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Liechtenstein Panorama Trail Stage 2: Gafadura Hut – Drei Schwestern –  Fürstensteig – Sücka – Malbun

Stage 2 of the Liechtenstein Panorama Trail (Route 66) ties together the thrilling Drei-Schwestern-Steig (Three Sisters’ Trail) and Fürstensteig (Prince’s Trail). This alpine path involves secured scrambling, ladders, and ledge hiking. 

It follows the Rätikon mountain ridge, which rises between the Rhine Valley and the Saminatal Valley. Much of the route directly traces the ridge, which makes it a particularly exciting mountain trail. 

From the Gafadura Hut, the trail twists up a belt of forest to the Sarojasattel, located on the border between Liechtenstein and Austria. From the saddle, the path favors the Austrian side and leads up a rocky mountain environment to the summit of Drei Schwestern

The ridge trail continues to the summits of Garsellakopf and Kuegrat (2123 m) the highest point of the stage, and then drops down to the Gafleisattel. The Gaflei mountain saddle marks the beginning of the spectacular Fürstensteig, a heavily-bolstered path carved into the mountainside. 

Route 66 continues along a wide forest road to Silum and across meadows and forests to Berggasthof Sücka. 

In previous years, it was possible to overnight at Berggasthof Sücka. However, this mountain guesthouse is indefinitely closed.

We hiked down to the hamlet of Steg and took a bus to Malbun (8 minutes), where we spent the night in the lovely Hotel Turna Malbun.

This work-around is quite nice, because you get to enjoy the comfort of a hotel (shower, sauna, private room, etc…) in the middle of a hut-to-hut hike.

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Drei Schwestern Steig ladder, Liechtenstein Route 66
  • Starting Point: Gafadura Hütte
  • Ending Point: Steg Tunnel Bus Stop | Google Maps
  • Distance: 12.9 km point-to-point
  • Time Needed: 5:50 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 893 meters
  • Elevation Loss: 1061 meters
  • Minimum Elevation: 1275 meters
  • Maximum Elevation: 2122 meters
  • Route: Gafadurahütte –  Sarojasattel – Drei Schwestern – Garsellakopf – Kuegrat – Gafleisattel – Silum – Berggasthof Sücka – Steg – (Malbun)
  • Lunch Option: None
  • Where to Stay in Malbun: Hotel Turna Malbun, Hotel & Falknerei Galina, or Vögeli Alpenhotel Malbun.

Liechtenstein Panorama Trail Map

Stage 2 is highlighted in orange.

Drei-Schwestern-Steig Trail Difficulty

Drei-Schwestern-Steig Trail,

The Drei Schwestern trail is a blue alpine trail.

This trail is not suitable for anyone who suffers vertigo, or is afraid of heights. 

A viable alternative route is the trail to Garsellalpe, which bypasses the Drei Schwestern trail completely. 

You don’t need any special equipment to hike this secured trail other than sturdy hiking boots.

Though optional, we do recommend wearing half-finger climbing gloves like these Black Diamond half finger gloves. It helps us securely grasp cables and ladders. 

All exposed sections are secured. Because of all the climbing aids, this high-alpine route is very manageable. 

We felt very safe and secure the whole time.

Gafadura Hut – Sücka – Steg Trail Description

Gafadura Hut – Sarojasattel – Drei Schwestern (1:30 hours)

Gafadura Hut to Sarojasattel hiking trail, Liechtenstein

From Gafadurahütte (1428 m), follow the Gafadurastrasse road for a few meters. The trail to Sarojasattel and Drei Schwestern branches off the road on the left side. 

After crossing the grassy slope (grazed in summer), the trail moderately ascends spruce forest to the Sarojasattel (1628 m) in 30 minutes. 

The Liechtenstein Panorama Trail crosses the border into Austria and steeply ascends a narrow mountain trail, laced with tree roots and rocks. Cow bells chime in the distance. 

With elevation gain, you’ll see the Rhine Valley to the west and the Saminatal Valley to the east. 

 Drei Schwestern trail, Ridge Trail, Liechtenstein

When the trail crests the main ridge, it returns to the Liechtenstein side of the border.

Follow the cables around the ledge and hike through the natural arch. 

Drei Schwestern trail arch, Rhine Valley, Liechtenstein

The trail continues to the base of a steel ladder. Put your poles away and climb the ladder.

 Drei Schwestern trail ladder, alpine trail, Liechtenstein

Continue up a rocky crevice, secured with more cables and timber steps, to the base of the second and final ladder. 

Secured scramble along the Drei Schwestern trail, Route 66, Liechtenstein

The secured climb continues through the crags to a slender, exposed neck, which is completely secured. 

Drei Schwestern trail, Liechtenstein Panorama Trail

The path bypasses the summits of Jahnturm and Wolan to reach Drei Schwestern peak, marked with a Gipfelbuch (summit register). 

Drei Schwestern – Garsellakopf – Kuegrat (1:15 hours)

Drei Schwestern - Garsellakopf hiking trail, Rätikon Alps, Liechtenstein

The initial descent is secured with cables and rungs (metal steps). 

Drei Schwestern to Garsellakopf hiking trail, Liechtenstein

After about 20 minutes, you’ll reach a signed junction. 

