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How to Visit Suðuroy Island in the Faroe Islands

Suðuroy is the southernmost island of the Faroe Islands. The general consensus is that it’s also the best of the southern islands. 

It’s a mountainous isle of vertical sea cliffs, narrow isthmuses, and hidden lakes. 

Very few venture to Suðuroy, because of its remote location. However, it’s absolutely worthwhile to take the 2-hour ferry from Tórshavn to Suðuroy and spend 1-2 nights on the island.

During your visit, we suggest hiking to Hvannhagi Valley and the Ásmundarstakkur sea stack viewpoint, watching the sunset at Eggjarnar, driving the scenic mountain road from Lopra to Sumba, and birdwatching at Lopranseiði.

Suðuroy Island, Faroe Islands

Suðuroy Island Map

How to Get to Suðuroy

Suðuroy Ferry

Suðuroy Ferry aka Smyril Ferry, Faroe Islands

M/F Smyril is a large passenger and car ferry which connects Tórshavn, Streymoy Island, with Tvøroyri, Suðuroy Island. The ferry can carry 200 cars and 976 passengers.  

While it’s possible to visit Suðuroy Island without a car, we don’t recommend it. The Suðuroy buses are very limited and some only operate upon request. 

You don’t need to book, or reserve the Suðuroy Ferry in advance. 

Smyril Ferry Schedule 

Depending on the day of the week, there are either 2 or 3 daily departures from Tórshavn to Tvøroyri. Review the Route 7 Tvøroyri – Tórshavn timetable.

Note: holiday ferry departures deviate from the standard schedule. There are a few summer holidays: Whit Day, 2nd Whit Day, Jóansøka (St John’s Day), St. Olaf´s Eve, St. Olaf´s Day. 

Getting on the Smyril Ferry 

The Suðuroy Ferry disembarks from the car ferry terminal in Tórshavn, just off of Havnargøta road. 

You should line up for the ferry no later than 30 minutes before departure. If it’s a Sunday, a holiday, or a 13:00 departure, then it’s recommended to line up 1:30 hours before departure. 

We arrived 2 hours early, parked in line, and then walked around Tórshavn. 

When it’s time to embark the ferry, attendants will signal drivers to drive onto the ferry. 

Once you’ve parked on the ferry, you’re free to go on deck. There’s a cafeteria, outdoor viewing area, and multiple seating areas. 

Tórshavn Ferry Terminal | Google Maps

Riding the Smyril Ferry to Suðuroy 

Smyril Ferry, Tórshavn Harbor, Faroe Islands

The sailing time is 2 hours

As the ferry cruises out of the Tórshavn harbor, there are brilliant views of the rocky promontory of Tinganes. 

As you journey south, you’ll see the islands of Nólsoy and Sandoy.

The crossing ends in Trongisvágsfjørður fjord. You’ll disembark at Krambatangi, directly across from Tvøroyri village.

Suðuroy Ferry Prices and Payment 

You do not have to pay for the ferry to Tvøroyri, Suðuroy. You only have to pay for the ferry back to Tórshavn.

On the voyage to Tórshavn, purchase your ticket on board in the kiosk on deck 5. You will show this ticket to the attendant when disembarking the ferry in Tórshavn. 

A vehicle with a driver ticket costs 225 DKK. Each additional adult passenger costs 80 DKK, while each child (ages 7-15) and pensioner (ages 67+) ticket costs 40 DKK

Current Prices | Ferry Prices – Check the prices under Route 7 

Suðuroy Island Accommodations

Hvalba, Suduroy, Faroe Islands

It only takes 45 minutes to drive the full length of Suðuroy from Sumba in the south to Sandvík in the north. So, wherever you stay on the Island, you’re within easy driving distance to other villages and attractions. 

We stayed in BRIM B&B, which is a darling bed and breakfast in Vágur. Another option in Vágur is Lovely Holiday Home in Vágur with Hot Tub and Sauna.

You can also stay in Tvøroyri at this Nice one-story house in Suduroy (2 nights minimum stay). 

Top Things to Do on Suðuroy Island

Watch the Sunset at Eggjarnar Cliffs Viewpoint 

Eggjarnar Cliffs Viewpoint,  Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Eggjarnar is the name given to a block of sea cliffs, rising to a height of 200 meters above sea level. The Eggjarnar Cliffs are located just south of Vágur village and are accessible by car, or by foot. 

The Eggjarnar cliffside viewpoint commands captivating views of the west coast of Suðuroy, a dramatic procession of wave-battered, vertical cliffs and sea stacks. 

Looking south, views extend all the way to Beinisvørð (470 m), the highest sea cliff in Suðuroy. 

To the north, the barrel-shaped Gjógvaráfjall mountain looms over the Vágseiði isthmus. 

It’s a spectacular photo spot, especially around sunset. 

How to Get to Eggjarnar

From the village of Vágur, you can either walk 1 hour, or drive 10 minutes up to the Eggjarnar viewpoint.

Head to the south side of Vágsfjørður fjord.

Shortly after the Magn gas station, Eggjavegur road branches off to the right. Follow this narrow road until it dead ends in front of a building ruin, mere steps away from the binoculars viewpoint.

