in the direction of the hotel. The road soon divides, with the right road leading to the hotel, and the left road leading to an empty lot. 

Take the left road. Cross the lot and follow signs to “Tennis,” “Mgarr Ix-Xini,” and “Beach” A pedestrian path leads past the covered tennis court to Triq ta’ Skerla road

Turn right on the paved road and walk 4 minutes (290 meters) to the “trailhead.”


Parking area near Ta' Cenc Cliffs, Gozo, Malta
The parking area at the trailhead

Drivers should park at the trailhead along Triq ta’ Skerla road/Triq tal-Kalkara road. Exact Location: Google Maps. There’s no official parking sign, but we saw seven cars parked here. 

If there’s no parking available here, you can park in Sannat.

At the end of the guide, we’ve detailed how to get to Gozo Island from Malta Island.

Ta’ Cenc Cliffs Viewpoint Walk

Ta' Cenc Cliffs, Gozo Coast, Malta

The trailhead isn’t marked or signed. But, there’s a strip of gravel along the road, where 7-10 cars can park. 

Turn right in the direction of the sea. The path immediately divides. Take the right trail, which leads directly to the coast.

When you reach the cliffs, there’s a nice view to the east, but don’t stop here. 

Turn left and follow the coastal path to the cliff plateau, which arches to the sea. There are no barriers, so be extra cautious around the cliff edge. 

Ta Cenc Cliffs View, Gozo, Malta

As you progress, the views unravel magnificently. The vertical-faced Ta’ Cenc Cliffs stretch out to the west, almost touching the horizon.

This is the highlight of the hike. And, if you’re pressed for time, there’s no need to go any further. 

Extending the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs Walk 

 Ras in-Newwiel point, Gozo, Malta

You can continue east to Ras in-Newwiel point, the Mġarr ix-Xini Bay (what we did) or even all the way to Mgarr and the Gozo Ferry Terminal

Use or another GPS navigation tool to navigate. Paths diverge and it’s not always clear which path to take. 

If you continue east, don’t miss Ras in-Newwiela point, a peaceful headland which boasts photo-worthy views. The main trail bypasses the headland. So, you’ll have to make a conscious effort to head down to the coast. 

More Ta’ Cenc Walking Tips 

Another way to experience the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs is to hike point-to-point from the Gozo Ferry Terminal to the cliffs and then onwards to Xlendi Bay (via Sannat). Most of the trail hugs the coast. Check out Visit Gozo’s Xlendi Walk

Where to Stay near Ta’ Cenc Cliffs

Ta' Cenc Cliffs, Gozo Island, Malta

Sannat, Gozo Island

Luxury | Hotel Ta’ Cenc & Spa is a resort located at Ta’ Cenc Cliffs. The location couldn’t possibly be better, but the reviews are mixed. The rooms and facilities are old and in need of an update. If you’re looking for a luxury stay in Gozo, check out Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Malta and Viewpoint Boutique Living hotel in Xlendi. 

Victoria, Gozo Island

Victoria (Citta’ ir-Rabat) is the vibrant capital and beating heart of Gozo Island. Perched on a hilltop in the middle of the island, the historic city of Victoria serves as a busy crossroads, where all roads converge. Here, you’ll find a plethora of accommodations, restaurants, cafés, and historic buildings, including the impressive medieval Cittadella. Stay here if you’re traveling without a car. 

Budget | B&b la Fenice by giancarlo is a clean and tidy bed and breakfast in Victoria with rave reviews. Guests love the views of the Citadel and  the warm hospitality of the host. Street parking is free in front of the building.

Midrange | Maria Townhouse Heart of Victoria B&B is tucked away on a quiet pedestrian street in historic Victoria, walking distance to St. George’s Square, Independence Square, the Citadel, and the bus station. With its charming atmosphere, limited capacity (only 4 rooms) and a room-delivered breakfast, staying here is a treat. Guests have access to a communal kitchen and washing machine. This is an ideal place to stay, if you’re traveling without a car. There’s no on-site parking.

Luxury | Located in the center of Victoria on the 4th and 5th floors of a shopping mall, The Duke Boutique Hotel pampers guests with its spacious and modern rooms, citadel-gazing terrace, and superb breakfast. Rooms are sound-proofed and have air-conditioning. There’s free parking in the public car park behind the hotel, or hotel parking (10 EUR extra charge). 

Look for accommodation in Victoria.

How to Get to Gozo Island from Malta Island


Drive to the Iċ-Ċirkewwa ferry terminal. The Gozo Channel Line car ferry connects Cirkewwa, Malta, with Mgarrr, Gozo. Ferries run all day, every 30 – 45 minutes. Here’s the Gozo Channel Line Schedule.

When you get to Ċirkewwa, follow signs to the ferry (not the terminal). Guided by attendants, you’ll be ushered into the waiting area. In a very orderly fashion, each row of vehicles is then directed into the car ferry. 

After parking in the ferry, you can head up to the deck or the ferry cafeteria.

The crossing takes about 25 minutes. 

The main source of confusion is the payment. You do not pay anything when going to Gozo. You only pay on the return journey back to Malta. 

When returning to Malta, head back to the same Mgarr ferry terminal in Gozo. Cars pass through a line of ticket booths, where you purchase the fare.

Payment Method: cash or card

Payment Fare: 15.70 EUR (car and driver). Each additional passenger: 4.65 EUR (standard), or 1.15 EUR (children). 

More info about fares: Gozo Channel Line Fares

It takes 16-20 minutes to drive from Mgarr Harbor to Sannat. 

Google Maps Driving Directions: Mgarr to Sannat


If you’re based in Malta, you have several options.

Those based in Valletta, or nearby, should take the Gozo Fast Ferry. These ferries depart Valletta 10 times a day, starting at 7 am. The ferry takes 45 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take the Gozo Channel Line from Ċirkewwa ferry terminal to Gozo. This ferry runs more frequently and takes 25 minutes. 

Both ferries disembark at the Gozo Ferry Terminal in Mgarr. From here, you have to take a bus to Victoria followed by another bus to Cenc, Sannat. It takes about 45 minutes to travel from Mgarr to Cenc, Sannat.

Use Google Maps or the Malta Public Transport journey planner to find the best connections.

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