Garsellakopf - Kuegrat  Trail signs, Liechtenstein Panorama Trail

Continue straight to Garsellakopf (25 minutes) and Gaflei Fürstensteig (2 hours). 

An easy, straightforward traverse across dwarf-pine slopes brings you to a minor saddle and another signed junction.

The mountain pasture below is Garsella Alp. This is where the Garsella Alp alternative route merges with the main 66 route. 

Drei Schwestern - Garsellakopf - Kuegrat hiking trail, Route 66, Liechtenstein

Continue again in the direction of Garsellakopf (15 minutes) and Gaflei Fürstensteig (1:45 minutes). 

The trail ascends to Garsellakopf (2105 m), marked with a cement pillar. 

The spine-tracing path soon drops down a series of stairs. Cables provide security through this rugged stretch.

Garsellakopf to Kuegrat secured hiking trail, Liechtenstein

The narrow alpine trail continues up to Kuegrat peak (2123 m), crowned with a Gipfelkreuz. This is the highest point along stage 2 of the Liechtenstein Panorama Trail. 

Kuegrat to Gafleisattel (45 minutes)

Kuegrat summit cross, Liechtenstein

With greater ease, the ridge path leads across dwarf-pine slopes.

The path skirts Gafleispitz peak and descends to the Gafleisattel mountain saddle (1848 m). 

Gafleisattel –  Fürstensteig Trail – Gaflei Trail Exit Junction (55 minutes)

Fürstensteig trail, Liechtenstein Route 66

At the Gaflei saddle trail junction, bear right to Fürstensteig, Gaflei, and Steg. 

The turnstile marks the beginning of the famous Fürstensteig trail, high above the Rhine Valley.

The carved mountainside path looks menacing from above. It’s heavily reinforced with logs, timber platforms, and cement stairs. Much of the ledge is secured with cables. 

Fürstensteig trail, Liechtenstein Panorama Trail

It looks far more intimidating than it is. The path is sufficiently wide and, most of the time, it’s not necessary to use the cables.

The sinuous path descends across the crumbling, scree-coated mountainside.

Fürstensteig trail, Liechtenstein Panorama Trail, Route 66

Later, it clings to a ledge path. Metal handrails and cables abound. 

Fürstensteig stairs, Rätikon Alps, Liechtenstein

When the Fürstensteig trail ends, trail 66 levels and enters the forest. 

At the next junction, the Gaflei exit trail branches off to the right. This is where day hikers either start, or end their Fürstensteig hike. 

Gaflei Trail Exit Junction – Silum – Berggasthaus Sücka (1:30 hours)  

Silum, Liechtenstein

Press on to Silum and Steg. 

The trail crosses a grassy slope and then follows a balcony-like forest road, with views of the Rhine Valley. 

A romantic scene unfolds ahead as you approach Silum, a mountain pasture peppered with huts. 

Follow the road through Silum. 

The trail divides at the cascading trough and tiny chapel. 

Route 66 trail bears left. 

We went right, following signs to Sücka (40 minutes) and Steg (1:10 hours). 

We didn’t realize we deviated from route 66 until later on. You can go either way. 

Silum to Sücka hiking trail, Liechtenstein

If you head right, the path crosses meadows and an enchanting forest.

Eventually, the forest trail intersects with a paved road. Follow the paved road uphill and then walk through the old tunnel, built in 1867.

Old Tunnel, Liechtenstein Panorama Trail

When you emerge from the tunnel, the trail overlooks the mountain hamlet of Steg. 

Note: You will return to this very spot tomorrow on stage 3 in order to continue the Liechtenstein Panorama Trail (high route variation). 

For now, turn right and follow the road down to Berggasthaus Sücka. 

If you’re hungry, or thirsty, Berggasthaus Sücka sells drinks and snacks in their barn (“Alpstalllädeli”) on the honor system. They also sell their own cheese. 

There’s a trough with drinking water in front of the mountain guesthouse. 

Berggasthaus Sücka to Steg Tunnel Bus Stop (15 minutes)

Steg, Liechtenstein

Follow the road all the way down to Steg. 

After crossing the bridge over the Samina river, turn left. The Steg Tunnel bus stop is located just a few steps away. 

Take bus 21 to Malbun. It’s an 8-minute journey. 

The bus timetable is posted at the bus stop, but we recommend looking up timetables on, or Google Maps, in advance in order to plan ahead. 

Stay in Malbun

Malbun, Liechtenstein

Malbun is an undeniably lovely mountain village, located at an elevation of 1600 meters. This is Liechtenstein’s only ski resort town.

We had the greatest time staying in Hotel Turna Malbun at the end of stage 2 and again at the end of stage 4. This hotel staff is genuinely welcoming and accommodating.

After checking-in, we enjoyed the hotel’s wellness area (Finnish sauna, steam sauna, and relaxation room). There’s also an outdoor whirlpool and an indoor swimming pool.

Hotel Turna Malbun Dinner, Malbun, Liechtenstein

The half board offering was excellent. Dinner is a 4-course affair featuring local ingredients. The quality and flavor of the food is outstanding. If the Vegetarian Capuns with creamy cheese sauce (Bündner speciality) is a choice on the menu, order it!!

The breakfast buffet was also rich and delicious.

Hotel Turna Malbun Bedroom, Liechtenstein

More hotels in Malbun: Hotel & Falknerei Galina and Vögeli Alpenhotel Malbun.

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