The obvious viewing platform is enclosed with a wooden fence. It’s possible to wander outside of the designated viewpoint area, but please maintain a safe distance from the cliff edge. Like anywhere else, explore at your own risk. 

Eggjarnar Location | Google Maps 

Eggjarnar History

During the Second World War, the Allied forces built a LORAN (long range navigation) station at Eggjarnar.

The station signal could intercept signals within 2400 km and was used to safely guide British aircraft and ships across the Atlantic.

After the war, the Loran-A station was taken over by the Danish navy and remained in use until 1977.

The ruins of the station and some other WWII buildings can be found at Eggjarnar.

Drive the Lopra to Sumba Mountain Road 

Lopra to Sumba Mountain Road, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Lopra and Sumba are the two villages in the south of Suðuroy.

The fastest and most direct way to travel between these settlements is via the Sumbiar tunnilin road tunnel.

However, there’s a more scenic alternative. In fair weather, you can drive the old mountain road from Lopra to Sumba. This 9 km, one-lane road passes by Beinisvørð, the highest sea cliff on Suðuroy.

The highlight of the drive is the Beinisvørð viewpoint, close to the Hesturin Hái mountain saddle. Park at the Hesturin saddle: Google Maps. Pass the towering mast and walk to the Beinisvørð viewpoint sign. 

As you approach the cliffs, Beinisvørð is the steep, grass-carpeted slope.

When we visited, we assumed the fence was there to prevent hikers from accessing the cliff (for safety reasons). But, we were mistaken. I have since reached out to the Visit Suðuroy tourist office and they said the fence is only there for the sheep. So, if you want, you can carefully hike up to the top of Beinisvørð.

Otherewise, the views from the lookout point are rightful compensation. From this elevated stance, the island unfurls to the north like a green, tsunamic wave. 

In former times, local men from Sumba used to rappel down the sheer cliff face of Beinisvørð to catch sea birds and collect eggs. Many lost their lives. 

The mountain road ends in the picturesque village of Sumba. However, you can continue the drive south to the southernmost point of the island, home to the Akraberg lighthouse.

Unless we missed something, Akraberg isn’t especially noteworthy or scenic. The Akraberg cliffs pale in comparison to those around Eggjarnar and Ásmundarstakkur

Spot the Puffins at Lopranseiði, Lopra 

Puffins at Lopranseiði, Lopra, Suðuroy Island

Lopranseiði is an area just west of Lopra. 

Across Ónavík bay, there’s a gravel road which leads to the west coast. You’ll see the Lopranseiði sign from the main road. 

We parked close to the Lopranseiði sign and followed the gravel track to the west coast (10 minutes). 

Soon, you’ll reach a metal gate, prohibiting vehicle access. On the right side of the gate, there are rocks positioned on either side of the fence to help you cross. 

The path continues west, leading past small lakes and curious sheep. 

When you get to the coast, you’ll see the Lopranshólmur islet to the north. Puffins nest here in summer. 

To the south, the conspicuous Beinisvørð sea cliff upstages the rest of the coastline. 

Walk to the Ásmundarstakkur Viewpoint

Ásmundarstakkur Sea Stack Hike, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Ásmundarstakkur is a 109 meter-high sea stack along the northwest coast of Suðuroy, the southernmost Island in the Faroe Islands. 

To reach the Ásmundarstakkur viewpoint(s) and the nearby famous footbridge, drive to the village of Sandvík in Northern Suðuroy. 

Park at the parking area on Heiðavegur Road, and follow the gravel road to the northwest coast. 

A trail branches off the road and ventures across boggy fields to the cliffs. If visibility is poor, you can stay on the road. 

The views of the sea cliffs are phenomenal. If the weather gods are obliging, come here for golden hour to witness a colorful show. 

Trail Details

Trailhead | Heiðavegur road, Sandvík | Google Maps

Distance | 5 km circuit

Time Needed | 1:30 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 225 meters

Difficulty | Easy

Hiking Fee | None 

Learn More: Ásmundarstakkur Hike

Hike to Hvannhagi Valley

Hvannhagi Hike, Suðuroy Island, Faroe Islands

Hvannhagi is a remote valley on Suðuroy Island.

Starting in the village of Tvøroyri, it takes 1:25 hours to reach Lake Hvannavatn in Hvannhagi. 

We walked along Ovari Vegur Road to reach the trailhead and outfield. 

Clearly marked with posts, the path leads northwest and later northeast to a wide pass, where views extend to the small uninhabited islands of Lítla Dímun and Stora Dímun. 

After the gate, it’s a slippery descent to Hvannhagi on a rugged path. Follow the obvious footpath to the lake, ringed by steep mountains. 

Trail Details

Trailhead | Tvøroyri | Google Maps

Distance | 7.7 km out-and-back

Time Needed | 3 hours

Elevation Gain/Loss | 278 meters

Difficulty | Moderate

Hiking Fee | None 

Learn More: Hvannhagi and Lake Hvannavatn

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Suduroy Island Travel Guide, Faroe Islands

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