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Partnach Gorge Hike in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

Partnach Gorge (Partnachklamm in German) is a narrow river gorge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It’s a spectacular natural landmark defined by steep, massive rock walls and icy-blue water. 

This mesmerizing attraction captivates over 200,000 visitors each year. Kati and I usually shy away from such places, but I’m so very glad we didn’t overlook this one. Walking through the Partnachklamm feels like stepping into Rivendell, or some such high-fantasy epic setting.

A beautifully-engineered path cuts through the 700-meter-long Partnach Gorge, allowing easy access for visitors of all ages.  Though the path is mostly level and easy, it’s important to wear sturdy shoes with grip, to avoid slipping.

The hike through Partnachklamm gorge only lasts 20 minutes. However, it takes an added 20-25 minutes to reach the Partnach Gorge entrance from the Garmisch Olympia Stadium (Olympia-Skistadion in German) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The walk starts at the Olympia Stadium, because it’s not possible to drive, or take a bus, all the way to the Partnach Gorge entrance.

Most visitors will hike the Partnach Gorge trail out-and-back (1:20 hours). However, we recommend extending the Partnachklamm gorge hike to Berggasthof Eckbauer and Wamberg. This delightful circuit trail is 12 km long and takes 4 hours.

For those of you deciding between the Partnachklamm Gorge and the wilder Höllentalklamm gorge, we’d urge you to visit both.

Partnach Gorge Hike, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
  • Trailhead: Garmisch Olympia Stadium | Google Maps
  • Distance: 12.1 km circuit
  • Time Needed: 4:10 hours
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 449 meters
  • Difficulty: Easy, suitable for children and dogs
  • Minimum Elevation: 725 meters
  • Maximum Elevation: 1230 meters
  • Where to Eat & Drink: Kaiserschmarrn-Alm, or Berggasthof Eckbauer
  • Toilets: There are public restrooms at the Karl-und Martin-Neuner-Platz, Partnach Gorge ticket area, and the various huts and restaurants along the route.
  • Where to Stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Olympiahaus (budget), Bader Suites (upscale apartments), or Werdenfelserei (luxury)
  • Where to Stay in Grainau: St. Anton (budget), or Hotel Längenfelder Hof (midrange-luxury)

Partnach Gorge Hiking Map

Visiting Partnachklamm Gorge

Partnach Gorge, Bavaria, Germany

Opening Times

The Partnach Gorge is open all year long

However, the gorge can close unexpectedly due to weather conditions or sudden rock falls. Consult to confirm that Partnachklamm is indeed open. The opening status is indicated by either a green “open,” or red “closed” button on the top right corner of the website.

The opening times vary slightly during the year.

June – September | 8 am until 8 pm

October – May | 8 am until 6 pm

The last admission to the Partnach Gorge is 30 minutes before the closing time.

On Christmas Day (December 25th) and New Year’s Eve (December 31st), the gorge is only open until 2 pm. On both days the last admission is 1:30 pm.

When to Visit the Partnach Gorge

Partnach Gorge in January, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany


The most popular time of year to visit Partnachklamm is in summer.

In peak season (July – August), the gorge is teeming with visitors. To avoid the crowds, start walking to the gorge from Garmisch Olympia Stadium between 7:40 am and 8 am. Alternatively, visit 1 hour before closing.


Fall foliage combined with fewer tourists makes Fall an ideal time to visit Partnachklamm.


Winter is possibly the most dramatic time to visit Partnach Gorge. When temperatures are low enough (0 °C or lower), the water freezes, creating frozen cascades of icicles.

During our second visit to Partnach Gorge in January, the daytime temperatures were very warm (8 °C – 12°C), so we didn’t see a frozen landscape. It was still very beautiful, but not “wintery.”

Read our Garmisch-Partenkirchen Winter Guide for tips on winter hikes around Garmisch.


Early Spring is the most risky time to visit the gorge. Snowmelt may cause authorities to close the gorge for safety reasons.

