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13 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro: Top Destinations and Hidden Gems

Montenegro is a Balkan nation situated on the Adriatic Sea between Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. I can’t quite overstate how alluring this country is.

As I reflect on our trip, I’m overcome with the feeling of needing to return.

In this post, you’ll find a summary of all our favorite places to visit in Montenegro. These places include popular tourist destinations as well as hidden gems.

Kotor Old Town, Montenegro

1. Durmitor National Park

Hiking Paradise

Planinica, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Durmitor is one of Montenegro’s five national parks. It’s a dream destination for hikers.

From short and accessible trails to challenging multi-day treks, Durmitor can host any type of outdoor adventurer.

To plan your trip to Durmitor and find out where to hike, read our Durmitor National Park Hiking Guide.

2. P14 Sedlo Pass Route

Scenic Drive through Durmitor National Park

Mount Prutaš, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

The P14 road stretches from Žabljak to Plužine. This scenic route winds through the heart of Durmitor National Park.

Throughout the drive, you’ll see unique mountain formations, herds of goats, and herdsmen settlements.

You’ll want to stop incessantly for photographs. At the end of the route, you’ll descend to Plužine, with incredible views of Piva Lake.

Though narrow at times, the entire road is paved. The only place to grab a snack, or drink, is Konoba Lomni Do, which is located close to Sedlo pass.

If you want to hike, there are two main trailheads along the route: Sedlo and Todorov Do.

Plan your trip: Montenegro Road trip Itinerary

3. Rose, Luštica Peninsula

Hidden Gem in the Bay of Kotor

Rose, Lustica Peninsula - Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

Rose is a tiny seaside village located at the tip of Luštica Peninsula. Along the shoreline, you’ll find a collection of charming stone houses.

Though sleepy in winter, a few eateries open up in the high season, including Adriatic.

You can visit this fishing village by either driving here directly, or taking a taxi boat from Herceg Novi, Tivat, or Budva.

4. Sveti Stefan

Luxury Resort Island

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a small islet along Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. It looks like a fortified village, but the whole island is a 5-star hotel.

You can only visit Sveti Stefan if you’re a hotel guest.

We didn’t set foot on the island but enjoyed the unrivaled views from the lookout point at Church St. Sava

5. Rijeka Reževići

Secret Beach in the Budva Riviera

Rijeka Reževići Beach and Seafood, Montenegro

Kati loves beaches. However, I really can’t understand the appeal of soaking up sunrays for hours on end. I get anxious and bored quickly.

That being said, the 4 hours I spent on Rijeka Reževići beach were some of the best hours of my 2018.

Hidden from the masses, this rocky cove with crystal-clear water is my definition of perfect.

There’s even an outdoor restaurant tucked behind the beach that serves delicious Mediterranean food.

6. Prokletije National Park

Dramatic Mountain Scenery

Volusnica, Prokletije National park, Montenegro

Prokletije National Park encompasses the Prokletije (Accursed) mountains of Montenegro. This mountain range extends into Albania and is often referred to as the Albanian Alps.

Though getting here is a journey and is best undertaken with your own vehicle, we highly recommend coming here if you love to hike.

This is one of Montenegro’s lesser-known destinations, and if you want to experience it, now is the time.

Curious how to plan a trip to Montenegro’s Accursed Mountains? Read our guide to Prokletije National Park.

7. The Old Town of Ulcinj

Ancient Town

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj is a coastal city in southern Montenegro, very close to the Albanian border.

Though a bit shabby, the historic town of Ulcinj is one of the best places to visit in Montenegro because of its medieval architecture, charming residents, and dazzling views.

It was founded by the Illyrians over 2,500 years ago. For inspiring views, head to Sunset Bar. For delicious fish, eat at Fisherman Hari.

And, for accommodation, check out Hotel Pirate Old Town (luxury) and Guesthouse Maritimo (budget).

8. The Beaches of Ulcinj

Pine-fringed Beaches

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj has a stunning coastline defined by scenic rocky coves as well as long sandy beaches. Lined with pine, the coastal air is distinctly sweet.

Mala Plaža, the sandy beach directly south of the Old Town, is lively and atmospheric.

As you head further south, you’ll find a number of beach clubs like Aquarius White and Sapore di Mare. Women should head to Ladies’ Beach, a beach only for women.

There’s no entrance fee, though a guard ensures that only women enter.

And for the adventurous souls, Velika Plaža (the Big Bech) is a kite-surfing destination.

9. Komovi Mountains

Remote Mountain Region

Komovi Mountains, Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

The Komovi mountain massif is a great outdoor destination for visitors seeking a remote and offbeat place to visit in Montenegro.

Base yourself in Etno Selo Štavna (midrange), a simple chalet-style accommodation located on the Stavna vast plateau, the trailhead to Kom Vasojevićki. 

A visit to Komovi not only offers you beautiful views and solitude, but it also gives you a glimpse of traditional katun life.