Entrance Prices

Adults | 10 EUR

Locals and Guests with Valid Visitors Card | 9 EUR

Children (ages 6-17) | 5 EUR

Children (ages 0 – 5) | Free

Persons with Disabilities | 5 EUR

Dogs | 5 EUR

Tip | You can visit Partnachklamm Gorge for free on your birthday. Bring your ID card to receive free admission.

Payment Method

You can purchase Partnach Gorge entrance tickets with cash, or by credit card.

The ticket machines are located close to the gorge entrance.

Hold onto the ticket for the duration of your visit. You must scan your tickets in order to enter and exit the gorge area. 


For safety reasons, it’s not permitted to bring strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, or boats (kayaks, etc…) into the gorge.

Dogs are permitted in the Partnach Gorge, but they must be leashed.

Drones are strictly prohibited. If you want to see the gorge from above, detour to the Eiserne Brücke from Graseck.

Where to Start the Partnach Gorge Hike

Garmisch Olympia Stadium

The Partnachklamm gorge hike begins at the Garmisch Olympia Stadium (Olympia-Skistadion) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the site of a massive ski jump. 


If you’re driving, park your car at the pay-and-display Olympia-Skistadion Parkplatz at Karl-u.-Martin-Neuner-Platz.

Exact Location | Google Maps

Parking Fee | 5 EUR for 24 Hours

Payment Method | Credit Card, EUR Coins, or EasyPark mobile app


From the Garmisch Partenkirchen Train Station, take bus line 1 or 2 (Ortsbus) to “Skistadion”. It runs every 25 minutes and takes 9 minutes.

A one-way ride costs 2.60 EUR.

See timetable.


It’s possible to walk from the Garmisch Train Station, or the town center to the Garmisch Olympia Stadium.

Follow the “Geologische Lehrpfad” pedestrian trail along the Partnach River.

This path starts close to the train station, across from the EL Greco restaurant. Exact Location: Google Maps.

It leads all the way to the Ski Jump/Olympia-Skistadion.

Partnach Gorge Hike Description

Olympia-Skistadion Car Park to Partnach Gorge Entrance (20-25 minutes)

Olympia-Skistadion Car Park to Partnach Gorge Entrance, Germany

From the Olympia-Skistadion Parkplatz (car park), head to Wildenauer Strasse road.

Wrap around the Olympia Stadium, passing the Olympiahaus (budget accommodation). Soon you’ll reach the Partnach River, which you’ll follow all the way to the gorge entrance. 

Continue along the Wildenauer Strasse road, following signs to Partnachklamm, Klammhaus, Graseck, and Eckbauer.

Shortly after pasing the Das Graseck Hotel parking lot and the Klammhaus restaurant and beer garden, you’ll arrive at the Partnachklamm ticket area and public restrooms. There are self-service ticket machines as well as a ticket booth (“Kasse”). 

After purchasing your ticket, continue following the river in the direction of the gorge. Pass the Pitzner Hütte dating back to 1895. Soon, you’ll reach the gated entrance, where you’ll need to scan your ticket to gain entry.

Partnachklamm (20 minutes)

Partnach Gorge Hiking Trail, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

The path steers you into the gorge, passing through a few tunnels and galleries.

The level walking path, secured with railings, hugs the left wall of the gorge, just above the rushing Partnach River.

Trees top the rock walls, while moss and other flora line the walls. In summer, parts of the gorge are remarkably verdant.

In other places, water sprays and trickles down from above, creating a staggeringly beautiful scene.

Partnach Gorge and Partnach River, Germany

The end of the Partnach gorge trail is marked by a series of tunnels. While a headlamp is not necessary, you may want to use the flashlight on your phone to illuminate your path, if it’s too dark. .

Partnach Gorge Exit to Vordergraseck (20 min)

Vordergraseck, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Exit the gorge and follow the wide gravel path along the river. After a few meters, turn left in the direction of Graseck (20 minutes) and Eckbauer (1:30 hours).

The forest trail, bolstered by wooden steps, bridges and railings, steadily ascends.

The path leads to Vordergraseck, a small mountain hamlet defined by alpine pasture huts, rolling alpine pastures, and even a hotel.

Pass the Kaiserschmarrn-Alm, another option for lunch and refreshments along the trail, and walk to Hotel Graseck – mountain hideaway & health care (luxury accommodation).