A katun is a temporary herdsmen settlement. Learn more about hiking in Komovi in our Hiking in Montenegro guide.

10. Njeguši

Home of Njegusi Proscuitto

Njegusi Proscuitto, Kotor, Montenegro

Njeguši is a small village located within Lovćen national park, 24 km east of Kotor.

Come here to taste the delicious Njeguški pršut (Njegusi Proscuitto) – a dry-cured ham similar to Italian Prosciutto.

Locals credit the unique flavor and aroma of their cured ham to the mixture of beechwood smoke, sea salt, and mountain air.

11. Kotor Serpentine Road

Steep hairpin road

Horizont Bar, Kotor Serpentine Road, Montenegro

As the name suggests, the Kotor Serpentine Road is a windy road, numbering 25 switchbacks.

It offers up some of the best views of Kotor Bay. We drove this road from Njeguši to Kotor around sunset and it was spectacular. Drive slowly and carefully.

12. Kotor Old Town

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bay of Kotor

Old Town of Kotor, Vrmac Mountain, Montenegro

Enclosed by medieval fortifications, the Old Town of Kotor is effortlessly charming. This is one of the top places to visit in Montenegro, so you won’t be alone.

Try to explore early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, after cruise visitors have departed.

For the best views of Kotor Old Town, walk up the 1350 steps to the hilltop Kotor Fortress (aka St. John’s Fort, or Castle of San Giovanni), hike up the Ladder of Kotor, summit Pestingrad, or visit Vrmac Ridge.

Learn more about Kotor:

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13. Lake Skadar

Largest Lake in the Balkan Peninsula

Pavlova Strana Viewpoint, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Skadar - Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

Lake Skadar is a large freshwater lake bordering Albania and Montenegro.

You can explore the lake by joining a boat tour, renting a kayak, or simply by the road. One of the best vantage points of Lake Skadar is from Pavlova Strana Viewpoint, aka horseshoe bend, on P16.

We highly recommend staying at Apartment Pajovic (midrange). 

Montenegro Trip Planning Essentials

Use our Montenegro Travel Guide to plan an unforgettable trip.

When to Visit Montenegro

We recommend traveling to Montenegro during shoulder seasons: spring and early fall.

For coastal exploration, May, September and October are ideal months. For hiking in the mountains, it’s best to visit in summer, or early fall, when trails are mostly snow-free.

Car Rental

We always rent a car when visiting Montenegro, so that we can reach trailheads and visit destinations that are not accessible by transit.

Follow our 2 Week Montenegro Road Trip Itinerary for route planning.

Use the intuitive car rental reservation platform to search for and book car rentals. This easy-to-use booking platform compares car rental deals from 500+ trusted providers, so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

Check car rental rates here

Hiking in Montenegro

In our Montenegro Hiking Guide, we summarized the best hiking destinations, including Komovi Mountains, Kotor Bay, Durmitor National Park, and Prokletije National Park.

Our favorite hikes in Kotor are Pestingrad Peak, Kotor Fortress, Ladder of Kotor, and Vrmac Ridge.

Montenegro Packing List

Hiking Gear

Outdoor Photography Gear

Beautiful Places to Visit in Montenegro

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7 thoughts on “13 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro: Top Destinations and Hidden Gems”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I visited Montenegro last year (Kotor, Budva and Sveti Stefan) and absolutely loved it, it’s such a gorgeous country!

  2. Thank you so much for writing this! I am about to go to Montenegro (either tomorrow or Sunday). I will be coming from Croatia. Would you recommend renting a car in Dubrovnik, or is it better to rent a car in Montenegro (maybe Kotor?). Thanks again for these great tips!

    • Hi Shannon! Very happy to hear that you found our post helpful. I’d go with whatever the most convenient option is. Keep in mind, rental car companies usually slap on a cross-border permit. So, if you rent the car in Dubrovnik (Croatia), you might have to pay a fee to drive into Montenegro. Good luck and have fun! -Sabrina

  3. Your photos and descriptions are wonderful, and so helpful. Thank you! How did you find driving a rental car? Are there certain parts of the country that are more (or less) challenging (on account of road conditions, traffic, etc.)? We have reservations at Bungalows Maja Katun (thanks for that suggestion) and I’m trying to decide on the best way to get there from Kotor. Thanks from Missoula, Montana. -ronni

    • Hi Ronni! Thank you!! We rented a car in Podgorica and drove to Prokletije (Grebaje) via a detour to Komovi. Here’s our exact route: The driving wasn’t a problem. Some roads are very narrow, and it was necessary to back up at times to let oncoming traffic through. The only road that was horrible was the one to Bajrovica Katun in Prokletije (Day 4). Otherwise, driving in Montenegro isn’t difficult. From Kotor, you could continue south to Budva and then take the M2.3 in the direction of Podgorica. Continue on the main highways to Kolasin and Gusinje. Have an amazing trip!!


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