Eiserne Brücke view of Partnach Gorge, Bavaria

Before reaching Hotel Graseck, there’s a path on the left which leads to the Eiserne Brücke brige (5 minutes). This bridge offers a bird’s-eye view of Partnach Gorge.

Return to the main trail and continue to Hotel Graseck.

Vordergraseck to Berggasthof Eckbauer (1 hour)

Berggasthof Eckbauer, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

At the crossroads directly in front of Hotel Graseck, turn right and follow signs to Berggasthof Eckbauer. Please observe the signs:

Wiesen betreten verboten – Entering meadows is prohibited.

Freilaufende Tiere! Hunde an die Leine – There are free-roaming animals. Dogs must be leashed.

Follow the paved path across the meadow towards the forest. Off to the right, there are unobstructed views of the Wetterstein mountain range.

At the next trail junction, take the left path, again following signs to Berggasthof Eckbauer (signed 45 min).

The forest path ascends along a series of switchbacks. There are benches planted along the trail.

The trail divides just before Berggasthof Eckbauer. You can take either path.

With its large scenic terrace, the self-service Eckbauer mountain restaurant offers the perfect setting for a mountainside lunch. Order your food and grab a seat and enjoy the views of Musterstein (2476 m), Partenkirchner Dreitorspitze (2633 m), Hochwanner (2744 m), Stuibenkopf (1924 m), Hoher Gaif (2288 m), Alpspitze (2628 m), and Zugspitze (2962 m).

Berggasthof Eckbauer to Wamberg (50 min)

Eckbauer to Wamberg hike, Garmisch, Germany

Pass the Bergstation Eckbauerbahn (Eckbauer cable car mountain station) and follow signs to Wamberg.

After 300 meters, leave the main track and steer left onto the meadow trail, which ascends to a hilltop. Atop the grassy hill, a few benches signal to look behind you and enjoy the wonderful mountain view.

The meadow trail rejoins the lower gravel path.

Soon, the trail forks. Take the left path to Wamberg (signed 30 minutes).

Wamberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

The descent is accompanied by views of sloping alpine pastures, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the Ammergau Alps.

Wamberg to Olympia-Skistadion Car Park (45 min)

Wamberg is small mountainside hamlet clustered around Church of St. Anna, a white structure with an onion dome.

In Wamberg, turn left and follow the rocky forest path through the Wamberger Graben (Wamberger trench) downhill.

To reach the parking lot, pass the Kranzenbad swimming pool and follow the road on the sidewalk to the Olympia Skistadion.

Where to Eat around Partnach Gorge

Kaiserschmarrn Alm, Partnach Gorge, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

There is a rich selection of eateries, restaurants, and alpine pasture huts along this trail. You will not go hungry. However, most eateries are not open daily.

Klammhaus is a riverside restaurant and beer garden located along the Wildenauer Strasse, the road that connects the Olympic Stadium with Partnachklamm gorge.

Pitzner-Hütte is a self-service hut set along the Partnach River, situated just before the gated entry point to the Partnach Gorge.

Kaiserschmarrn Alm is an alpine pasture hut located at Vordergraseck. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm. Opening hours change throughout the season, so double-check the hut’s website for current opening times.

Berggasthof Eckbauer is a self-service mountain restaurant with a large terrace facing the Wetterstein mountains. This is the most scenic place to dine along the route. The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays.

Partnach Gorge Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Walk the Partnach Gorge in both Directions?

Yes you can! You can walk the Partnachklamm trail out-and-back.

Also, if you’re coming from Reintal valley, Graseck, or Eckbauer, you can enter the Partnach Gorge from the south entrance (where most people exit). There is a self-service ticket machine close to the gate.

Can You Exit the Partnach Gorge and then Re-Enter Later?

Yes, you can.

Your ticket is valid all day. But, you must re-enter no later than 30 minutes prior to the closing time.

Many visitors will hike through the gorge and then exit in order to eat lunch at Kaiserschmarrn Alm. Afterwards, they walk back through the gorge.

Where to Stay near Partnachklamm Gorge


Ludwigstrasse, Partenkirchen, Bavaria

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is an alpine resort town in Upper Bavaria, close to the border of Austria. It’s a well-known destination for skiing in winter (late December to late March) and hiking and mountain biking in summer (June – mid/late September). Lying on the confluence of the Loisach and Partnach valleys, this fantastic base in the Bavarian Alps offers the most in terms of dining and shopping.

During your stay, stroll along the famous Ludwigstraße in Partenkirchen, dine at Zum Wildschütz and Zur Schranne in Garmisch, and walk through the natural wonder of Partnach Gorge.

We also recommend taking day trips to Oberammergau, Mittenwald, and Linderhof palace. Enthusiastic hikers may want to venture to Ammerwald-Alm to hike to Hochplatte in the Ammergau Alps. For an easy, family-friendly excursion, which is accessible all-year-round, check out the Hoher Kranzberg hike in Mittenwald.

Budget | Olympiahaus is a traditional Bavarian guesthouse located at the historical Olympic stadium (where the ski jump is) and at the Partnach Gorge trailhead. The Olympiahaus features an on-site restaurant, breakfast buffet (optional), and free on-site parking. 

Upscale Apartments | Bader Suites offers tastefully-furnished apartments (1-2 bedrooms) with well-equipped kitchens in Garmisch, walking distance to the pedestrian zone. Each unit is outfitted with air-conditioning, a seating area, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Guests enjoy free underground parking (e-charging station available) and the use of lockable sports equipment and bicycle storage. Breakfast delivery boxes are available Thursdays-Mondays (8:30 am – 9 am) with pre-registration (let them know by 1 pm the day before). 

Luxury Mountain Getaway | Das Graseck is a mountainside hotel set above Garmisch-Partenkirchen, accessible by the hotel’s own cable car. It’s a unique getaway perfect for those seeking a quiet wellness retreat. The spa is adults-only. The room rate includes breakfast and dinner. 

Luxury | Werdenfelserei is a standout boutique hotel which artfully combines traditional and modern alpine design. Highlights of staying here include the Zugspitze-facing rooftop pool, on-site restaurant, spa and wellness area, breakfast (included), and creative architecture. 

More options: Hotel Schatten (budget), Central Garden-Mountain Apartment (midrange), aja Garmisch-Partenkirchen (midrange-luxury), Obermühle 4*S Boutique Resort (luxury), Private Spa & Garden Alpi (luxury). 

Look for accommodation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Grainau is a village within the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, located at the foot of the Zugspitze massif.

Though quieter and more secluded than neighboring Garmisch, Grainau is perfectly positioned for exploring Lake Eibsee, Höllental (Valley of Hell) and Höllentalklamm gorge (Valley of Hell Gorge), and the high summits of the Wetterstein Mountains, including Alpspitze

Budget | St. Anton is a top-rated guesthouse with Lüftlmalerei (art murals) and traditional furnishings. Set in a wooded area with mountain views, this charming accommodation looks like a scene from Hansel and Gretel. Double rooms and apartments are available. 

Midrange-Luxury | Hotel Längenfelder Hof is a lovely, family-run hotel surrounded by meadows and facing the Wetterstein Mountains in Grainau. This idyllic 4-star hotel features spacious chalet-chic rooms, a wellness area, an indoor swimming pool, rich breakfast buffets, and complimentary afternoon tea and cake. 

Luxury | Eibsee Hotel is a 4-star hotel located on the shores of Lake Eibsee, at the foot of Zugspitze. Stay here for the idyllic location, lake and mountain views, and wellness facilities (indoor swimming pool, multiple saunas, sun deck, garden, hotel-guest-only beach). Welcome extras include free use of kayaks, canoes, and SUPs, the Guest Card Grainau, and free on-site parking (including day of departure). Breakfast is included and half board is available. In winter, guests have access to a free ski shuttle, Snowshoes, ice skates and toboggans, and a 20% discount off ski equipment. 

More options: Hotel Garni Zum Franziskaner (budget) and Hotel am Badersee (luxury).

Look for accommodation in Grainau.

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Partnach gorge hike, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

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